My name is Nwadike Chidinma Queen. You can also call me Chy-extra, that’s the name my discipleship sisters coined out for me and I love love love it. I’ve taken it up on my self to live it out in full, so in all I do now, I ensure I do it excellently because I am extra.

There’s pretty much to talk about but let me just start from somewhere.

I got to know about Mama E’ through blog she was always commenting so I decided to check out her blog and I was indeed blessed.

Through her blog i learnt how to pray more, She showed me with her life experiences how to birth things in the place of prayer, like pray things into existence.

Mama E’ does not only share her success story she shares the behind the scenes of how the success came about. She shares her struggles and challenges and how she overcomes them. It’s such a great privilege to learn from her backstage, I consider myself blessed.

I’m inspired by her love for God, she lives it in full and it’s amazing. She has made me realize that christianity is not boring like people think.

Through her, I’ve come to discover that serving God pays and allowing the Holy spirit Guide your every decision will help you in this journey of life. She tells us it will not always be easy or convenient, but your obedience will pay off.

Live for God! She will always say “Spend time with Him in prayer, Study his word to know more about him and be diligent about it. When you spend time with God, he begins to reveal intimate details about your life”.

“Take your relationship with God seriously, create time for God where you talk to him like a friend and he reveals things to you about your life.

Now, I’m aware the HolySpirit reveals and speaks to us in the place of prayer. So, I am not casual about my Prayer life and my relationship with God.

I’ve learnt from mama ‘E that I’ve to be deliberate and intentional even with friendships and relationships. Now I don’t deal emotionally, I am more sensitive towards friends.

I no longer follow people for the wrong reasons.

Mama E’ has taught us about structures and it has helped me restructure my life. She tells us that people we admire today, all have structures put in place.

I’ve learnt Focus, I’m more focused on the life God has called me to do, and it affects how I follow people. It also affects the lessons, patterns and principles I pick from people’s life.

Now, I’m more sensitive to my heart and my motives.
Mama ‘E has instilled the sense of intentionality and Excellence in us.

I don’t live just anyhow now, I Iive off a list. I have daily musts and goals now, and I work actively around it. I take myself seriously so I do what I should do at the right time because my goals are measurable.

I am Self disciplined now. I’ve learnt from mama’ E that it’s not suppose to be easy, so I deliberately do what needs to be done regardless of my feelings. I don’t wait until I feel like reading before I read. I ensure I add value to my life daily.

Mama E is always like “be accountable to you, don’t wait to be pressured by anyone”

All these has helped me grow so much. and like she says, Don’t just be a hearer but do, that’s where the blessings lie. Cheers to intentional living.
Cheers to Doing


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