Yesterday, I was SO DISCOURAGED.

Kai and the crazy thing about DISCOURAGEMENT is that even though it is a mental/emotional thing, it saps PHYSICAL strength out of you, so you soon realize that you cannot pursue life like you would. I just didn’t wanna do nothing, but stay in bed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still managed to do a few things but I pushed away a lot of things I intended to do.

This morning when I woke, I knew I had to work it out with God. And then I could highlight a few things that caused my dramatic day.

You see, we gotta be FIGHTERS literally!!!

This life is ACTUALLY a battlefield and Ephesians 6 Armor of God is NO JOKE. What happened to me yesterday was normal, super normal, cos the devil attacks everyone, but I could not fight back cos I wasn’t wearing my ARMOR.

You see, I woke yesterday and I was TIRED!!! So, after I worked a bit, I went to sleep. Or try to sleep and plan to pray when I wake. Mistake. I also decided to skip the Gym. WRONG!!! For the most days, I start my day with Jesus and Fitness (the Gym these days) and it really sets the tone for day. Now, here I was skipping both. When I woke again, I was lazy and that was the start of my battle. So much thoughts fighting in my head. So many lies. So many Shrinkin stinkin Thinkin. I frankly couldn’t fight. I at least should have mustered some strength but I couldn’t.

In fact, yesterday was rubbish.


So, this morning, I realized that the devil will take any single tiny hole, come in and make himself at home increasingly sef.

And to make it worse, I didn’t get a single payment for any service I offer. Kai. Satan just came guns blazing.

So, I told myself that skipping my time with God wasn’t even an option. How we communicate may differ from time to time but I must not lose the connection

Then I also needed to check my physical state

My body was tired and it was time to schedule sleep. I find that I react best to things when it is scheduled. So, a regular day when I didn’t plan rest and I am in bed, feels like wasted time, but once I know it is in the plan, I enjoy it. Like Fridays are my rest days. Not saying this is good or bad but this is how it works for me

So today, I was intentional about scheduling REST. I skipped the gym again and had like 2 hours extra sleep. I had prayed earlier cos I woke at 2 but I still had a few things to settle.

I woke up refreshed. Took my kids to Daycare and Summer school and came home to get into the day

Earlier, the Lord had also shown me where I lacked trust and how to tackle it, with the WORD of course so I wrote down scriptures longhand and repeated it to me. I also looked up Scripture on STRENGTH and COURAGE and spoke them over me.

I think sometimes we underestimate the power in the spoken word of God. If we just speak the WORD in times of discouragement, WHICH IS BOUND TO COME, we would be truly equipped for it

So, guys, let’s fight!!! Open your mouth and speak discouragement away. The word is SO POWERFUL!!! No wonder He commands Joshua to not let the word leave His mouth if He was going to truly be STRONG AND COURAGEOUS

I love what I read online from I can’t even remember who. I am tired lol.

But I had to do a Screenshot and even pin to my screen all through the morning as a reminder. Yes I looked up encouraging articles online to armour up well.

Kisses yawl!!!


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  1. The word ‘ARMOR”!
    I refuse to believe this is just a coincidence.
    I have loads of bookmarks on my browser, organised into different topics. So, today is one of those days that I have some time on my hands, read some work related stuff for an exam I’m preparing for, and got quickly bored after like an hour of study.
    Then decided to find sthg fruitful to read from my bookmarks, which led me here, and to this post.

    Sunday teaching in church was on putting on the WHOLE ARMOR, and I’ve been digesting that and praying on the different parts of the armor, then I come here and see ARMOR again.
    Truly key, that we stay equipped day in, day out, and not leaving any part of our armor behind, and this is only by the help of the Spirit of God!

    Thanks Eziaha!

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