*In my best SJR voice*

This is Day 14 Chileeeeee and what a ride this has been…

Ok let’s keep things moving…

I woke up at almost 7am this morning. I LOVE that my fitness tracker tells me how long I have slept.

I slept for 6 hours, I am so EXCITED about that because my body really needed it.

(The crazy thing wants me to sleep my life away lol)

I quickly went to the gym. I didn’t feed Eljohn because I breastfed him throughout the night, so I figured he will be fine.
So from 7 to about past 8, I did my regular time on the treadmill, then I was in the MOOD for weights today. So, I dedicated a good amount of time to LIFTING.

That’s one thing I will miss about the gym when I stop next week. But I think I will be back in September to the gym. I will just take that August break. *sobs*. (Wrote this part earlier cos there’s gist about the Gym later in the blog,)

I got home after I stopped by at this roadside kiosk to buy crackers and gum (have to stay chewing gum through a fast) and I saw this interesting discovery of garri milk and sugar

Forgot to even ask how much…

My kids were up already, so prepped their bathing water, hubs bathed them. I made their breakfast, KingDaveed had pancakes. I usually sweeten pancake with bananas, so I do flour, bananas, nutmeg, milk and egg, I ensure I make it very light for him.

Eljohn had a combination of cereals and fruits, because today is cereal day for him, so Nutribom, August secrets Nutty meal and Mixagrain with some pineapple and banana mashed in hence the rough look.

Hubby fed KingDaveed. I fed Eljohn. Then I made a pineapple smoothie and crackers packed in their lunch box for day care. I usually do crackers or coasters because those biscuits are low in sugar.

Then we gave them their medications, they have been on meds since the eye infection. And they had a cold too. It’s been such a struggle to give KingDaveed drugs because we have to give him eye drop and nasal drop. Eljohn is a bit easy but KingDaveed is a bit of struggle. We sha got through that.
Phew. Plus plenty progress on that one…

By 10am I took them to day-care. Eljohn is crying less and less these days but today he cried a bit. But for the last two days surprisingly, he hasn’t cried at all. I have actually seen an improvement in him playing alone. Normally he is so clingy, but been seeing him playing alone when I leave him for short periods of time.
I believe majorly being in daycare has helped him to achieve, I intend he starts school in January but until then I will put him in daycare intermittently, plus daycare is cheaper than school, so that works for now.

My amazing Content Strategist was supposed to come in at 9am but I told her to make it 11am, because I knew the house would be busy. I wanted a CLEAN kitchen today, so I cleaned up the kitchen REAL GOOD! I usually leave it till like later and get something else done but today I really felt like cleaning up.

I then arranged my kid’s room. The carpenter was to come in to bring some new furniture for their room and I wanted to make sure I had done a bit of work before he comes. Then took out the trash. I haven’t washed my clothes in a while, so I went to get my laundry ready to wash later.
Later, I went to see the carpenter to know the progress of work. Hopefully, if rain doesn’t fall he will be done today.
I came home, I switched to work mode at about 10:30. My Content strategist was here at almost 11am. Nepa people were here with some drama, hubby just went to sort them out.

First thing I wanted to do was to talk to my squaddies about PATIENCE and how a lack of patience is responsible for literally every issue you have in your weight loss journey. As i was just reading through chats, the HS just dropped the word in my heart “patience” and that’s what we need to talk to them about, so preparing it ahead today and sharing with them tomorrow, simply because I don’t like to talk too much after 10am, and it was past 11 at that time.
My content strategist has a timeline of what she will be doing between 11 and 4pm.
Part of that includes shooting a video, preparing our emails for those on the mailing list then posts for next week and stuff like that.
We usually plan ahead with CoachE’squad. Mostly what you SEE today on social media might have been planned a couple of days or week ahead.
Then me?

I prepared my social media content for next week in advance. I shot my tutorial videos for my christian mama arms

( if you are looking to rip your arms, you should totally join this particular programme, especially if you aren’t on the big side you just feel like your arms are a bit flabby, let’s rip you up. So make sure to join ). Email or whatsapp 09055868614

Then at 3, I took a break to send them lunch. It was macaroni and fish pureed for ElJohn and same for KingDaveed but of course not pureed and chicken instead.
Came back home to more work and this time, did some phone calls to my Private and Premium Clients. Something funny happened just before I broke my fast and that was just God giving me my prayer point. So a Squaddie who i would also consider a friend said she was offended by something i put up on social media etx….
It was via chat but I was to call her a couple days back on something else but I kept forgetting so that was my cue to ring her.
Quickly addressed her offense then discussed what the Lord laid on my heart for her.

