So i published post earlier this week, and then i realized it wasn’t visible via web. Just on the WP App. Crazy stuff. Anyways, i hope we have fixed it so I am reposting. Without pictures. Once I am sure, i will add pictures.


​Hey yawl!!!

I’m just gonna confess that I’m not a Christmas lover. Now I love the reason for the season but i’m not like super high like Yaaaay, it’s Christmas and all that. My Pastor is actually running a 31day blog roll this December. Haha.

May just drag myself to my sister’s for that season

because if I stay at home with my baby, he will soon be dry like his mama. Well, who knows, Jesus may have transported hubs to Lagos permanently so ehen, we can now talk about the season fun and all.

Whine over!!!

Oh, btw, anybody wanna invite me over? You must have childcare sha.


So my hubs has been around for all of 2weeks (plus on our 3rd anniversary Nov 30)

and I’ve been like having the time of my life, complete with loads and loads of sex (urm, yup I said that). I’m married and that’s what married folks do!!! I’ve also turned down a lot of my life, especially social media and the Internet generally. I know yawl see me online a lot but that’s what happens when you have an amazing Assistant.

Well, I’m on Twitter but not anywhere else (for the most part). I provide content for my biz which are my fave stuff to do

and if the Lord leads me to share something from my life, I share with my online slipstream, then she shares and stuff.

If I wasn’t actively coaching, I would have been off whatsapp too.
Oh, I’m not pregnant either, and even if I am, I intend to lie till it is obvious. And even then, I may still lie!!! (judge yasef ooo)

Been a real discipline to NOT blog!!! Like it is just today that I got permission from the Holy Spirit to blog and trust me, I’m just typing. I didn’t plan what to say until I picked up my phone to type. Been working on my devotionals and my God, thank God for grace!!!

You know, I have guest contributors for both and i’m like so happy about that. Getting their write-ups and reading and editing it made me realise I could be an editor too. Like it is so neat and easy for me.

So yawl know about the 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB Sworded Chicks which covers the three areas of our lives as Chicks… Wife (30), Woman (31) and Mom (30). The woman of course needs one extra day so it is a 91 day devo.
This devotional is fierce and will put a sword in every Chick’s hand. I’m like on fire writing it. Tz so fierce.

So contributors for this are Funto Ibuoye (woman), Ebele Kenn-Ogeleka (Wife) and errm, still sorting the mom part out. But most likely a popular vlogger or a certain Graced parent. Haha. Or maybe both. 

I let everyone choose their topic but for Funto, I felt led to chose for her. 

My luvurrrrrrrr?????

She writes on 

‘Drop your Tiara and Pick up your crown… #Queens Arising’.

Now the crazy thing is the day I told her, the previous day or so, God had given her the theme for one of her meetings in 2017 and that was the exact same theme. It was a WOW moment for both of us.
The second devotional is sooo dear to my heart. Coming straight from my green confession journal for my business. Tz a devotional for Market Place Apostles. 

It is soooo soooo dear to me. I won’t even lie, it has been daunting not cos tz hard to write but cos… I dont even know how to explain it. Like i’m having to really press into the Spirit to birth it. 

But trust me, it will radically bless and make us all more aware that we are not just in the marketplace to make money, but to shine His light.

I’m featuring a couple of MPAs too…
Stephanie Obi who is actually my childhood friend and one of my teachers. Her piece is just LIGHT!!!

Wale Jana who I have the most profound respect for. He truly poured his life into his piece

And my darling Accountability partner (of course) Aijay Ufomadu who truly makes me proud I obeyed God and reached out to her.

They all shared from such personal places, reading them just blessed me. Even I can’t wait for my own devotionals.

I think I wanna talk to one more person to contribute but I don’t have a release yet.

The devotionals will be available on my App and we did the Alpha testing of this App over the weekend. I cried.

The App is so neat!!! Of course there are more things to work on but the first level presentation was good. Opened it up to a couple of my friends as Testers and feedback was awesome. Special thanks especially to Rotanna who helped me see some things I missed. Her review and feedback was so detailed. Wow!!! Love you sister!!!

