I LOVE the title of this post walahi.

Usually I think on posts wella before I write it. But this one came yesterday and I was too busy/tired to write it and so today, with a bit of time, I’m up to writing…

Not everyday fine picture... Sometimes jagajaga hehehe

Btw, feel free to replace ‘house’ with anything else you are in faith and believing for. But it has to be something BIGGER than you ooo. Like really BIG….

For me right now, tz a house so I used that. I’ll share my story. The principles are within the story.


As 2014 rolled in, one thing hubs and I knew was that we need a home in The ‘Buj. I mean we were moving so it only followed. First thing I did, we got a WORD

#1. Get a WORD for that situation.


In my head, I knew the kinda house I needed in the ‘Buj was not coming cheap. Anybody know how much houses cost here? Lol. So I had to faith it. Totally trusting for a miracle house. Imagine my joy when God gave me this Word sometime in May when I had moved here and was staying with a friend…

Deut 6:10
10-12  When GOD, your God, ushers you into the land he promised through your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give you, you’re going to walk into large, bustling cities you didn’t build, well-furnished houses you didn’t buy, come upon wells you didn’t dig, vineyards and olive orchards you didn’t plant.


Walahi I didn’t know such a scripture existed. Imagine my joy when I found it.

Say what!!!???!!! Phew…

Lemme fastforward a bit to the day I found this other scripture last month when we were studying Joshua in our online FAB group

Joshua 24
13  “I handed you a land for which you did not work, towns you did not build. And here you are now living in them and eating from vineyards and olive groves you did not plant.

Ha ahn… God said it, He did it. #LikeABoss #Ekwueme

I was excited all over again to see this.

I was MEGA excited

Ok so what next after getting and confessing the Word?

I had to move out of my friend’s place and I had just realised I was pregnant when I had to leave. Ish. Hubs was not yet here and I hadn’t resumed work yet so I went back to hubs. But I LOVED that although I had gotten the job, my start date was not for a few weeks so I had time to go back home and then sort out where I’ll stay before I return to the ‘buj and resume.

But before I left here, I went to my spiritual authority. Now he had moved into a 5b/room in Abuja and frankly I needed to hear that testimony so I went to him…

#2. Get counsel/backing/cover

My Pastor B and his wife

He told me his story of how God just favoured him in detail. First he knew EXACTLY what he wanted as per a house, he tied a kingdom need to it, and he sowed a seed. Zezezeze!!! Before I even went to him, I knew EXACTLY the kinda house I wanted, it had a kingdom need attached to it and so I sowed a seed. Actually I kept sowing seeds. I’m still sowing.

Then next he told me to STEP OUT and start looking.
Faith is an ACTION word after all. I didn’t have to wait until I had the entire money to now start looking.

Step out I did. But not in the flesh abeg… I took my spirit.

One beautiful Monday, my cabman took a different route to work. It was longer, I was running late so naturally I was upset. Anyways that’s how my spiritual eyes saw this BEAUTIFUL house. It literally stood out. I didn’t see a TO-let or anything. I just knew I had found my house. On Wednesday after work and before church, I went there. Even the lawyer had to ask me how I knew it was letting. I just smiled. The house I wanted was still locked up as the guy there was abroad but he showed me an unoccupied one which was just like it but smaller.

My people this house was BEE-YO-TI-FUL!!! It was indeed filled with all manner of good things ooo. All I needed to do was carry my cloths and move in. Of course the price was outta this world, even in dollars but trust me, millions of dollars is all I hear at work so this one looked small. I recall when my PK was househunting too and how he said he used to be VERY bold though he didn’t have the money ooo. Ah, I was BOLD too ooo. Entered everywhere, took pictures, asked what and what again the building had. It was AMAZING. I dropped my number and asked them to holler when the guy abroad turns up.

I walked out of that property joyFULL. Ah!!! Of course while in the house I kept speaking in tongues and claiming it. I didn’t think of how He was going to do it. I just knew I could believe for it.

