Ok so let’s just get this out of the way for the last time i hope. I’ve done a couple of ‘about me’ posts
but I figured I’ll just honor this one being that it has been over a year I did som’in like this. And most importantly, I was single then… Now hi ham a married even pregnant bae…

After a full day's work... At least nobody can call this one mgbeke pose

BTW 30th is my wedding anniversary… one year already!!! Wow!!!

So here’s how it goes… When you are nominated for this versatile blogger award (yes tz versatile but I renamed mine Fabulous. This blog is not versatile na but hey, that’s the award title so…) You do the following things…

1. Thank the ‘nominator’… I recall only Ayo of One plus… Thanks darling. And btw, hubs saw ur picture on twitter recently and is like ‘is this the same One plus that interviewed us? She’s very beautiful’ and I’m like she sure is… Drop dead gawjussss someborry.

Ayo Thompson of OnePlus

Thank you for blessing the blogworld with non-anomymity biko. Such gorgeousness shouldn’t be hid under anon… Hint hint Inthemidstofher… Hehehehe

2. Include a link to their blog…
Oya hurry. She’s a committed blogger. Unlike some of us.

3. Select 15blogs you recently discovered or follow regularly
Ah!!! 15?
Hmm. Ok Sisi yemmie’s blog was my latest discovery. She’s such a lively someborry plus she’s beautiful too. Now that’s one versatile blog/blogger.
I dunno that I have discovered any other one recently.
Other blogs I visit (some regularly, others just cos they appear on my reader) have to be
1. OnePlus (obviously)
2. Inthemidstofher www.inthemidstofher.com. Love her to smithereens. 
3. JMAD reflects
4. Dr N’s musings
5. Presh inspires
6. Ihunda’s musings
7. Imperfectly perfect lives (esp when she was still on WP)
8. LIB (how did I forget her?)
9. Rachaelsheart
10. Ezar’s chronicles (daz my bestie)
11. Fairy god sister
12. An African diva
13. Diary of a christian chic.
14. Tunde Leye’s place
15. Of course SisiYemmie

4. Nominate these 15 bloggers.

Omo, anyways if you like, do this. Hehehe. Ike adiro m to nominate. I apologize too where I haven’t added the blog addy. Guys just google…

5. Then tell the nominator 20 things about you…

Now that’s the koko… Of course tz not just to Ayo but to my dearest FAB’ers

I will try as much as possible to share stuff you don’t know about me before. Even if you do, you won’t know more than 5…

20 things about me…

1. I’m that passenger who is the LAST to get on board (of course after the final boarding announcement) and the LAST to alight the plane. I’m NEVER in a hurry? Why? Cos I know my seat won’t be taken or the hostesses will find me a seat. And I also know when I get down, I’m most likely going to be waiting at the conveyor belt for my kaya so what’s the rush? Biko I don’t rush at all.

Yeah that's how you get to take such pictures... Be the last to alight

2. I’m currently on a Pastor Poju Oyemade steeze mehn!!! That man has been sharing some incredible truths on faith and it has just changed plenty things in me. Y’all should just find a way to catch all his recent Faith seminar messages and stuff.


Shout out to my FAB sisters who keep us steady and freshly supplied. Thank God for internet too

3. My bulging abdomen takes on a really funny pyramid shape every time I try to stand up. My hubby is always laughing as he makes me do it for his viewing pleasure. I will attach a short video when I do my next #PreggE’Diaries

4. I have pulled FOUR of my teeth. Actually one of it fell out on its own with the roots remaining inside still. Since it doesn’t hurt me, I dun currrrr. Lol. The sad part is that another one is about to be taken off since it hurts bad. Sigh!!! Who did I offend? Clearly the tooth fairy is an evil ogre…

5. In secondary school (I went to Feddy Girls Owerri), my nickname was Pajero. I still have couple of people from school who call me that. It came from my surname. My closest friend was also called Prado. I always thought I’ll be in love with and buy the car when older but now, I don’t curr for it. Lol. But a Prado? Bring it on mehn!!!

6. My ideal house would have a living room in mono chrome colours. Just black and white err’thang. Then it would have another one with a burst of colors especially the throw pillows and walls… Red, orange, blue, green, purple… Bring it on. I would also have a children’s living room in some kiddies theme. Then I would have a really REALLY BIG, make that HUGE kitchen and pantry. I love BIG kitchens.

7. I am not a fan of indian movies. I wouldn’t also kill for fried plantain (dodo). I can easily do without both. Doesn’t even help that recently, hot oil poured on my fingers while trying to fry plantain that I normally won’t do for myself.


