Hi guys, how is the weekend going?

So let’s debut this new segment on the blog. Every weekend, we will just bant about not-so-serious issues (except you consider jollof rice and fried plantain serious lol)

Pix courtesy afrolemsdotcom
Pix courtesy afrolemsdotcom

I came downstairs to make lunch this afternoon when I noticed a plate in the sink that looked like jollof rice. I opened pots to see if the rice was left. It wasn’t and frankly I didn’t care. Was probably going to make my mac anyways. Then I smiled remembering this dp I saw earlier this week.

I soooo laughed
I soooo laughed

I recall all the LOVE that jollof rice gets here in Nigeria especially on Twitter and especially from Nigerians who live abroad.lki

Stella Dimoko Korkus, a Germany-based Nigerian blogger gushes about jollof rice and how much she misses it, and how people should send her recipes and so on.

On an episode of Meet the Adebanjos, the British (Nigerian) sitcom, Kevin actually spilled on Tobi his friend when Gladys promised him jollof rice. Hian!!!

Photo courtesy MTA WEBSITE

And then all those DPs left right and centre singing the praises of Jollof rice beginning with the most popular Iyawo wa


jollofjjjjjnimagesimagesYXGKPSP2kkmFam, I do not like jollof rice in that way biko. Neither do I like fried plantain laidat

Matter of fact, since January, I haven’t sat down to cook jollof rice that I will eat. Ditto dodo. And at home when momsie makes jollof rice and plantain, I always pass the plantain. I also NEVER EVER eat plantain given at occasions. Anyama. They are usually cold.

Of course I eat both o but I am certainly not enthralled by it and you can’t bribe me with it. Sawry…

Foods I love and can eat daily?

  1. Indomie
  2. Macaroni prepared specially by me
    My special mac
    My special mac
  3. Oats
  4. Moimoi
  5. Smoothies (Coconut and yoghurt MUST be added to the rest of the fruits)
    Perfect brekkie or lunch
    Perfect brekkie or lunch- Oats, moimoi and smoothies

    6. Fish and chicken (Prefer to not fry them)

  6. 7. Amala and abula (found this amazing place to buy it in Festac)

Matter of fact, in the past one month at least, I have had these meals (save amala) nothing less than 4/5days a week. Sometimes more than once a day.

When it comes to food, E’ is soooooo easy to please.

So share with me, what foods are you crazy about, aside jollof rice and plantain that is hehehe

Have a blessed weekend loves


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  1. *hollering from defense; saw the notification of this post and I was like yaaay*
    I love noodles too preferably with boiled egg, buh I think my love for it is borne outta laziness pure and simple nothing special, nothing outta the ordinary. At times I jes pour the stuff in hot water add seasoning and all, @ times no onions or ‘orishirishi’, it jes to satisfy hunger. And speaking of noodles, I love indomie especially the ‘onion’ variety.
    I LOVE biscuit flakes too, if that will pass for ‘food’ lol, explains what I weigh right now. I don’t mind jollof rice though ESPECIALLY the kind made by mum. She has a way with it. I love love l love it.
    I like this weekend banter momma. Hugs.

    1. Anyama Dee you are doing noodles NO JUSTICE
      You should be sentenced to some flogging hehehe.
      Speaking of moms, there is this village jollof momsie makes sometimes with okproko and all. I love that but still not crazy

      1. I’m not a fan of jollof rice either but you just reminded me of the crayfish and okproko village jollof… totally delicious

  2. Lol at this post….don’t let me open ur yansh here tho. Me I love akpu or fufu (as is known in western nig).., but I haven’t had it in ages. U can’t go wrong with jollof rice tho!
    enjoy your weekend hun….

    1. U can go very very wrong with jollof in my books ooo lol
      I eat fufu too but amala remains my best swallow.
      There is this ogbono/okra mixture momsie makes. Please gimme akpu with it the day she makes it. Hehehe.
      Btw which rump are we opening oooo lol

    1. Yup sausages
      Always add it to my pasta
      Cabbages. Sausages. Fish stock. Carrot. Green peas and beans and pepper. Spring onions.

