“…Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. It is not only the source of life, it determines the course of your life…” Proverbs 4;23 E’s Mix Version









So I woke up on Friday morning last week and the first song that dropped in my head as I wanted to worship was

“…Girl your……………..sexual…………………SEE GOBE…”

SEE GOBE’ is one of the most popular songs today and it was actually sang by Davido…

Actually, I don’t know the full lyrics hence the spacing but I know ‘See gobe…’ was playing so much in my head and I didn’t care for it. Now why was that?

Back up a bit…

In the past 2 weeks or so, I had been listening to some of my Naija brothers a lot because I had been listening to the radio a lot and had attended one or two events where they freely played these songs. I usually listen to radio selectively logging off when the songs are not feeding my spirit man. But for some reason, I just had the radio playing through all kinds of songs so I got familiar with all the Eminado, Personally, Gobe, Kukere, etc.

music loving












Before someone starts calling me holier than thou oh, I didn’t say that those who listen to them are on a one-way first class ticket to hell. Mba ooo. I am just very careful the lyrics and spirit behind songs especially by my Nigerian musicians. Just that their beats eh… kai!!! You won’t know when you start nodding your head. I  actually LOVE P’Square’s ‘Beautiful Onyinye‘ especially because of all the Igbo they interject into a love song… Amazing!!!

That said, I think Flavour’s Ada Ada is like the absolute BEST song out of any Igbo guy and should be played at every wedding ever especially the traditional ones…

But, I digress…

The moment that episode with ‘See Gobe’ happened during my quiet time, I knew I had crossed the line.

So what did E’ do…?













I didn’t stop listening to the radio, but I started removing my earpiece every time a song I didn’t think made much sense came on the air. Then I consciously started OVER listening to more and more gospel songs…

 “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him SEVEN other spirits MORE WICKED than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Matthew 12:43-50

Hahahaha. I see YOU devil… #Weak#

In this our walk with God eh, our hearts can’t be left empty. It is NOT enough to leave our hearts empty by NOT listening to some stuff. If you don’t fill it consciously with good and godly stuff, something will fill it unconsciously. The interesting things is that we can ‘catch’ ungodliness even without knowing or planning to. It is very infectious. But we have to CONSCIOUSLY will to be infected by good/holiness by making an effort to DO what we must do and make right choices.

Should we slack, I trust the devil to work overtime…

Not in my life… Not on my watch…

“…In order that Satan might not outwit or outsmart us, for we are NOT ignorant of /we are familiar with the wiles/tricks/schemes of the Devil…” 2nd Cor 2;11 EMV

#NP on repeat… RonKenoly, TY Bello, MK, Don Moen, PITA, Gbolahan and co…












No way Devil… Ode oshi… No Gobe for you. Or plenty Gobe for you…

Hey, what’s Gobe sef? We go just dey sing…

Either way, I would rather ‘lift up holy hands…’

Same goes for words tto. We have to NOT only flee the wrong words being spoken at us, we have to OD on the right stuff. OD is overdose, try and keep up… hehehe

Muah darlings…



So the NBA Nigerian Bloggers Award is coming up real soon. I might consider campaigning for an award.

Voting starts September 23, 2013








Can I bank on you guys?

would keep you posted…

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Daiquri, are you still on Blogsville?

I miss you ooo…

*Running to Twitter to find you*


E’spiration Friday is a post you don’t wanna miss. Watch this space at 12noon this Friday. I have it scheduled already. I will be sharing some stuff that have inspired and keep inspiring me…

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  1. I laughed so much reading through this post. 🙂

    True, we can guard our hearts diligently. I’ve found that music is the one thing that gains entrance into our souls without our express permission. Glad that you were able to take and sustain the steps to OD on the edifying music like you did.

    This stuck with me “Same goes for words too. We have to NOT only flee the wrong words being spoken at us, we have to OD on the right stuff.”
    Nice post. Thanks for making time out to post it.

  2. LOL.. I can so identify with your post! Mine was “Skelewu..skelewu” hahaha.. Can you imagine I woke up with the song in my head, I was like huh??
    Please please I need my ‘Holy, Holy Holy’.. lol
    On a serious note though, you’re very right. We cannot afford to leave empty space, we need to learn to fill it up with as much of God as possible!

    Looking forward to E’spiration Friday xx

  3. lol…. Mehn.. sometimes my siblings laff at me wen they hear me exclaim Blood of Jesus randomly bcos they will just guess v started singing one of d songs i tell dem doesnt make any sense…lol & d sorry thing is dat… all i need is to hear a song like 3x n d lyrics sticks..lol. I hv bn asking God to transfer dat memory more into my academics n biz jor…. We rily need to guide our hearts oh… May God help us.

