Mehn, this past Sunday was one of my best Sunday’s this year. 

First of all, i attended the Island centre which i prefer (cos it reminds me of Abuja), then I loooooooooooved my look, PC was on the mic for worship, praise, choir ministration and then worship again,

Me and Pc. Me and his wife Rema

Pastor K preached a banging good delicious message

and then my darling darling Pastor M got to pray for me from her heart.

Oh and I got to catch up with my DCC Bestie Dr Adaora.

She’s super precious mehn!!! Loveeeeee her.

Ok I was also one of the last to leave church, but aren’t we supposed to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives??? Loooooool.
Ok, you see, I attend the most amazing church in the world. David’s Christian Centre. Every Sunday in church, I’m just like

I’m going to transcribe the message for my FAB fam’ 

but the legit cares of Monday make me forget that dream. Lol.

Message transcribing ko easy ooo but see a few i have transcribed here… (oops looks like i took that link out. Ugh.)

But you see this one PK preached on Sunday, I can’t NOT share. It WON on every level, I won’t even lie.


My Pastor so fly!!!

So as is my custom, I came home and in my Bible time the next morning, I shelved my current study, to go deeper with the Word from church.


PK preached on ‘It’s not personal’ and when I checked his reference of Romans 12, my delicious Max Lucado Study Bible had a sub-title which is where my second Post title came from… Behave Like a Christian.


I want to do a *drop mic* moment but I don’t think that would fly so let’s hold the mic and preeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (With PK)


It is NOT Personal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

We need to free ourselves from our own self-importance yo. Most of the attacks that we have, whether on or off social media, is NOT really aimed at us. We are caught in the crossfire of something. Maybe someone’s bad day, bad manners, past, present, family challenges, sickness, etc. We need to STOP taking things so personal.

Err, we really are NOT that important (ouch), so stop putting too much stress on your emotions, wondering why this person talked to you this way, or behaved to you that way. Sometimes people are just hurting and hurting people have nothing else to give but hurt and pain. We can’t respond to every bad word/behaviour that comes our way.


You stop and respond to everything? Honey, you gon’ run slower!!! And ain’t noborry got time to run slower.

The worst part is even that in this ‘game of life’, just as in football, we get punished for retaliation. And Jesus alone knows how many nonsense ‘retaliation punishments‘ I have brought on myself in the past because me sef must respond!!!


Woooooh, just leave people and be running your race jeje.

Iznur nezezary!!!

Again, I am NOT that important. I am just caught in the Crossfire of those who can’t manage their emotions properly.

I know you are probably thinking

‘abeg Eziaha, what X or Y did to me was super personal abeg. No cross fire nada. She meant me start to finish…’

No baby!!!

Like you, I was arguing in and with myself as PK was preaching but as I brought up scenario after scenario with my Jesus, He explained to me how it really was NOT about me true true.

Side note: Does anyone, like me, consider herself closer to one of the Trinity that the other 2? I certainly feel closer to Jesus. Now this doesn’t make any spiritual sense but humour me. Like, of course I’m obsessed with all 3, but baby, gimme my Jesus all day err’day.

Ok let’s continue.

Another time to tell yourself that eez nur perznal is when people leave your life. Ah, tz tempting to think

‘ah, what did I do? Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe the person/church/boss/ministry they left me for is better, etc’.


Devil is a tensioner sha. People come and go from our lives for various reasons. It may have been a seasonal relationship or they are just being humans, who move on when they think I have nothing more to offer. No need to take it personal. Those that will stay in my life will stay and those that must go will go. God is the only constant K and I must never forget that.

Tz just like me in my weight loss biz, if someone says ‘Oh I tried Eziaha 3 times and it didn’t work, then I moved to Shredder and it worked’ , that has to be fine by me. It is not PERSONAL. I have to know that in this life, some people will be better than me and I will be better than some. That’s not a problem. I don’t start feeling like I am nonsense Fitness Coach, or start beefing Shredder or the Chick. Honey, go where it works for you mehn. I have my market, and everyone has theirs.

Another time not to take things perznal is when people start praising you. Lol. We really need to be like Jesus. The Bible says in John 2 v 24 that when the crowd were hailing him, He didn’t ENTRUST Himself to them because He knew all men. Humans can be fickle, and by humans I MEAN YOU AND I. If I start living off people’s nods and cheers, taking it perznal, when they take it away, I will now start feeling crushed and empty. It was never about me in the first place. It really is about God so even when the commendations come, we give it to Jesus and keep it moving please.

So now that we have established that it is NOT personal, how do we behave like a Christian?

Romans 12
So after I have freed myself from my own self importance, I am free enough to
1. Bless those who are cruel in their attitude towards you. Bless and curse not. Leave retaliation for unbelievers. Preserve the grace on your life. You and I are on a different journey boo.
2. Rejoice with them that rejoice. Let me bring it home. So a client leaves me to Shredder Gang, and then loses weight like crazy, badmouths me, and Shredder posts her transformation pictures. Gurl!!! I’ma be all up on Shredder’s page liking and commenting. No time ooo. Eez nur perznal (no matter how personal the Chick wants it to be.). I’m on a different journey.

Side note: Shredder is my sis or in her words ‘bessfren’ lol.

