Yawllllll HOW amazing have the past 14days been????

I knowwwww. I wish I could blog daily but chhhiiiilllllllleeeeeeee…

Well who knows, maybe Toluwani my EA can make that happen.

A couple of these #FruitfulAtHome posts were written by her. I would send her the Voice notes and she would transcribe… then I would edit and add anything else I didn’t send to her.

Thank God for a VILLAGE of and to help, literally.

And yaaaàaaas baby, my help is back.


I was even downstairs after sorting out LAWMA people who came to carry trash and my gate opens and wham, my Rosa walks in.

She was actually to return yesterday but she got stuck in Ibadan at past 8pm, and there was literally NO MOVEMENT so hubby told her to go spend the night with his mom in Ibadan and set out Saturday morning back to Lag. Today was environmental so no movement till 9am in Ib.

I was so happy to see her though she was darker lol and the Chick came in and literally went to wash plates. Literally had to chase her to go and bath and sleep. Next thing I hear is someone sweeping the house. After which she now decided to sleep.

Ok let’s back up to yesterday where we had a cocktail for my sister and the other 2 new people who just got promoted to Partner at PwC,

one of the BIG 5 Global Audit/Consulting firms.

(That is one of the NEW partners)

Hubby changed his mind about going last minute and so I had to go alone with the kids. We went to my sister’s place first, and there, Bimbo came to meet me cos I needed help with the kids who were not allowed into the cocktail but were going to Rufus and Bee

instead where I hear they had a BLAST on the Partner’s bill of course. Lol.

The cocktail PARTY was SO GOOD.

(Planned for heels but decided to wear flats biko)

Ah I DESPERATELY need exposure in my life. The class of everything was beyond what I was used to, but I quickly adjusted haha. I mean, people are literally AT YOUR SERVICE to offer you drinks and more drinks, small chops and all. There was SO MUCH FOOD I am sure I added 7kg yesterday.

No, I ate. There were like 3 different kinds of small chops with chips/yam, asun, snail, suya, waffles, fruit salad, ice cream, cake, etx.

(That’s my 18year old niece)

Like food just kept flowing. And then drinks!!!! Mehn!!! Even the quality of EVERYTHING used to serve was TOPS!!!!

Like my sis said as I was swooning…

Eziaha, everything na your money ooooooo

I agree. Money certainly can throw a DAMN GOOD PARTAY!!!

The kids came to join us at about 10pm or so, then we left for home at almost midnight.

We slept over at my sister’s.

Of course, my Parents were there

(Immediate family save the 2 not in Naija)

and so they had this time when as they profiled a Partner, she would rise and afterwards dance with their spouse and family and team members. When it was my sis turn, my darling mama STOLE the show.

(My sis hubby in cream)

In fact, her Manager said that when she first joined, he thought she was ALWAYS pregnant haha.

My sis had 3 kids in 6 years and she joined at the time she started having kids about 16years ago lol. But somehow, she still gave her best and so one day he asked her how come, and she said she had a real good solid support system in her family.


Certainly, helped that we all live in Lagos and my mom would always come in and help and whenever she had Maid issues, I would step up and be her help. In fact, for like almost 3 years, the period I waited before getting into Uni, I was with her and was her Maid lol. My sibs used to call me OMO-ODO lol which is house girl in Yoruba.

I LOVED living with her though cos hey, I had more freedom than at my parents. I would cook, clean, care for kids, do homework, etx. Feels so good to know I was part of that SOLID SUPPORT system. There was even a time Uni was on strike and it felt like it was for her sake cos she REALLY needed me then as her help had bailed lol. A lot of what I learned there I now apply to my home so it was really an investment. Plus, she paid all through my Uni. She literally was my sponsor. But I have told her she is paying for my ticket to Yankee abeg. As a Partner sturvzzzzz.


We really had a blast!!!

3 generations… lol

My sis and her sis in law…

My niece and I…

Sent my sis in yankee the videos and pictures and guess what she asked me




I told her YES please send me cloths lol.

(My crazy sis and her mole lol)

But really, I don’t have that much cloths cos I only go to church. I have a lot of workout outfits for trainings and meetings though. Lost my dress up mojo but I really should start finding it again. I’m too tired lol.

Soon after we got home, it was time for our ZOOM MIDNIGHT prayers and thankfully I had shared the prayer points ahead so I managed to be a part despite how EXHAUSTED I was. In fact, my friend Eniola had asked how I intended to stay awake for it, and I said COMMITMENT. If I can avoid an excuse, I SURE WILL!!! Slept off right after at past 1am.

