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So as we wind down the year, I wanted to share something from this message I listened to from Apostle Joshua Selman. 

Really I have just been listening to him back to back so I am feeling rather HIGH. My hubby is tired of me lol.

I really loved it so much that I shared it on my whatsapp status and A LOT of my contacts were so thankful. 

It was like an answer to them and I thought, let me share with my blog fam too abeg.

You really should watch it but I wanted to quickly summarize. Compared to the original message, it will be a POOR summary

It is so practical and stuff. From what I gathered, this was his last message at Koinonia in 2017. Apparently, the ministry closes for the year early December and so gives about a month for people to go on personal retreats and also rest, especially the workers, so that the New Year meets a new and READY you. I LOVE IT. 

Love love love it!!! I actually will go to ZARIA next year to enjoy a service live. Still begging hubby and babes, I know say you go gree. Already stalking their website so I will know when.


So he gave us a few correct instructions on how to go about our retreat especially end of the year retreat. I will share a few things that jumped out at me and I will be practicing going forward.

Typically, I go for monthly or once in two months retreat but the stuff he shared just blew me away. 

I love that he said our end of year retreat cannot be anything less than TWO DAYS and the first day should be completely dedicated to thanksgiving.

I mean, when it comes to prayer requests, we can take our time and be specific but when it comes to thanksgiving, we are like ‘Father we thank you for the year bla blabla…’

That really touched me and I am ready to be LAVISH in my thanksgiving. One thing that I know would help my thanksgiving game is journaling. Mehn, I already started reading my 2019 journals from January and I am amazed at some of the things I have already forgotten, 


You can check this post out on journaling

So I am thankful I wrote them down. That would help my thanksgiving be richer. No, really I repented of my careless thanksgiving sha and I am looking forward to a WHOLE day of just lavishing my God with thanks.

My goodness, what a YEAR 2019 has been, and what a year 2020 will be!!!

So after thanksgiving, we move to the next phase which is REVIEW and he shared six areas of our lives we MUST review and honestly too. Which is why it MUST be a PERSONAL retreat not even couples together cos you need to be BRUTALLY honest with your review. So let’s chase the review rabbit down

1. Spiritual life… 

We must honestly review our spiritual life. How well did I observe my spiritual disciplines? Did I grow or regress? How disciplined was I with my prayers and fasting? Service to God and His church? I must very honestly review my spiritual life and God knows I am ready to review mine (insert REAL TEARS!!!)

2. Mental development and capacity

Did I grow in my mental capacity? What books did I read? Did I acquire knowledge that makes me relevant to the society? Have I become a better person? Or was I lazy? How can I do better? Did I grow in my leadership?

3. My health

Haaaa, this one was good for me to hear because we don’t hear it a lot in church so hearing a man of God say it made me happy. How well did I treat my temple? Was I eating rubbish every day? How much weight did I gain or lose? 

How am I looking not just outside but inside? He emphasized how some of us are so careless with our health that we look older than our ages and are so unhealthy and we say stuff like ‘na condition make crayfish bend’. But you are NOT a crayfish!!! And all these ‘Na fat I fat, I no kill person’ just sit down and review it, and be very truthful. 

4. My assignment (career, business, ministry, purpose)

How well did I progress with my purpose? All the prophecies over me per my purpose, how did they play out? Was I idle or occupied with purpose? Did I progress? Was I busy but not moving forward? Did I make progress? Did I grow? Was I diligent and faithful to the call of God on my life?

5. My finances

Haaaaa, how well did I do? Was I prudent? Am I in debt? Did I grow my finances? How well did my money finance the kingdom? Did I extend to multiple streams of income? Did I chase money at the expense of my other God-given assignments? Do I have a plan to have more financial freedom? Did money stop me from serving God? Am I worshipping money? Was my whole life revolving around only money? Did I embrace spiritual keys to grow my finances? Was I obedient to God in my finances? Where was I careless? Can I account for all I made? Was I wasting money to prove a point to people who don’t care? What was my offering like? Was I faithful with tithe and offerings? Saving nko? Was I generous or stingy?

6. My relationships

Every single one… with my husband, friends, career wise and all. I must honestly review if I have acted with wisdom or I have been foolish. Who did I give access to that destroyed my productivity, results, finances and more? Who should I have given access to that pride didn’t let me pursue? Have I been showing myself friendly? 

Have I grown people and poured into them? Have I honored the relationship with those above me? Have I handled my relationships with honor or I have been a gossip?


All of these were just slapping me anyhow

And with review, you put scores to it and you now write out lessons learned, mistakes, REPENT, then plan to do better for the New Year just as meticulously as you reviewed.

Yes, that is the next thing we do in our retreat

We PLAN for the New Year

So it is not just about fasting for 3 days in the New Year. We must take out time to TRULY REVIEW then PRAYERFULLY PLAN for the New Year

Review the past

Plan for the future

That is how we grow. 

Success and growth is SO INTENTIONAL and I pray we are intentional about ours.

Now I have tried sharing this much abi?

Let me let you listen to the message to get how to plan for the New Year

He shared some super amazing stuff that just blew me away.

Please listen, sisters.

(You can also go to Koinoniadownloads.org and download the audio)

2020 is NOT the year to play. Like, this is THE DECADE so let’s not be casual or careless with it.


Please I am begging us all.

Create time. Then be lavish with thanksgiving, review the past year, plan for the New Year and then let’s go into the year READY!!!

The same hour I was listening to it, I just went to hubby and told him that I needed 3 days off in December. And this time I am going to Camp abeg, not hotel. Like complete SHUT DOWN. Thankfully work would have shut down at CSL too so I can truly escape. 

Already have my dates and I am looking forward to it like I dunno what

I already feel my life will get shaken up and reset so bad. I am ready for flogging, loving and instructions and just generally spend time with my KING.


I hope you are too!!!

Please watch the complete video. My summary may look to you like WOW but this is POOR compared to the main dish

Love yawl plenty and really, thank you for the comments, mails and kind words.

Writing is one of my life’s assignments and I believe that as God sends me more help and I structure and delegate better, I can be more steady and regular in providing content on all three platforms of mine




Truth is my plate is over flowing but I believe He is increasing my capacity and wisdom so that I am faithful to grace and all my assignments as He graces me.

Definitely not my last post for the year so check back again and again



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  1. Haq haq haq.

    This is direct from God. I just started listening to Pst Joshua Selman a few days ago and now I see a post about him? A post about planning for the next year that I’ve been asking God to give me directions?

    No time for long story, I am flying to YouTube now for the main dish.

    Thank you ever so much!

  2. chai !!!this was so eye opening, just reading this and imagining what my score will be scares me so much. God is merciful sha. I receive the grace to do better come 2020. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Amazing. I listened to the message a few days ago. I’m so overwhelmed and ready to take time off for a personal retreat. God is helping us🤗

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