The examples are just what they are- EXAMPLES!!! Don’t be thinking NOTHING love.
3. Mourn with those who mourn. Share in their grief. Grief don’t have to be that someone died. Maybe something bad befalls someone who has done you dirty. Tz not time to be like ‘yes, good for her. God is fighting for me, etc…’

Stop that nonsense (Eziaha). ‘Mourn’ and really mean it.

You are on a different journey and can’t afford such nansense!!!!
4. Do not be haughty or look down on people. And that’s the nansense that happens when you start feeling important. Hiss!!! Small blezzing on my life and I suddenly can’t relate with people of lower esyeem? Phew. You used to take bus and bike then God blesses you with a car and you can NOT understand that not taking a bus/bike is NOT an option for some people. Don’t lose touch with the reality of others below me. Readily adjust where need be. Infact, my Bible says we should not be snobbish, high-minded or exclusive!!!! I looooove that. EXCLUSIVE!!! Jesus was inclusive and never exclusive. Who I am? Hiss. Like PK said, truly great people wanna see others elevated too, so they help them up. That’s what Christian behavior is, not ‘gali gali’
5. Be not wise in my own eyes, or pride.

Gurl!!! I’m bout’a go in here with the Spirit of Shut up which I am very familar with. You see, I constantly tell myself ‘Eziaha, you are not the smartest or wisest. You can ACTUALLY be wrong…’ so I have to be fine with letting others have different opinions and views. It doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me mature. I state my point, and fiiiiiiiii leeeeeee!!! Leave it!!! People have a right to see things different than me. Tz not personal at all.

The Spirit of Shut up, baby!!!
6. Oh the final one is the real deliverance.

As much as it depends on you, live in peace with all men.

Yawl know some people like strife and wahala. No matter what you do, they come for your life and existence. Practice 1 to 5 above where applicable and just let it drop. They can bark and even but you dun currrrr. You are not taking bait. We are Christians so we behave like Christians. And we even pray for them cos tz obvious they broken!!!!
So as I prepared this post, I chanced on a convo in a group I am in (Sisterhood). Someone, in tryna explain how petty and competitive Chicks can get, said that just like Funto’s event now in Abuja, someone will probably do a social media/ blogpost after and be like…

E’s fire is more than Funto’s…’

‘It was only Funto’s session that blessed me. The rest were just ‘there’, bla bla

I laughed. Funto is also in the Sisterhood btw.

Sisterhood Chicks

I totally understand such statements. Sadly some are said with wrong intents and motived, but we don’t even have the time to take it personal. It is OK for Funto to bless you and mine is ‘just there’ and vice-versa. Tz OK for you to like Eziaha more than Funto. We all can’t reach everyone the same way.

Funny Chris and Beth discussed this on Periscope as they went for LoveLife conf where both were Ministering.

Beth was like tz OK, just make sure you get blessed. I laughed when they said in the coffee shop at the airport, two different people came up to each of them and requested for a picture from one and not the other. 2 different people did that to both of them, and they just laughed abourrit.
Chris was like the person who comes up for a pic will legit tell the other ‘oh no, never mind’ looool.

I mean, I like who I like!!! Doesn’t reduce the other’s anointing.

Nothing personal.

Let’s stop putting undue pressure on our emotions.

You are not that important and IT is NOT personal.

Christian behavior, anyone?


23 Responses

  1. You know your posts are always spot on! It’s not Perznal (looool).
    People will come and go in your life. People will feel another more than they feel you (plus if everyone felt you and for eg all the people who wanted to lose weight came to only you, can you even handle it?? The harvest is plenty. Labourers are still few). Totally totally behave like a Christain. And I loved this outfit! Wondering if I can slay these pants like this!

  2. Yesso Christian behaviour over here! #Raises hand
    Its really not personal!
    #More Grace on our lives to walk the Word

  3. Wow! This was a real blessing. Made me think deeply! It really is not personal. Lord help me run this race with my focus on you.

  4. Lol @sidenote. I mean Jesus’ swag is always on point! But I feel like HS is d bestie anyday. God, the father is def the Oga Boss! Lol. But they are one and the same.
    To the matter at hand, I learnt the hard way to stop taking things personal, when I almost killed myself with depression…. Who has time to take anything personal these days? That’s like a recipe for slow and painful death.

  5. I wish every human being can think like this, the world will be the best place to live, really wanted to be at that service but couldn’t make it, am glad you did a post on it… And PM smile, gush that woman is blessed sha. I don’t know how to express it but am blessed to have her as my mentor. Love you E’. Keep the fire burning for Christ.

  6. But Mama, this post is personal.(lol).. so lit.. if everybody applied this ehn, we would all be happier…I had to learn this lesson o, if not you will just be angry with the whole world for nothing…Thanks Mama,and you look awesome (as always)

  7. Wow, God bless u Eziaha for these,i just learnt to stop taking things perznal jare, your messages are always spot on,by the way this is my first time of commenting,have always been a silent reader.

  8. Thank u for not losing d essence of this blog….Christian values/talk.

    God bless and continue to increase u E…


  9. I thought I was alone @side note. Definitely feel like the Holy Spirit is more available to me.
    This post is everything. Another practical application of taking up my cross and following. Thanks ma’am for sharing.

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