Hiss!!! But Noodles and Nollywood? Ah!!! House partay!!!
*dances bumbum dance*

8. I think football is the MOST beautiful game there is in the world. And I mean it. I mean, look how organized the game is, the level of planning, the skills and tactics of both managers, officials and players, the incredible strength the ‘ballers have, ah!!! Football is a beautiful game. I’m a Chelsea fan primarily because of Jose Mourinho who is my personal football idol and IMO the best Coach in the world. Didier Drogba too whom I absolutely love.

The Special One and The Special Drog

In recent times, I’ve fallen for Eden Hazard and Oscar Emboaba especially cos they are just 23, married, have kids and are very focused family men and very hardworking at the game.

Oscar and Hazard

I see them, especially Hazard becoming world footballer of the year soooon. Incidentally Jose and Drogba are also committed family men. When men esp ‘ballers have a tosh loada cash like this and are famous, you expect them to be just as stupid. But these ones are just model, gosh. *drops mic*

9. If you asked me to list three people I’ll love to spend an entire day with before I die, it would be
A. Joyce Meyer
B. Beyonce Carter.
C. Michelle Obama.
For Men, it would be
A. 2face
B. Tyler Perry
C. Joel Osteen.

10. I have an incredible collection of bibles and commentaries/dictionaries. Now tho, technology makes it easier to have as many versions as possible in a single device. My fave translations are NLT, TM, AMP, NIV, NKJV and Goodnews. I check out EVERY rhema or study I get/do in all those translations.

11. I have a weird phone/social media behavior. I am the one with plenty missed calls cos even though I’m seeing it, I’m not picking. Especially if it is not a number I know.  Just send me a text if you have something to say. Except you know, you are one of my main people. Then I also don’t like idle talk on SM esp Whatsapp which doesn’t have control. God help you if you don’t identify yourself. OYO!!! Some people really need a SM for dummies tutorials. I’m also the last person to add any random person on BBM. Even if I know you, mba. I don’t want you all up in my space just because you know me. So if you get my pin from someone without my permission, OYO is ya case. Let everyborry stay in their space and at their level. And me too, I know how to stay in my space and at my level. So I put such checks on SM especially with the internet revolutionalising our world, cos I want to keep my sanity and privacy. Thank you.

12.  I have, for as far back as I recall, used dudu osun ( and very rarely Irish spring) and then adiagbon (coconut oil) as soap and cream respectively on my skin. Then I use a concoction of ori (shea butter), virgin hair fertilizer, ground igbo (indian hemp) leaves, olive oil and adiagbon for my hair. So you see, I love me my naturals. Most of these stuff I buy from boundary market, Lagos in bulk when I’m in Lag. From those people who sell ‘babalawo’ stuff lol.

13. Still on beauty, I have a pretty serious daily facial routine to avoid breakouts.


I have oily skin and it doesn’t help that my makeup products which claim to be oil free are NOT (side eye Zaron and MAC) but I love em. So after all my ‘painting’ in the morning, before I sleep I first wash off with dudu osun twice, then use my makeup removing wipes to clean deeply, then use my astringent (I use Clean&Clear) to deeply cleanse. After which I apply honey and granulated sugar on my face for 15mins to exfoliate and then rinse off. Sometimes my skin starts drying out so I leave off the exfoliating. Once I don’t do this routine, I’ll soon be breaking out but once I resume, my skin is restored in a short time.

14. At some point in my life, I was Eedris Abdulkareem’s biggest fan. I crammed all his fast rap lines. And I didn’t miss Primetime jamz with Keke and D1 for anything. I still donbiliveeet. Me? Eeeewwww. Lol.

15. I currently have about 8 videos on my phone…


1 from Deluxe Child birth, 1 beautiful video on natural live childbirth, two on amazing testimonies of supernatural delivery, 3 on Alexandra Burke’s X-factor performance including the smash single ‘Hallelujah’ and then ‘Listen’ which she performed with Bey, and Christine Caine’s Passion.

16. I don’t leave my house without my headphones. Never ever ever!!! It doesn’t matter where I am going to, I carry it.

Me&my #BeatzByE'

Gimme a second free and I have it plugged already nodding to one song or agreeing with one rhema. And should I ever lose it, I’m replacing it immediately. Something else I don’t leave my house with is my confessions and meditations and my GNB.


I have them all printed out (and a couple of my friend’s too) so whenever the day wants to go somehow, I whip it out and remind myself who I am and whose I am. 

