The WORD works… Absolutely!!! iTestify


I knew I was going to write today being my birthday, but I wasn’t too sure what to write.
As I cleaned the bathroom last week Saturday, my Sugar Daddy whispered this to me.

God speaks to me a lot doing housework

I was going to share it on Wale Adejana’s Testimony blog but I decided to share it here Instead cos I wanted to share all the details and I didn’t want to make Wale run this ‘novel’ on his blog.
You know how we do it on the FAB lane. This is going to be a really long one.

Today my birthday, I wanna share a personal testimony


I am so amazed by this God and how faithful He is to honour His Word if we can just stand on that Word, do our part till our testimony comes.
So as a Unibadan Sociology student, I was very exposed to the UNITED NATIONS as I took minors in Political Science and Economics in 200L. it fascinated me so as I moved on, I took more and more Courses related to the UN and Developmental Sociology (You should see my transcript. Had an Aplus in almost all) and I told everyone who cared to listen that I would work there.

In Dr Pogoson's International Politics class in Final year

Fast forward to graduation, just before NYSC, I moved to Abuja cos I really wanted to serve there plus God had told me The ‘Buj was it.
Now my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo not only preaches FAITH, He is a man of faith.

Oh gosh, how i appreciate this man!!!

If I know anyone who lives by faith, PK does. He had shared with us how he got admission then to Uni. God had told him to study ‘Biz Admin in Yabatech’ so he goes to the school and the department, didn’t know anyone and had made up his mind he was not going to bribe no-one too as most people were. So PK stood at the gate and anyone who looked like a lecturer who came out, he would go to him and ask for admission. As you can imagine, he chopped insult, elas, etc but he still stood there ooo. Until finally he met this Oga who finally was just worn out by his determination and decided to help him ‘for God’s sake…’ and that my darling is how PK got his admission.

With that in mind, after I moved to Abuja against my parent’s wish who wondered why I wanted to leave the ‘familiarity’ of Lagos for Abuja, I bunked with JMAD (girl, you are a real STAR), then decided to look for where the UN was and go get my testimony. This was Feb 2013. Btw, I didn’t just chose Abuja. If anything, I wanted to stay back in Ibadan sef.

IBADAN!!! Err'tin familiar

It was familiar, nice and easy, and close to Lagos but not Lagos but I recall one day, as I prayed, God told me that Ibadan was NOT the place. SAY WHAT!!! Pray tell, WHERE IS THE PLACE? Only for my Sugar daddy to say ABUJA!!! I had only been to Abuja for like a two week holiday some 5years ago. But the Word He gave me was profound

Gen 12;1-3
‘Now in Haran (Ibadan), the Lord said to me ‘go for yourself, for your own advantage, away from your country, your relatives, and your father’s house (all things familiar) to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great Nation, and I will bless you Eziaha with an ABUNDANT INCREASE OF FAVOURS and make your name FAMOUS and DISTINGUISHED and you will be a BLESSING, dispensing good to others. And I will bless those who bless you (who confer prosperity or happiness upon you, and CURSE him who curses or uses insolent language towards you. In you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed and by you they will bless themselves…’

So that’s how I came to Abuja with an ABRAHAMIC WORD. (yeah, I was single then and marriage was in  the works. But guess what, my God is no author of confusion. He gave my fiancée the same Word. He too knew Abuja was where he was on his way to) Ok after I found out where the UN was, I found my way there. Only to get there and hear that after the bombing, the offices split to everywhere around Abuja. One of the security dudes was kind enough to direct me to the particular office I desired. But first, I went online, googled. Why? I needed a name to ‘drop’ when I got there. So I got there, dropped the name, and that’s how they said the dude was on leave. Of course, as you can imagine, they didn’t let me in.

Kimon na, am I not PK’s daughter? I sooo stood at that gate, determined that TODAY TODAY, I must meet someone ooo. Under the sun, I stood. I didn’t know how long I stood till one of the security men, impressed by my dogged attitude hollered at me when one of the bosses came out and told me I could go talk to him. I went, told the man that I was a fresh First class Sociology graduate looking to build a career there. Oh, he told me how they don’t take Corpers or even fresh grads, etc etc. But he still said I should go and serve first and come back. He was gracious enough to give me his number and email to forward my CV. I sent it and he rang me. He was mega impressed but hey, go and do NSYC first and then he will see if any of his friends could take me in as I looked like a smart one. He was actually impressed that I even went online and got a name.