Anyways devotionals and app are coming out this december (i pray). So we can all start the year 2017 on fire.

The beautiful thing about my App is that it won’t host just my books. It will be a hub of sorts for people who know they have been called to write but maybe have limitations especially financial when it comes to publishing.

So we will work out an agreement where we host your books (so far they are life-giving) on my App for a small rental. So books, devotionals, fiction, etc, come host on the FAB E’Reader. It will be a HUB for all Reads Christian. Whoop. Even if you are publishing a hardcopy book, you can create a custom e-version and host on my App so it can reach the world!!!

Like, isn’t God so cool? Didn’t even know this vision until I stepped out to build the App. Didn’t even have the money but small small, we sha gathered it. Haha. I was thinking 80k 100k oo and when I got the various quotations, I stopped breathing for at least 17seconds. But I stepped out in faith, started and God provided it. Even when I had to do various upgrades and more payments to Google and WordPress for hosting rights in dollars, He met it. Goes to show that there is divine provision on the other side of our obedience!!!

So if God has called you to write, honey start writing cos He has given you a platform to reach the world – 

The FAB E’Reader.

You know, something happened this week that drove this home for me. I got gifted 3 books from a group of Chicks to whom I had to given a talk on mentoring, one of my favourite topics to talk about…

One of the books is by Mary M Byers and is titled Making Work from home WORK.

Can you imagine that title? Isn’t it amazing what God leads people to write? He has His children covered and He places gifts in His children to meet His other childrens’ needs all around the world. 

This book is too on point for my season. I am a Work @ home mom (At-home CEO or Entrepreneur like she calls it) and that work-home life balance struggle is real. She truly speaks to me. (the books came from Laterna books btw, if you are looking to buy) So never discount what God asks you to write. Please write!!! You have no idea what’s on the other side of your obedience.
Publish and then host on my App.

I Looooove my App. 

And guess what else I love? My blog!!! New look, upgraded to dot org (dot com is limited walahi) but we get to keep our dotcom name. For all the plans I have, I needed to upgrade. 

Then I got MailChimp sorted too thanks to Grace and Makera, two geeks who helped me. I will still tweak one or two things but annual subscription was running already abeg, so had to launch.
MailChimp is that ‘thing’ that lets you send customised emails. 

Haven’t started that yet but be sure to subscribe as it pops up so you get our emails when there is something fresh.

The Lord has also provided us a baaaad gadget so whoop to the vlogs coming back in 2017, better quality and all!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

Errm, what else ooo. Ok back to books

I mentioned 4 November Reads here

I gave up on Intentional Parenting. It came from a point of view that wasn’t really my reality. I picked stuff from it yes, but not much for now.

I couldn’t read Lioness Arising beyond Chapter 3 because Lean IN was too engaging. Wow!!! 

What a book Lean IN was. My gosh!!! I need to hug Sheryl!!! I kissed that book and applauded her when i was done.

I’m definitely sitting at the table every single day!!!

‘Who’s holding your Ladder’ was a hit back to back. Got the e-copy from kobo books and I have to share it with my team of ladder-holders (passwords and all so please don’t ask me to share with you ooo. Just buy). That Book and Lean IN made me happy I owned them!!!

I also managed to sneak in Toke’s On Becoming. I read that book because someone I respect gave glowing feedback. I didn’t buy it tho thank God. I didn’t even read any online review anywhere. I just went with what my person wrote. Let me just save you the stress and summarise

1. On Becoming is NOT a movement. It is a business!!! You gotta respect Toke’s hustle and grind. No, that girl knows how to work the market!!! Whaaaaaa!!!! I stood up to applaud her biz sense after reading.

2. On Becoming is not healing, closure, vulnerability or even boldness, it is VENGEANCE. I pray everyone involved truly heals. Tz just messy.

So if you like drama, gossip and have 2hours to spare, read.

