How to plan a PERSONAL END OF YEAR RETREAT (Msg by Apostle Joshua Selman)

Hey Blog fam, Love, Hugs and Kisses all around… So as we wind down the year, I wanted to share something from this message I listened to from Apostle Joshua Selman.  Really I have just been listening to him back to back so I am feeling rather HIGH. My hubby is tired of me lol. I […]

Thank.Full.E’… Part2

**PLEASE NOTE: Pictures will be attached to this Post before the end of friday. Right now, I am blogging from my bb and I’m too tired and sleepy to do the stress now*** So let’s jump right into Part 2… Btw, incase you didn’t notice the rhyme up there, sigh!!! Thankfully… Thank.full.E’… *rolling my eyes […]