Hey guys,

Ah so we get a double dose today of Days 4 and 5, that is Friday and Saturday. Interestingly, both days would feature my best and ‘worst’ days so far. 

Day 4 certainly is going down as my lowlight of this trip… You would see why in a bit

Ok so I had planned to go to church at 10.30am. Rev had introduced me to a friend of his who has a church here and google maps had shown me how close the church was to me, so I was like yup, let me see what the worship experience is like in Dubai.

I had woken up middle of the night to do one or two things, slept back wee hours of the morning, only to wake at 10.30am. Kai. It pained me ooo cos no way I could have rushed and made it as church is 10.30 to 12pm only. 

Well, we got up, did our morning waka and proceeded with the day’s other activity. The plan was IMG worlds of adventure which is located on the outskirts of town.

Sadly, no Metro or Bus gets there so you have to use a taxi from the nearest Metro, which in my case was Dubai Mall. Gosh, I couldn’t believe how far it was. The taxi metre just kept rising and rising lol. It ended at 70AED which really has been my most expensive ride. My Metro rides have cost between 3 and 5aed each, my most expensive taxi was from the Airport which was still less than this. Phew!!!

Anyways, we were here so I proceeded to enter and see what adventures lay ahead. I didn’t doubt that it would be spectacular. Had done all my research and knew that you needed to be above a certain height for MOST of the rides and adventures and KingDaveed was anyways.

The one piece of information that EVERYONE missed out on (or maybe I missed seeing) was that for KingDaveed’s height, he had to go with an adult for the rides.

That would be me, BUT hey, I had ElJohn too who could not go for any of the fun spectacular rides (he was free btw), and because there was no one to drop ElJohn with, and KingDaveed didn’t agree to go with anyone else, cos almost everywhere, I had people offer to go with him while I stayed with ElJohn.

Where Eljohn and I waited

He would cry and cry and BAWL literally. For the Spiderman ride, a kind couple offered to go with him. I was let in to stand at the corner so he could see me but he was still crying.

The Spider man

He sha went but cried all through. Most rides take between 45seconds to 2mins so it is not even that he is away for long but the boy no gree. Guess what that meant?

Yes, that we could NOT enjoy literally 80% of the park. This place literally was like Disney world in the flesh. SO MUCH TO DO HERE. Not only was my taxi fare high, this was also my most expensive single gate fee for both of us.

Now putting entry fee and taxi ride to and from, it was quite a small fortune yet even the KingDaveed I had done this for didn’t enjoy it cos I wasn’t with him.

There was this one wheel we did go on, as I left ElJohn with a guy. I gave him stuff to eat so he was distracted and the guy did well to keep him further distracted while we went. It was a 2min fun ride and I could see him every time the wheel spun to his direction. He too cried when he didn’t see me again but at least we enjoyed that one ride.

Every other ride and action as far as I was concerned was super basic.

Train Ride

We did a train ride, several other rides, was hungry so I entered a Chinese restaurant hoping to enjoy something nice, only for the food to come and it was horrible and overpriced for how horrible it was. 

Oh, I forgot to say that before we left for IMG worlds, we went to the neighbourhood Burger king for our now famous 1AED waffle ice cream cone, and I wanted to try the Burger.

Chose a 26aed one and I didn’t like it. It came with a side of chips and a drink. I think the drink was the only sensible thing about that meal as I found the chips too salty. So, I was just upset at the fact that I just consumed all those empty calories yet even taste was not appealing to me. Well at least now I had tried Burger king burger and was done. 

Ok so after that dismal Chinese which cost, I think 48AED, we went around for a bit more fun we could do and I was MORE THAN READY to leave, with a mental note to not be back here till I have a 10year old and an 8year old as at that height, they can go unaccompanied.

I mean, the rides KingDaveed missed would have also been super fun for me too but I would not have minded staying with ElJohn so far he enjoyed them but he didn’t. Anyways, got another taxi back, this time to Mall of the Emirates so I could hit the Carrefour for a grocery and fruits top up. Gosh, we waka’d ehn!!!

For some reason, everywhere I planned to hit at MOE was FAR and MOE is big, though certainly NOT as big as the insane Dubai mall lol.

Finally done at MOE, I took the Metro home just ready to go and cry for the money I considered a waste, only for KingDaveed, who would usually swipe my NOL card, the travel card used for the trains and buses, to misplace the NOL card. So, he tried to swipe and it showed me a low purse value so I went to the ticketing counter to top up, while he was still holding it. Just as I turned to collect it from him, he ran off still holding it.

For some reason, he thought I was playing. I watched him run off, card in hand and only for him to run back say 10seconds later with my eyes still on him and he had thrown the card away, and some sharp human already picked it up. All this took like 15seconds max but the Metro station was super busy at the time. Let me tell you guys, I WAS LIVID. I disciplined him VERY WELL in the toilet (with all that extra anger of IMG sef and how he didn’t play where he was to play it is now in a Metro station he saw to play and lose my card).

Had to buy another Card for 25Aed, and we went home. When we got in, I took the time to explain to him the implication of what he did and I think he understood cos the next day every time he swiped my card, he would IMMEDIATELY give it back and say Mommy I wont run away with your card and misplace it again… Lol

I quickly did my financial records and just cringed at how much that day had cost me. It PAINED me deep down in my stomach lol.

Ok so I decided to start making dinner light and breakfast heavy so I don’t have to cook at night anymore, so we had cereal and went to sleep. Had my WILD WOMEN prayers at 11.30pn Naija time so I woke in time for it. Cooked a bit that midnight after it, prayed again personally. Did some work and finally went to sleep at almost day break.

I think I should separate Day 4 and 5 as this is now too long and Day 5 deserves its own blog abeg.

Ok so please if you have younger kids who won’t do rides alone (like KingDaveed) or are too young for rides like ElJohn, skip IMG world completely. Not worth it AT ALL!!! I am still pained as I type. Lol

But hey, if otherwise, IMG world is DA BOMB dot com!!!

Ok let me send this off to be published and come back with the highlight of my trip so far, DAY 5!!!!!!



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