Anyways, I left, kept praying, kept believing and happy that I had an oga-insider. Somehow somehow, Call up letter landed and I found myself in Lagos for NYSC.

With my amazing Bunkies in camp. POP day

One year went by and though I still nursed my UN dream, I somehow had forgotten the man’s name, lost his number and even mail addy. I got married, left Lagos, finished NYSC, had my post NYSC vacay and then it was time for work. I still was heck bent on the UN. So I packed my bag and moved to Abuja with my hubby’s blessing and permission. This was May 2014.

First Sunday in DCC Abuja

Now let’s back up a bit to January. As I prayed into the New year, my Sugar Daddy told me I would meet someone this year that would be ‘strategic help’ Hmm. I had my reservations but I kept it at the back of my mind. Sometime in late January, I got a mail from a blog reader. Now I do get a decent number of mails-most of it very complimentary, some wanting advice, some looking for friendship. As much as possible, I respond but more politely than anything else. When I got this mail however, I felt a nudge in my spirit to ‘take this a bit more seriously’. There were back and forth mails and a friendship was forged. I still didn’t know what my Sugar daddy was about.

Ok back to May. All this while, my CV had been my personal baby. I didn’t send it out to ANY SINGLE person or Organization for paid employment. I subscribed to job sites for the fun of it but I always just confessed UN. I was beginning to look unserious just lounging in the beautiful peaceful Island doing nothing but eating my hubs money


and well, getting more and more beautiful.

Babe, you made a first class. Go get ‘em’ … People would tell me.

I no gree ooo. As expected, my people were a tad agitated. Ditto friends. Some of my lecturers wanted me to quickly go do an M.Sc. With my 1st class, na scholarship oooo. I ignored ALL. Bless my hubs, he gave me absolutely no wahala.

The absolute LOVE of ,my life

He stood in faith with me. kept checking their websites and online generally for any UN vacancy I could fill. NONE!!! I saw my friends get jobs, register for a Masters, etc and me, I was playing married woman. All the while, I will still say I will work in the UN just that I’m not ready yet. In the meantime, I kept reading up on the UN, blogging and getting more Social Media knowledge as it was a field I was very interested in, mentoring young girls, counseling people, and of course, loving my God.

One day, late March, as I prayed, I heard God CLEARLY tell me

‘Babe, it is time to send out your CV’

I knew it was God. I didn’t know how and to whom but I knew He said that. That same evening, that babe I met off my blog rang me and without mentioning anything to her, she says she has an in law who worked there and so when I am ready to come to Abuja, I should give her my CV to give to her inlaw.

Say WHAT!!!

Early April, I sent the CV and moved to Abuja. I was ‘homeless’ and this same babe, opens up her BEAUTIFUL home to me to stay till I got settled. I would have called it a coincidence except that my FAITH OFFICE was a 3minute drive from her house or a 10minute walk. Come and tell me about coincidences!!! That was my Sugar Daddy right bang in the middle of it all, arranging stuff for me.

He keeps my smile glowing

6full weeks in Abuja, I heard NOTHING from the in-law. That first man I had met then, I happened to meet again and get his number after several days of going to stand at the gate again and nights of taking a stroll and speaking in tongues around that property where MY office was located. Oh how did I forget to mention that just like my hubs instructed me, as soon as I landed in Abuja and alighted the plane, right there in the runway, I removed my shoes, let the sole of my feet touch the floor, and began to speak Words of favour into this land. All the way to my host’s house, I kept praying in the spirit. Then I rang my darling Rev and told him I was in  The ‘Buj and he prayed and spoke words of blessings into my life. ah!!!


The Father’s blessing. I no dey use am play ooo.

Ok so occasionally, Rev would holler at me to find out how far the job. Still no show. He would encourage me. Ah!!! God bless Rev abeg!!!

So in those 6weeks, how did I keep busy? First, I threw myself wholly into service in God’s house. I had enough time so I did God’s work.