  3. Yam in any form…boiled, fried, roasted just name it I’ll eat it.
    Anything made with flour…bread espcially

    1. Ah diche all these things are going straight to the hip lol. Infact dunno when last I cooked yam for myself. Had too much during omugwo. If not for all those yam sef I for don lose more weight. Next baby I no go gree for yam abeg. Lol
      I forgot to add wheat bread. This kimk bod is serious lol

  4. Plantain for me… Forever!
    I love it in any form, raw, boiled, fried or roasted but unripe plantain is one food I hate totally too. Weird innit?
    How’s KingDaVeed? My regards to him and Aku gi.

    1. ah
      I think unripe plantain I even prefer to dodo tho I would rather be the one who made it
      we are all amazing love. Thanks

    2. Same Same! Lol… I can’t fry plantain without eating a good portion raw…
      And I don’t really like unripe plantain…expect when prepped in the real bayelsa kekefia way with snails,fish,meat etal

      1. anyama at raw plantain
        that bayelsa way sounds cool

        also love this roasted plantain and fish
        can’t forget my experience in calabar.

        good stuff

    1. hahahaha #teamamalaatiabula
      nne 24road ooo. the half that takes you to 2nd avenue. One black gate on your right (should u come in from 2nd avenue)
      they are almoooooossst as good as that one in Mile2 estate I forget the name now. B’something lol

      1. e this ur description is not so great o.i need to find that place for when next i visit my family in festac.lol
        the other day my friends whare talking about their love for clothes and cos of my disinterest they where like’vivian there must be something u love as much as we love clothes’ am like yeah food.lol

        1. Sweetie was thinking of you as I returned from church only to see ur comment. perfect timing. need to reach u asap sef
          pls send me ur number
          hahaha. if u live in festac you will get it jor

  5. I loveeee moi moi, i could eat it all day,especially when it has eggs, fish or susages in it,with plantain and stew or veggies. I have never been a fan of rice, so i am fascinated with the hype over jollof rice. But that village jollof rice with okporoko is the bomb,whenever my mom cooks eat, it finishes within 30 minutes. I love oats, spagetti, prepared in any form is bae, beans…..then we can form tush and add all those foreign meals. First time commenting, my system let me comment finally.

    1. sausages in moimoi sounds yum mehn
      I agree spag is bae
      I like beans sha but find it burdensome to cook.
      foreign meals won’t help my kimk bod lol

      yaaaay. welcome hun. Thanks to your computer lol

  6. Pancakes and sauce/butter. Eggs sunny-side-up, well done. Moi moi. Well-cooked, self-cooked beans. Peppery yam pottage with uziza/ugu. Edikaikong. Boiled yam, scrambled eggs and baked beans. Long-grained rice with any nice meat sauce. Ofada rice. Vegetable salad. Plain, sweetened yoghurt. Fresh fruits, apart from pawpaw and avocado. Pounded yam and nsala…. Steak, well done and spicy. Okay. Okay. I like food.
    But, I don’t care for plantain very much. And rice gets too boring too quickly. Jollof rice is safe but not rave-inducing.

  7. Young lady, all this your indomie eating, respect yourself o, my baby needs correct food, not indomie. BTW, i have missed you, all this phone convo and bbm chat is not working joor, we should do a mummy trip soon. Bolaji and Afolabi can do daddy day care while we getaway. lol! About food, first i will pick fried rice over jollof rice (and yes, i spelt it with a small “j” sue me. lol!) esp when its shrimp fried rice with just the right amount of sesame oil to give it that perfect Asian feel with sweet and sour chicken on the side…hmm!hmmm!hmmm!Halleluyah!!! Now i am hungry.
    And yam in any form works for me too.

    1. Didn’t you see correct food on that list? Please shift.
      what won’t I give for a day off? Sigh lol
      and yup well prepared a là Clara’s corner fried rice over jollof abeg.
      if u like don’t face your work be looking for food

  8. I don’t really care much about jellof rice….and yes I spelt it with small letter j… I just eat it cos it’s rice. Would take white rice and sauce any day over jellof rice. Sometimes tho jellof rice can sha ring a bell. There are peeps who say jellof rice cooked with firewood, and has that smoke taste is ish.. to me it’s all just rice.

    But plantain!! That’s my food! Be it boiled, fried,roasted..
    Am only crazy about one meal… bole and roasted fish with sauce. Other foods I just eat cos I have to… I also like indomie,white rice and sauce, chips and fried fish.

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