Then what else did I do?
I spoke to a couple of FAITH people

#3 Get Faith boosters

I spoke to my pastor on getting to church and he agreed with me. I spoke to a close friend in Lagos and she agreed with me. I spoke to two other people not for them to agree or believe with me but to tell the devil that I have started talking about it ooo soooooooo no going back hehehe.

I would like to end this by saying I have moved into this house but the testimony is still cooking. Oh did I forget to mention that I got the full address of the house and I confess with it? Yesoooooo. Hehehe. The property even has swimming pool, gym, wifi, etc. Ah!!!

I am still in faith for it but something happened two days ago that got me all amp-ed up all over again.

I have just about a week to move out of my current place. I mean I thought I had till december and though I didn’t plan on being there till then, hearing one week was a rude shock. But you see me, and thankfully my hubby, we have grown past worry and anxiety. Infact I was out of the ‘buj on an official trip when he gave me the news. Before the fear came, faith welled up and I’m like ‘my God is up to som’in.


Som’in is realllllyyyy cooking…’

Kenneth Copeland is the go-to when you need HUGE faith lol. So I woke at 3am that night and started googling to get some of his faith materials to read/watch etc. Infact I recalled a message PK preached once where he kept reading from his book and one phrase kept resounding in my spirit man… He had a huge project to do so

‘…I opened my bible and turned off EVERY thing else. I turned off the radio, newspapers, etc….’

Ah my next point

#4 Turn off and Tune in…


In my case, I turned off twitter. I turned off the tv in my hotel room. I turned off the blogs. Especially the more social ones. Ah, I turned off plenty things. Recall that Dr N mentioned same in her ‘Supernatural childbirth’ blogpost? I knew it was time to swallow the word. I really tuned in. Messages keep playing from my phone whether I’m sleeping or I’m awake. And at work, headphones plugged in when I didn’t need to listen in


My Bible and Notepad always within reach. I didn’t even tell anyone this story. Just hubby and I. Of course I saw various messages and e-books of Copeland. I downloaded some. Read some online. Faith was welling choi!!!


I especially enjoyed reading ‘Tune in to the Voice of God’ and how he used the story of Ahaz and Isaiah in chapter 7 to drive home the ‘…take heed/listen…be QUIET and FEAR not’ points. I loved his testimony of how God showed up when he wanted to start his TV ministries and stuff…

I just smiled as I read. My goodness. Copeland is the real business ooo.

As I googled more my people, guess what I found on his blog? From one of his Pastors?

A teaching/audio/video download on ‘How to believe God for a house’


Choi!!! I was OVERwhelmed. As in, the exact thing I needed.

U can imagine the speed I used to download first the teaching notes then the audio…


By the time I stepped out that day, it was like a lion stepped out. I knew that I knew that I knew God was about something. I was joyFULL!!!


I refused to be under the pressure of ‘…heey by the time I’m back to the ‘buj where will I stay?…’ and blablabla. Or who should I call? Should I call momsie to start pulling strings etc. I was just at peace… Like God told Ahaz ‘be QUIET. Pause!!!’


One thing I knew God told me to do was to write this… Much as I wanted to protest as per
‘ ah God shouldn’t I wait for the testimony first’,

I know God when I hear him. But in my head, I was still like ‘I’ll write it LATER’

Then one of my FAB sisters Rosey now cucu prompted me today to blog since I said I was free all day

Rosey Ebere

Then I remembered this post,kicked the devil’s butt and started writing.
And then yesterday funny how I was speaking to another FAB sister about HERSELF and then somehow she starts talking about my house describing it and stuff. Ha ahn. I was shocked. VERY shocked. I asked her if I had told her about it before and she be like NO but she’s seen it in the spirit and so she knows how it is. WOW!!! That’s when I now gisted her about the whole house drama ooo and she’s like

‘*insert uninterested face* hmm the devil is not even serious’

Ah!!! God knows how to send the right people with the right words.