On duty at LDM

I also spent a lot of time online prepping for the job that was coming, I listened to tons and tons of FAITH messages especially by PK. I had two online groups that were thriving, ditto my blog so I was also doing ministry. Trust me, I didn’t have no time to feel bad. Plus cos I am a world class day-dreamer, i’ll set daily targets on what I wanted to achieve that day and then ask my hubs to keep me accountable. I was busy ooo. Wasn’t just sleeping and waking up. Thank God for the internet. I was learning and bettering myself. One day though, that Oga I had met earlier gave me this really bad news about my chances. Oh my!!! It looked like I stood ZERO chance. The odds were against me. I recall that day was the closest I came to tears. I really wanted to cry. REALLY. I had heard people say stuff like ‘Oh I cried and cried’ and for some stupid reason, I wanted to cry too just to have that ‘testimony’ lol. But God? He didn’t let me cry. I know He asked me ‘So what will the tears do for you?’ and He asked me with a STRONG voice. Lol. I had to ‘arrange’. Then He led me to 2nd Kings 19 where King Hezekiah got a threat letter from his enemies … (Verse 14 ff)

‘…And he received the letters from the hand of the messengers and read it. And Hezekiah went up into the House of The Lord and spread it before the Lord and He prayed…….Oh Lord of Israel, see all the things that Sennacherib is saying to insult You, the living God…’

I had received a bad report too and though the man wasn’t an enemy, that situation was insulting my God oo and He wanted me to bring it right to Him and ‘report’ rather than cry. I did just that. Ah, that day I worshipped ehn. And my countenance was lifted.

Interestingly, i took this picture that day... Hehehe

Look, the first Wednesday I was in Abuja and I went for midweek service, I told my Pastor Busayo all that God had told me about this City and where I was there.

Our very own 'PK' in DCC Abuja. Pastor Busayo!!!

He prayed with me and said I have always spoken positive about The ‘Buj on BBM so God would honour me.
Guys, My DP on BBM ALWAYS reads ‘The ‘Buj… My Land of Milk&Money. My GREENLand.

On my two BBMs

Always always always!!!
So that first Wednesday, Pastor B preached on THE WONDERS OF God’s Word. That message was for me!!!

Life changing series!!!

I listened and listened to that message. He talked about how when we find a Word, like Jeremiah, we should EAT it and it should well up Joy in us. That’s when the testimony comes. He really spoke on just how powerful a Word from God can be and all the power it has within it to produce so we should sit down and search the Word. Ah, that day, all the words God gave me this year for The ‘Buj, I re-wrote them all down again. I confessed them taya. That was how I realized I didn’t have a specific Word for the job I trusted for. I asked God for one. My people, see what He gave me

Isa 45;1-7 (some parts in The Message Translation)

God’s message to Eziaha, who He took by the hand, to give the task of taming the (UNITED) Nations, of terrifying their kings. He gives me free rein. NO RESTRICTIONS. I will go ahead of you, clearing and paving the road. I’ll break down bronze city gates, smash padlocks, KICK DOWN barred entrances. I’ll lead you to buried treasures…Confirmations that it is in fact I, the God of Israel who calls you by name…. (and the following line was the KOKO) I HAVE SINGLED YOU OUT, CALLED YOU BY NAME AND GIVENYOU THIS PRIVILEGED WORK…’

Shattah!!! Lemme end here.
You don’t want to know what ‘I will single you out and give you this privileged work’ did for my faith. I said it daily. I used it as my screensaver. I swallowed that Word. Shattah!!!

Anyways, 6weeks, nothing. I took a trip outta town. Didn’t feel a tad bad. Went back to Hubs. I knew I would be back. My testimony was still in the works. If anyone asked me though, I would say I worked in the UN. I was yet to start. They were still prepping my office. ETC. You don’t wanna know how much the devil told me I was lying. How much he taunted me that I would eat my Words as I would NOT work in the UN. Pastor K and Pastor B’s messages helped me get through those voices. Especially Pk’s ‘Be Expectant’ and ‘Putting your faith to Work’ I would listen all day, all night, worship and keep my JOY. Of course, I also kept confessing the kinda time I wanted to have with the work ooo. Nothing too stressful cos I have a ministry and a home to build biko.