That said, I’m not hatin’ ooo. It just threw me off balance and made me laugh soooo much not at the content (a lot of stuff in there was not funny. Even painful) but at the real reason behind the book.

Toke baby, puttin’ some darned RESPEK on your name and grind haha.
So this month, we roll with Lioness Arising, Making Work at Home Work,

Millionaire Messenger (if I can) and then Lisa and Havillah’s series on Parenting. Tz about 12 videos and you have to be a premium member of Messenger international to watch them. 


The teachings are too awesome.
Lemme end with Pow Wow. Really need to go. Oh btw, im sorry I went AWOL. In my head, I mentioned. I’m literally done with blogging for the year so my poppin’ in here will be updates and stuff.

So Powwow whoop!!!

Lemme just confess that I’m looking forward to hearing my best friend speak than even myself.

She is back to Nigeria and confirmed her coming. If I can call anyone in my age bracket my mentor, Ogochukwu is it, 

even though she constantly yimu’s me when i say that.  She is sooooo deep gosh!!! We don’t get to see a lot but when we see, tz a shut-down-your-day kinda visit.
Plus we both hug alike. Like 5mins kinda hugs. Our similar heights help. The way she loves God and goes about her assignments ehn!!! Sweet Lord baby Jesus!!! Best part is she has a personality completely opposite of mine yet she endlessly inspires me.

My Accountability partner has no idea how much I will be grilling her. She is sooo productive and balanced I am almost jealous. Wife, Mom, Day banking career, business, ministry and all!!! Very balanced and fruitful. She is my second speaker.

Then me!!! Sharing what principles work from my life.

We will have a Chick panel where we all get to be asked personal questions and all.

Soooo looking forward to Pow Wow even though it is my event. Can’t wait for the 18th. Love what my team and I came up with to be written on our photo props.

2. STRENGTHENED!!! Never Stressed.
4. I am GRACED for my LIFE.
5. I am BUSY and FRUITFUL.
6. This Chick is WORKIN’ ON SOM’IN!!!
7. I am giving my RACE my ALL!!!

If they were ready, i would have posted pictures. Whoosh!!! Totally can’t wait!!!

Details all in this Post. You can def still sign up… Have a few half price slots still open. plus full price. 

Super Duper Hyper Mega PUMPED!!!!!

Once this is over, would unveil January Pow Wow with E’ and I believe I’m led to the Stay at Home moms this time. So yawl Domestic Queens, i’m coming for you!!! Whoop!!! We must be fruitful even at and from home, in every season

Ok one last gist, finally got myself a logo. God literally downloaded this to me through Omilola Oshikoya.

A major theme for my life is Fruitfulness. Which is where FruitfullE’ comes from. After my prayers and study, it all came together. The palmtree, rooted in the Word, that’s how E’ stays fruitful.

So the other aspects of my life will always flow from this logo.

See CoachE’Squad logo too

Peek my dumb bells and the fruits?

Loooooove it!!! I hope you do too.

Ok, this is too long sef. Lol

Lovveeee yawl Super and Please never ever stop following our Jesus. He is sooo worth it.



Pix above is from my Abuja UN days. Loveeeet.

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  1. Still reading the post but as you mentioned contributors for the devotionals, I thought of “Ruth Zubairu”…don’t know if you know her. …She’s a stay at home mom too, blogging, writing and on fire for the Lord. .Someone I honestly admire and would like to hear out..Just a suggestion!!? Let me finish the post now!

  2. Still reading, lol. ..but quick question about the app. .what if I want to host a book I consider awesome but I’m not the author(I do know the author personally), is it possible? ?

  3. I’m sorry for the comment harassments. .Its what e-mentees do. .you’re right about “fruitfulness”..your name is right next to it in the dictionary. .the Grace you have is priceless and I admire and deeply covet it. .Thanks for sharing your life with us. .I learn A LOT. .
    PS: I’m not sure I thanked you for sharing “warrior in heels”..I need to do a post somewhere detailing the depth and degree of “blessings” that fell on my inner man…God will bless you CoachE!

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