17. I really want to visit Kenya and Namibia and Angola. Can’t wait to…

18. Flying private is the real deal ooo. Recently, God has opened this beautiful door that enables me fly private especially after all these commercial flights started giving me issues and choi!!!


I wish I could share more pictures but somebody cannot be doing like a village girl and be snapping pinshure. But really, everything is just stress free!!! From check-in to departure to flying to arrival… Breeze!!! Meanwhile the number of private jets in Naija no be small ooo. I’m always amazed at private terminals. Ah!!! See people ballin’. God punish devil. I must be rich!!!

19. If I had the power to change something about Naija with just a wand wave, it would have to be power. 24/7 electricity. In the island where we have a home, power is constant. When it goes out, it is for maintenance and you know it will be back soon. Trust me, that’s LIFE!!! I absolutely hate no-light situations. 

20. I would want to give my kids a hybrid name… Igbo and yoruba in one rather than have an english, a yoruba and then an igbo name especially cos they will all have to bear ‘Bolaji-Olojo’ as surname. So let’s not make it even longer. Suggestions are very welcome for the hybrid name. Just make sure it doesn’t have any of those names that have both igbo and yoruba meanings such as Ire, Ife and of course I don’t want anything that has Chi in it. Oya start suggesting…

Ok daz all…
Hope you enjoyed it.

Now I have to add this caveat to every single blog post I do…

My blog is a private personal blog. I don’t run sponsored/feature posts except of course I decide I want to cos I believe in what you are doing. I don’t intend to help promote anything from outside on my blog except of course my church and maybe any other program I am interested in. If you have a project, NGO, etc, it is really my choice if I want to run it or not. But I really don’t want people sending me stuff to promote here. I’m guarding this blog jealously. I want to be absolutely in charge and control of content cos this blog is ministry to me not just another blog so I need to FOCUS.  Tz a private personal one. Plus of course it is a PURE christian blog too. Needed to get that out (and will keep adding this) so that I stop getting requests. Thank you very much for your cooperation. #Hugs

Have a FAVOURED And oh-so-Blessed weekend…


29 Responses

  1. You have to promote me on your blog o! Afterall I started calling you BAE!!!
    Oh and the ear phones and our confession sheets, AWESOME!
    I need to reprint mine,it’s getting worn out already.
    Love u BAE!!
    Don’t even try and call me Razz o,after all u like the name

  2. lol…. Pajero. Nne u r looking hoit oo.. infact being preggers is the new hot ooo… There’s dis blog i think u shld check out.. THELMA THINKS… u’ll like it.. just discovered it n its… i’ll stop here, check it out. Meanwhile biko protect ya teeth ooo..lol. Eedris abdulkareeem??? oh well there was a time i was addicted to sisquo’s n dmx songs… cld sing everything…lol, once i hear *not listen oo* a song more than once, it sticks… sometimes i hate it. finally, babe u r so promoting me (zis concept)…hehehe… pele for the oil ish… evidence of changed levels… and as for the hybrid names.. now that’s an interesting one, will also like to see suggestions too..Enjoy.

    1. Delicious comments.
      Thanks so much sweetie.
      And I will check out the blog too.
      And I haven’t gotten suggestions for names oooooo

  3. I was also going to add, keep up your love for natural products, you’ll find it very useful when the little one comes. I found that just using coconut oil for everything on my Adanma has been amazing, hair, body, face, no diaper rash nothing!

  4. I want to be like you when I grow up.

    Wait! Ts been a year? Damn! Time flies…. I remember you were preparing for your wedding when I first found your blog and now, ts almost year since the wedding with a baby on the way. God is faithful. Testimonies will never cease from your life.

  5. *angry face* I stopped reading when I didn’t see JUGN on the list of blogs you visit. HOW CAN? I need to take a moment to forgive you….done! Back to the blog post.

  6. A quick suggestion on the hybrid name…ADAMILOLA (a mix of ibo and yoruba). It’s my nickname but you can use it for your baby girl (your 2nd baby after the twin boys?)…at a fee of course. I will send the pro-forma invoice via bbm ☺

  7. Awwwww mama mi,sowi 4 ur hand d oil burnt. Ehn pls stop removing ur teeth whenever d pain occur cus wen u remove one it spreads to d other rather apply a drop f petrol on it if u can but its painful ooooo hmmm. Now am begining to knw more abt u, mi lovey d noodles family well(winks). Stay lifted mama. Can I also get a copy f d confession plssss?

    1. Thanks hun
      And that petrol, no love I will pass.
      Then what copy of what confession? Tz ,my personal confession made from stuff I am believing God for now. Tz not public somtin

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