And my Hubs? A real TEN!!!

My PERFECT slice of heaven

No pressure whatsoever. He met ALL my needs and even some excesses.

His generous heart overflowed!!!

Kai!!! Marry well ooo. He made sure I lacked nothing and he was always getting information from their website for me. My hubs? He is a real STAR. I recall the Word he shared with me from God for our family this June. It was profound and even he knew God had some kain amazing things in store for us his month so we had to be well positioned.

Sometime early June, a blog reader sowed a seed into my life. Funny how it was the exact amount I trusted God for to sow into a certain church project. Double funny it was that when it came, I conveniently forgot and was going to use it to charter kilishi for my people in Lagos and I was even giving excuses. Thank God for a man who encouraged me to give and then sent me the ‘kilishi money’ instead. I truly believe that seed hastened my testimony. Calm down hehehe.

Sowed that seed on Sunday. By Monday, I just told hubs that I was going to start work in July ‘no matter what’. He said that sounded like I was going to take ‘just anything’ as my talk sounded a bit desperate. So he said he would support me in whatever thing I chose so long as I wasn’t desperate. That I should spend some time in prayers too. I did. Then decided to work somewhere else while I awaited my dream job. This especially because I had organized my life so well that I was going to get bored if work didn’t take that space. So I went on Jobberman and looked for either writing jobs or Educational Consulting jobs, both of which I am super interested in. I found three. I applied to one and felt really exhausted after amending my CV and writing a cover letter. So I turned off and slept.
For some reason, I couldn’t go back to apply for the rest. I was just unusually drained. Then i felt God ask me to ring that Oga and ask for an appointment. I told him I needed to ask him some questions, find out some things etc. He obliged me. In my mind, I wanted to pray a more targeted prayer towards the Unit I wanted to join. So we met up the next day being Tuesday, and as he talked and gave me more gist about the UN, it dawned on me the particular unit that interested me. Of course, he told me how my chances were really LOW and blablabla. He however gave me some other tips for job apps and all. I wish I can explain how EXCITED and JOY-FULL I was as I walked out of that meeting. I just felt like someone who was told to start work the next day. I was that joyful despite the odds. Remember, I had still NOT heard from my friend’s in-law who worked there but of course, I had my confessions and my JOY. And I still told everyone and their dogs I worked with the UN.

The next morning being Wednesday, I was Lagos bound for Akikitan. I had told myself I was coming to praise for my Job ooo, amongst other things. Bang in the airport, as I stood at the check-in counter, my friend rang me. At first I am like, ‘did I forget something at home this one she is ringing me just after I left the house’ Anyways, after I got my boarding pass, I rang her back. Now, the funny thing is, I hardly ever introduce myself as a writer. I always always say ‘Sociologist’ and max I will add ‘with a bias for social media, social development and/or social entrepreneurship’. But this babe always introduced me as a Writer/Blogger which was exactly what she had told her inlaw before then. As God would have it, that was the line that the woman needed to hear. Long and short, her aunt had remembered me that morning, rang her niece and asked me to ring her. My people, right at the Departure lounge, dazed in a  way that I cannot explain, SPEECHLESS, I heard her explain how an opening had opened (pardon my English) right in my DESIRED OFFICE in my DESIRED ORGANIZATION with the Job description that involved both Social media, Reporting and Writing skills. And TRAVEL!!! Just as i told my God. My Sugar daddy had BLOWN MY MIND. Literally!!! If I was looking for tears, my Daddy gave me a different kinda tears. My dream job had become a reality. First I rang hubs. I still feel I spoke from a trance. He had to ask me if I was serious. He had to call me back to be sure. It was unreal!!! Then I rang my mom. Ah, she didn’t stop screaming. Then my Sister who just made me crack up sooo much with all the demands she started making. Then I told my pastors, my friends Valerie, Cheech, Tani, Sapphire, Booski, Ayomikun, etc. Of course, my phones immediately blew up. My friends ehn!!! The absolute BEST!!!