Then after the phone call, I was like…

Err, God what do I do with THAT?

And instead of God to tell me, He started to show me something I was offended by and how a root of bitterness was going to creep in. It actually had to do with the Gym and I didn’t even know cos I had decided to stop at the end of the month and thought I had dropped it. But He just showed me my heart, and I believe opened my eyes to how easily His children are letting offense creep in.

My C.S had left by then, about 5pm and I was ready to break my fast….

I threw away all my planned prayer points and proceeded to do a study on Offense and I especially love this Scripture…

 ‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord .
Leviticus 19:18 NIV

That I AM THE LORD part wrecked me. One of my study references talked about how when we are offended by people, we are attempting to be LORD!!!

Had to highlight in RED

I prayed about it and made sure I let the Lord go in deep. Then guess what Joel Osteen uploaded…
Protect your heart from Offense… by Victoria!!!

I quickly went to eat some golden morn (no time to cook cos I needed to wash before the kids got back)then while washing, I had that video playing on repeat. Love what she said about Oysters and Pearls.

Plus can we TAKE 48secs to just appreciate VICTORIA OSTEENS BEAUTY???she’s like a doll…

I just love how the Lord checks us and especially our hearts. A good heart check occasionally is welcome.
I recall at the start of the year, I did this devotional UNOFFENDABLE on YouVersion

And I did it like 5 times back to back. Apparently I needed a refresher/top up.
I should do a more detailed post/study on Offense and how/why we as Christians MUST fight it.

Ok hubby went to pick kids at about 7pm which was when I rounded up washing. The carpenter had delivered but didn’t set up yet cos I had to have time to tell him where to hang what.

Kids in and KingDaveed saw the malt that had been under our Cot forever lol and said he wanted. Told him Malt was not good for him and he asked for zobo then (I always give alternatives when I say something is not good for him so he knows the alternative to these drinks is zobo or water). Ah. No zobo at home as I haven’t made since my Help left. He started crying for zobo so I gave him the malt and dude finished an entire can in 3 servings lol. I was just scared cos of weewee on the bed. Of course he can’t see malt to drink for another say 2 to 3 months or more

Dinner was to be swallow but their amala was remaining a little and would do for just 1 person and so I decided to give ElJohn.

Asked KingDaveed what he wanted and he said Golden morn lol. Part of what is going up next week on our social media for CoachE’Kids is about cereals so his request made me laugh. Indulged him though.

Oh earlier I chatted a bit with my mentor DDK and got inside gist on something I’m super excited about. I love talking to DDK and I am in awe of the gift of God on her life and how she stewards it. It’s beautiful I tell ya.

Cleaned up kitchen after serving hubby his dinner of beans and sweet potatoes
I had 2 crackers with powdered milk myself and called it a night after setting MULTIPLE alarms for KingDaveed to go pee.
Tidying this post up at 3am lol.
And yes my help is coming back tonight yay!!! Its been a crazy 2 weeks.

Also have that Cocktail I talked about here to celebrate the NEW PwC Nigeria Partners and since kids are not allowed, I got a mentee to help me mind them in the hours we are away…

Kisses yawl…It’s 4.15am and I’m going back to sleep if not hunger will just wire me… Gym at 7 though



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  1. Honestly Eziaha you always motivate and push me to do and be better. May God continue to bless you richly. My email is
    I would really appreciate the book by Orthberg.
    Thank you.

  2. That part on taking offences really got me. So this afternoon, a Keke hit me and took out half of my bumper and then the dude fled. I was so angry but how I couldn’t utter a word to insult him shocked me. I just started speaking on how everything works for my good and rebuking the devourer because I am a tither. The bumper will be fixed by free course.
    Thanks E.
    Please I am interested in the book. my email is

  3. Eziaha, i can only say that you are awesome. Every of your write up is an inspiration. I can’t wait for my daughter to be of age so that she can start following your blog. Well done girl!

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