    1. nne it sticks so fast… annoying much.
      yet we have to cram classwork. biko God should transfer it jare hehehe.
      lol at blood of Jesus. You need am jare. Too much cleansing needs to be done jare.
      Love much

  4. I really do feel you on this one.
    I’ve been hanging around a lot of niaja peeps since I got to the UK and Gosh do they play niaja music — My cousin was teasing me the other day that I don’t know nigerian songs or artists even.
    Only to hear myself singing personally a few days ago and unlike in your case, I knew the entire lyrics like I had been learning it. and that’s the issue with me, that’s why I am usually extra extra careful with the songs i listen to cos they stick so fast without my even been aware of it and these songs do have spirits behind them.

    there’s this song; bye bye happiness, hello loneliness…bla, bla, bla I heard from a car stereo and I didn’t even realise I was singing it until I caught myself and I could not help but wonder why anyone would write such a rubbish song and why somehow only that aspect of the song stuck…this Devil is a funny dude.

    I believe that songs are just words with rhythm so the same way one wouldn’t say/confess horrible things to themselves should be the same way we watch the songs we sing however melodious they might be.

  5. Mehn it’s not easy to not hear these songs. The beats are usually…wow! Worst of all, it’s even more difficult to stop urself from humming the tune even when u realize that it’s beginning to cloud up ur mind. What to do then? I usually allow myself to hum out the tune and then replace it with a soul enriching song.

  6. The worst that happened to me was when I wanted to lead family worship and what came out of my mouth was a davido song. Can’t even remember what it was but I had only heard it play on the radio the previous day. Gosh! I was mortified. My folks paused in amazement. Needless to say, I had worship songs playing on a continuous loop the whole day. As Christians we can’t afford to not be watchful. As usual E, you are on point.

  7. I am very happy & inspired with this particular article. May GOD continue to bless you & increase HIS Anointing upon your wonderful & precious soul as you turn more hearts towards our LORD JESUS CHRIST with such write – ups. Daughter of Zion, I prophesy into your life that you will fulfill GOD’S Purpose for your destiny in these perilous times. it is well with you ma.

  8. I am very happy & inspired with this particular article. May GOD continue to bless you & increase HIS Anointing upon your wonderful & precious soul as you turn more hearts towards our LORD JESUS CHRIST with such write – ups. Daughter of Zion, I prophesy into your life that you will fulfill GOD’S Purpose for your destiny in these perilous times. it is well with you ma. Warmest Regards Femi OLUWANIRAN +234 703 116 0436.


  9. ” If you don’t fill it consciously with good and godly stuff, something will fill it unconsciously”………………God bless you!

  10. Nowadays, I realized that the these songs no longer interest me but annoy me.

    Firstly, these songs are meaningless but they might be enticing. The songs are mathematically: instrumentals + human noise = noise + nothing.

    Secondly, I don’t listen to radio– bad habit tho, but am not so used to it, may God save me.

    Thirdly, I’ve deleted all those songs from my phone since long ago, not even the ones with beautiful lyrics- this way, I won’t have any excuse to listen to them.

    Fourtly; I think that the Holy Spirit is neutralising my ‘human weakness’ with time.

    Let us all pray for this Spirit, it is all we need to be able to live according to God’s plan.

    God bless,

    1. Oh my
      You are too on point darling.
      I believe we can get to points where they repel us. God will help.
      I don’t get your fourth point tho.
      Thanks so much dear.

      1. I am glad about your reaction towards my comment. Thanks so much.

        Regarding the fourth point:
        You know, as human beings we all have this, lemme say Trait, of imperfection in us that no matter how hard we try, the flesh will still want to dominate in various areas of our life. This is what I call human weakness.

        So, I think in one way or the other, the effect of human weakness in some areas of my life have being made powerless through the power of the Holy Spirit.

        I believe it is only the Holy Spirit that can help us to stop living a flesh-driven life.

        May God bless us.

  11. I love you so much for bringing this piece my way..it is quite timely and well delivered(as usual ofcus )..but nne u finshed me when u added that part about nodding your head to the beat or somn..loool..it aint easy at times my sister, Na God go just help us for this xtian race..biko nu am out…stay fabulous xo

    1. Loool
      Feeling the loving dear…
      God will help oooo.
      I keep recalling the Scripture ‘…walk in the Spirit and you won’t fulfill the desires of the flesh.. ‘
      Yup. True that.
      Thanks dear

      1. Sis ehn…our walk with God requires a lot of consciousness…Devil aint sleeping he’s jst looking 4 dat opening…I relate 2 ur story cos it has happend 2 me 2…God is our strength ooo..

  12. Dis song tin is sometin I struggle wit also.I was using some naija songs to jog and I discovered dat they were creeping into even my quiet time after jogging.
    I had to jejely start using Flo’s twale to jog,dat was great and also a song I can jog to.I can say am better for it now.I wan guard my heart jealously o,God help us.

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