So I decided to kick off this series sharing Inspirational stories right here on my blog.


One of the best lessons my discipline Sociology teaches me is that there is a function for everything/phenomenon/happenstance in society.


Nothing is useless no matter how useless you think it is. So it was common place that as we handled any issues theoretically, we also had to look for practical functions as well as dysfunctions.

Why the story above?

many stories

There are blogs and there are blogs…

A lot of blogs handle entertainment, celebrities, etc. who is wearing what, who is driving what, who is dating who and who has dumped who. While those stories are important and have their place in society, those stories are not enough.

Trust me, they are NOT enough.

I visit LIB at least once in two days. I like Linda Ikeji especially because she is a very down to earth person. She was my manager in my days as a model.

I visit CPAfrica sometimes too. Nmachi Jidenma just shares some of the most amazing stories out of Africa.


I visit some fiction blogs too. I visit many family oriented and baby blogs. I visit many Christian blogs too especially run by women. (Shout out to E’ (Yes I visit her blog too) Femme totale,JUG,1plusTheOne,Inthe… etc)

I visit Ynaija too… I especially love the opinion articles. Gives me an insight into the lives of Nigerians… Gosh, an amazing pot pourri.

I visit and love Bella Naija. Oh those wedding pictures are ah-may-zing!!!

Basically I am  BLOG-HOPPER…

I also scour YouTube a lot. Looking for short ‘how-to’ videos or just interviews.

And I do like all that these social media sites bring to the table.

Stories matter, many good stories matter especially because of the information they bring…


As I blog hop or web-hop as the case is, I run into various amazing information. Resource materials that can help today’s young persons. Seminars and trainings, inspiring stories, educational opportunities, exciting interviews, book reviews, etc. Basically, stuff that can add value to life beyond all the many senseless frivloties that litter the net. Those are the kinda stuff I intend to share here


I don’t wanna do this alone. So if you run into any inspiring information, online or otherwise, you think can help the average young person out there, holler at your girl… Then I would run it here. I would also feature short original E’terviews with young persons who are M.A.D that is Making A Difference…


Sounds good yeah? Do we have a deal?


Have a Terrific Tuesday Dawleens



Still in the spirit of inspiration, here is wishing a very happy anniversary to our very own INSPIRATION at DCC and beyond Pastor Mildred and Kingsley Okonkwo.


Cheers to 8 ah-may-zing years behind and many more fabulous years ahead. You guys do marriage right…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

And help the world to see that a godly marriage of our dreams is not rocket science. It is very possible… Here is Pastor M’s blog post on her anniversary here

And the VERY UNROMANTIC way he proposed… kai… PK sha…

Meanwhile, you see that person behind them on red, ehen, that is ME!!! In our Abuja church…


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  1. Yeah yea,E’dearieeee we have a deal…I can’t wait for this posts to start rolling out….God bless you and grant you more E’spiration…

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