So Titi’licious and Rosey’licious, post dedicated to you. And of course, my darling darling Booski. And my mentee bookie who asked me a similar question recently and I haven’t gotten around to answering. I hope to share your own BIG testimonies here too as I share mine.


Now people, your testimony may not be a house. It may be a child. Healing. A job. A husband/wife. Whatever!!! The principles are SAME. Get in the Word. Tune out of rubbish. You too will testify.


I know why I’m writing this down. Remember the ‘living amazed’ series by Meyer I did? https://eziaha.com/2014/06/04/live-amazed-the-finale/ Where she told us to keep records? This is me keeping records.

When I’m giving out houses here in the ‘buj especially, I’ll just come back to this blog post and be AMAZED all over again.



Baby is kicking just fine. And life is amazingly beautiful. Thanks for asking

I have been in Akwa-ibom since Sunday and will be till Saturday. You can’t beat their food mehn… Everything is amazingly swweeeeeettttt Choi!!! I mean these people can coooook ehn…
Sadly I don’t have pictures. Pele lol

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  1. Yay!!!!!????! You should have seen how happy when I got the notification of this post. This post just gives me all sorts of joy! I can’t even explain it ooo! Our GOD is definitely to a lot of good! No fear here, just crazy faith!!!!!???. We are ready to be amazedddd!!! *insert Desola’s fav smiley*

  2. Wowwwwwwww , E’ your testimonies are always inspiring & encouraging, indeed God is always at work when it comes to His own & those who totally believe in Him.

  3. We shall testify..
    You and yours shall testify…
    Soon and very soon.
    Yes, God is too FAITHFUL to fail..
    And as I wrote that faithful, I got this.. notice the Faith in faithful? God himself is Faithful, so we too who are “Faith full” can’t be resisted by Him.
    #like is attracted to like.

    Yes, you shall testify!

  4. As i sit in this staff bus I am just here laughing at the devil..Laughing at how he’such a loser.Like??? After all this years he hasn’t learnt to stop messing with us.
    Anyway’s ill be visiting in October and I am excited about the pool and the gym in particular.
    Ever thankful for the amazing word of God and how God won’t just stop speaking.

  5. Sweetheart, i’m more than elated to read this, soooo glad you blogged! *(U know say i no dey too talk). I’m in faith too for a couple of things and you’ve inspired my faith some more, God bless you plenty . I celebrate with you big time, don’t forget to put me on the guest list for your house warming oooooo. More FORWARD movements in leaps and bounds!!!

    1. Hehehehe
      Her royal gorgeousness

      U know where u are in my heart na
      Right at the top mehn… And yes true true ooo we need to do house party


  6. Mama mee. Am so thrilled by your faith. You make knowing God so fun and higher levels of Faith so attainable. Good post. Am believing God for so many things. This principles are spot on. You must testify. You are testifying already. God bless you and yours.

  7. All I see is faith, courage, boldness, trust in God…faith again, determination, bold steps den faith again, erasing all doubts n fear, absolute and total trust in God…God bless u real good for dis piece…U’ll testify, I’ll testify, we all will testify in the name of Jesus, amen!

  8. Congrats on your house E’licious!! Your faith walk is infectious maami. One thing I really love about your posts is that you break it down. You take it step by step, so one can also learn and see faith and works in action. Plenty love E’. Hugs*

  9. Thanks mamah. U wil definately testify. Nd ur faith is so infectious like I’m dancing inside me right now for my own BIGGGGGG testimony too…

  10. Wow! This is exactly what I need to hear! I’m house-hunting right now against all odds…and already God’s making sure everything falls into place. Glory! God bless you ‘E!