First thing this morning, before the house woke up, I carried my kids and we left lol. We no baff sef. They were even still sleeping. Before 6.30am we were on the road. That was when my sis called and was like AH AND SHE HEARD MOVEMENT ooo lol.

Got in at past 8 and I had like a ton of work to do, bathing, cleaning and making breakfast. Plus, CoachE’ work.

Funmi my Admin Coord was here

and we had a lot of sorting out with my Squaddies to do as a lot are ending their program this weekend and thankfully, the new one would not start until the 5th. Once Funmi had her schedule for today, I went to the market. I walked all the way talking on the phone to my sister girl T.

So, before I left, I spoke to some of my private squaddies and one of them shared something with me that I felt she needed some help beyond me so the HS dropped T in my spirit and He was SPOT ON cos T is jumping in to help.

The HS is just AMAZING!!!

So, T kept my company all through the over one hour walk to the market which served as my work out for the day.

Quick shopping, got back home and that was when LAWMA came…

I don’t get how they come ONCE IN 2 WEEKS meanwhile they have stopped all those Mallams who carry dirt. This time sef, they hadn’t come for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. Hiss. And that was also the point Rosa came in.

Both kids were asleep when she came in.

After I sent her to sleep, I made lunch of spaghetti and fish, pureed it for the now awake ElJohn and ate mine too. Then I went to catch some sleep.

Really wanted to go see a Movie LARA AND THE BEAT but I slept past the time I was to leave. I really also wanna see ACRIMONY but it aint showing in the cinema near my home.

I AM ALREADY MAD AND I HAVE NOT YET SEEN IT only trailers, interviews and reviews and I KNOW I will ‘kill’ somebody when I am done lol cos the reviews are NOT FUNNY if truly Taraji was treated like that.


But let me see it first. May go next week Friday or sometime this week.

Made ewedu for dinner while Rosa fed KingDaveed and ElJohn was cucu still asleep, so it wasn’t until 9pm or so he woke up and then ate his own.

Spent some time talking to my girlfriend on the phone (a friend I consider a role model more like cos she DEEEEEEP), brought out and sorted stuff for church, paid salaries (exhale), chatted and reviewed with my Graphics guy for a new flier

( finally got what I wanted and I love it), chatted with my Accountability partner Aijay, watched Joel Osteen and John Gray on the ‘Tube, sorted out emails for those who requested the book THE ME I WANT TO BE (make sure to read it though cos people usually don’t appreciate FREE), took a bath, drank garri (oh and Rosa got me kilishi which I had eaten earlier to break my fast). You see it was a day full of CHILL.

Ok so this technically would be my LAST post in the #FruitFulAtHome series BUT a whole NEW chapter opens up on this blog…


That is a subdomain I have created exclusively for my stay at home moms’ posts and I will share there on a regular.

It would show on the main blog too, but if someone wanted to only see the SAHM posts, all they need do is go right there straight. It is LIVE already.

Also opened a FB and IG page which would be exclusively for SAHMs. Oh well, I recall when mama,Pastor M told me that she thought I needed to take this SAHM thing more seriously and hold regular meetings and stuff, I laughed it away. Well, she is probably the one laughing now. It is AN ASSIGNMENT and with all the ways I feel inadequate and unqualified, I am saying YES LORD. Only thing I won’t have yet is a WhatsApp group and even the one I had from my birthday, I will be shutting it down as soon as we go live on social media cos we haven’t started yet. Lol wonder why I am saying WE. That is what CoachE has taught me. I speak in the plural form of the first person. It is CRAZY lol.

So, stay at home moms, lets do it baby. Let’s rock this thang and BEAR SO MUCH fruit knowing that EVERYWHERE GOD CALLS US TO IS HOLY GROUND including that home you are called to serve in this season and at this capacity.

Ok so just tucked KingDaveed into bed after we prayed,

and yay the new furniture is in

and I rearranged their room yesterday, creating this huge space in the middle for play. I LOVE IT!!!

Right after I publish this, I will check out my access to MOMS OF MEN video teachings with Lisa Bevere and Havilah Cunnington

cos I wanna start watching it again. Sorry in case someone would want me to share, it is not shareable. You only have access with passwords after you pay.

I RECOMMEND FOR EVERY MOM OF BOYS. It literally is EVERYTHING. Has been invaluable for me so I listen again as a resource from time to time and I sense it is time for a refresher.

Ok lovelies, let’s call it a night and day, shall we?

The evening to the morning, the 15th day!!!



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  1. Wow!!!!

    Well done mama. I’m not even married not to talk of being a SAHM, but I’ve been so blessed with the series.

    Thank you for the books, too. I will definitely be reading them. I’m crazy about books free or not…haha

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