I know that God requires of us INSPIRED ACTIONS. I knew mine, in addition to all the confession, praying, the standing at the UN gate until I met someone, and all, that SEED I sowed pushed the miracle right into my laps at that time. See what kilishi would have caused, Chukwu gbakwa ekwensu oku. Also, I knew I was too lazy to be attending one interview after another, and doing all kindsa Aptitude tests that will be testing me on Engineering mathematics and all that lol. Hence I was FOCUSED on my dream job. That was my own WALK OF FAITH. Anybody else’s could have been different but this was MINE.
My God decided to land me this own right before Akikitan. Ah, my darling Daddy. Words have failed me. thankfully, I was asked to come in Monday morning and not immediately. I had to attend Akikitan. Plus I desperately wanted to spend my birthday not in Abuja but with my hubs. So just as I desired to start in July, my Boss after I was briefed on my JD and TOR, permitted me to travel and resume fully in July. Wooooooot!!!


My God is a BOSS!!!


For me, it is beyond the ACTs, that is, what He has done. It is more about His ways. The HOWs by which He does things.

He made known HIS WAYS to Moses and HIS ACTS to the Children of Israel… Psalms 103 v 7

I truly felt like a Moses. You just don’t know the ACTS but His WAYS and we all know that a knowledge of His ways means you can replicate such results over and over and over again.

You don’t wanna know what this has done to my Faith. It has made me a Born-again AGAIN Believer.

Someone may want to say ‘Oh, but you knew someone who then got you into the UN…’ But no, this is not ‘man know man’. This was a total complete God-incidence. Recall that I didn’t have to respond to that one mail that Blog reader sent to me. No? I didn’t. But I did. And that was how this whole thing happened.

I still know God is not done. For one, He told me not to drop that Word in Isaiah 45 then cos He was not done yet. And then imagine my surprise when my hubs told him God gave him the same Word in Isa 45 as he prayed about my new job. Then the same thing my Rev told me. that the testimony wasn’t complete yet so I should stay on the Word still.
Infact, lemme just stop here. This JUNE for me has been nothing short of PURE AMAZING. Just AMAZING!!! The life of faith is a MOST AMAZING ONE!!! As I grow older, gimme my Jesus and gimme my faith every single day. The testimonies won’t cease!!!

And there is MORE
*insert huge smile here*
Like my girl Cheech said,
‘…When it rains it pours. Oh it pours… ‘

Luke 1:26ff (PHP)
Now in the SIXTH MONTH, the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to E’ in her land of Milk&Money…and having come in, he said to her REJOICE Highly Favoured One…behold you have conceived in your womb and will bring forth a SON…’

Someborry’s warming up to have a baby… Yaaaaay ME!!!
June for JUBILATION indeed. (Trust my hubs to attach a scripture to everything hehehehehe)


First as a Wife...Next as a Mom...FABULOUS

And to the incredibly anointed minstrel Efe.

The Minstrel and Worshipper Efe

I knew all my LOVE for Efe had to mean something, imagine my pure delight to realize we are birthday mates.

Efe and I at Akikitan

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  1. Yayyyyy! I’m so glad for you, darling! I praise GOD for your life and how it’s a living billboard of GOD’s testimonies. From this June forward, it stays pouring yo! GOD bless you and yours! Whoop whoop! Happy happy birthday hunnie! Plenty loveeee!

  2. I love you so much, Darling. I love u scatter. Happy Birthday. U deserve all plus much more. U r our African Joyce Meyer.

  3. Woww!! Birthday Testimony!! Am so happy 4 u!! Congratulations!! Happy Birthday 2 the world’s FABBEST mentor!! I love you so much!! You av been a source of inspiration and blessings!! God bless you more!!

  4. Whooooooooop!!!! Oh how I love testimonies of the wonder working amazing unquantifiable power of GOD….for me, HE truly is a GOD of impossibilities…you know how ‘they’ say things like, ahh it’s not possible to serve here or work here or get a first class / distinction or get pregnant….well the good excellent awesome perfect report is this in LUKE 1:37, with GOD all things are possible…I totally believe it and I am so glorious here ehn, reading this birthday testimonies of yours Eziahakaego…GOD never fails and HE will not start with you boo.