  11. Faith Full E’ serving a Faith Full God !
    Believing Him all the way to the top !
    A lot in ‘bucket’ I ‘m believing God for I
    I will apply the stated principle,
    Sure I will testify with E’

    Love U’

  12. Okay so You get to go to my state and now you don’t have pictures? ?????????????? *squeezed face* Hmmmmmm, not happy with you at all, not happy *mischievous face* . . . . Lol. Anyway you still have till Saturday so please don’t spoil your rep as the picture mama and redeem yourself in your next post!
    But seriously you are really challenging my spiritual life. I need to sit up and as for believing, mehhn I need that cos am currently trying to step into my own things- business wise as I feel my spirit and body tired of my present employment. Just before I read your post, a mail came in for an enquiry I made and I was told I must have a certain amount to start and that is just like a part of the whole process! I really need to get up and tune off and believe!

  13. Babes,grearest testimony ever
    Bn busy o,choi,readin ur blog too late,I for ginger comment since!I believe God for a house,and Residency in UK o!easy access Amen!

  14. Wooooooooooooooooooooooow, E! do you know you just wowed me and my friends with this post!Your faith is just amazing! I had to share it with them while I was in the bus because this just came in time. You amaze me the way you dig deep into God’s word and treat it much more than food. Ahn ahn, infact you’ve sparked something new in me which I’m going to start on my blog tomorrow by His grace which this particular post will be ‘opening the floor’. I read your blog o, but I don’t always comment. lool

    This is amazing E! and God bless you so much for showing us how real this can be for us as well.

    Much love. xo!

  15. I’m so happy for you…I claim mine also in jesus name..I hope to have this kind of faith…I thank God for your life my dear..

  16. Last weekend, I heard something that shattered my world and changed my perception about certain things I was so sure would materialize soon. I didn’t know where to start or what to do, I didn’t even know how to pray about it or the words to pray. I asked GOD for one thing, “Please Lord, send the right words to me before the week is over, and when I see it, Let me feel it in my spirit so strongly”. before I continue, Id just like to say Thank you very much Mrs Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo aka ‘E’ *huge smile*. I have been blessed so much, since discovering your blog this year. there is always a word to take out of every post. Now, back to my story, I needed direction on how to pray about this situation, what to pray about basically, I needed a strategic direction and you provided it today. Thank you. Now I know how to begin to tell the devil to shut it and “Go Hug Transformer”. P.S: I am a first time commenter, but an avid reader LOL!!! Thanks again and God Bless you. I will be amazed!!!!! …GOD indeed accompanies me “CHISOM” (that’s the meaning of my name, and I confess it always)

    1. I love your comment
      One thing Copeland says a lot is how important it is to say ‘I know what to do. I can hear God. I am directed by God. I understand my bible, etc’. So much power in confessions.
      Thank God for direction received and exactly when you needed it.
      You will testify hun


  17. My dear I can totally relate. My pm reads ‘There are times when you don’t have to explain God’s blessings in your life, cos honestly they may never understand’ You know like the blind man in the bible. I’ve seen God’s favour in some amazing ways that someone had to ask some silly question (I wont want to disclose here) I’m still believing God for even more. My charmer we’ve overcome by our testimony.

  18. congratualations on your new house dear. Love all the scriptures you pulled out. DId not know scriptures likes that were in the bible. God does take care of his own! So happy for your guys.

    Please enjoy my State- Akwa Ibom very well.. I personally miss all the food too!

    Kisses to baby for me:)

  19. I cried d whole time. Been believing God for the *m word, family n a home. Started reading a book by Kirk…on d power of imagination. u have done is to magnified dt vision. All these instructions of tuning off and tuning in are d exact same instructions d holy spirit gave me over a month ago…off SM a while now. I really would love to get to know you better. Super congratulations on your dream home!!!

  20. I am in the process of looking for a house too. When I first saw your story all I did was to read the scripture that was in the beginning of the story but I don’t finish the whole story. That was 2 months ago. Today your story can up again and I was looking for something else. I know that God wants me to read it and I did. I am going to do what you have done to get my house as well. Please keep me in prayer for I know he has a plan for me.

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