    So hold on, I know the miracles I have seen, miracles that peeps have said impossible in my life,,,,and me I’m like, impossible ke…not for my ABBA. I used to be so fearful even upto last year but all that is in the past now….GOD has given us a SPIRIT of power, love and sound mind and we are HIS workmanship oooo, so darling E’licious, let’s hold on to our word and give it all the POWER it needs, cause GOD ain’t finished with us yet. there’s still MORE to come, astounding, undeniable bursts of supernatural power….GOD power….

    Yaaaaay! CHUKWU daalu…it can only be CHUKWU…
    Love and many happy returns. HAPPY BIRTHDAY E’ licious +++

    1. Nne that word summarizes it wella
      Everything is possible with God

      Many more tocome
      I believe. I receive
      Thanks Fey

  5. And a very happy birthday to the Minstrel Efe…many happy returns to her too. she us blessed and highly favoured +++

  6. Eziahakaego Ngozi Ajaero Bolaji-Olojo
    1)I key into your testimony,and I believe all protocols will be broken for my sake for my dream Jobs(u kno say dem b 2)
    2)Your sweetness amazes me,U r a too great a friend,ur personality is jus like honey drips in an especially hungry world
    3)You are effortlessly amazing,I mean ,who does that?nt even KimK or Beyonce(u kno my views abt those chics tho)
    4)Of course u go get beefs,Y nt!ur friendship is refreshing,no holds barred,no judging,
    5)I still wish I was a man tho,wld v given BJ a run for his money and anointing o! Chaiiiii
    6)All this in one woman!supadupafabiliciously virtuous E!
    7)U can confidently handle ur friends so much,that ur frnds v bcom frnds wit no bias n envy.(Thatz bcos u choose xtian great heart friends too)
    8)U kno I v plenty to say!

    1. Valerie i would have married her while u were busy given BJ a run if i was a man.. And oh dear I cant wait for ur testimony….

      1. Lols @ Tannie,No way in heavy igbotic accent na me she for follow ,fyn yellow pawpaw man,of course I wnt b short!
        And amen my testimony is so close!eeeeisssh!I can touch it!!!!!(Biko y do I feel Eziaha has mentioned dis statement b4)

          1. well, all of you can relax, considering the fact that she proposed to me first. lol! My darling super star, your testimonies have just begun O! My darling aridunu (ask my brother to translate), eyes have not seen O, ears have not heard, jaws go still drop scattered at the testimonies coming your way. And ofcourse i shall be on ground to celebrate with you while my children marry yours *tongue out* i love you twinnie.

          2. Sapphire please shift
            Who proposed to this one?
            Thank you my love
            Thank you

            You know I LOVE you mega

  7. Happy birthday Ma’mah wishing you many more prosperous gracious joyous years ahead. You are the best. Cheers!!!!!!!

  8. Eziaha my darling, the one person who bullies me and claims I am the bully..
    .I tried to pray for u today and then words just failed me.
    You may not know but you are the reason why i can go public with my faith and tell whoever cares to listen what my God can and will do..You have influenced me to live this God life with all I am.
    I recall thru my trying period early this year how u remained steady.
    God bless you boo…This new year;u think U have seen honor,Baby girl get ready u ain’t seen nothing yet(in Revs voice).
    I love u baby…God bless you for being a blessing to us…
    If i were a man….U will be my wife..

    1. Hehehehehehehehe
      You know I don’t come cheap abi?
      Thanks Teni and Amen amen amen
      Love you too dear and yup we gotta be very public oooooooo

  9. My sweetheart, my darling. God’s favourite child (after me of course), on this event of the marking of your birth, may the blessings which already encompass you abound in all that you touch, all that concerns you.

    I’ve told everyone that you’re as blessed as you are beautiful, I take that back, you are as blessed beyond your beauty, beyond anything which our hearts can even conceive.

    I love you cherie, much more than any words I can compose here. Have an beautamagorgeous day!

  10. OK this is the first time I am commenting on your blog *covers face*. But today’s post got to me. So….
    1) Happy birthday to you. I pray that God will continually shower his blessings on you.
    2) This is an awesome testimony. God is truly great and awesome. He is just as you put it A sugar daddy. So I say a prayer for you that this kind of testimony will not cease in your life.
    3) Congratulations on the baby. I know it is going to be a great child that would shake its generation
    4) Happy birthday to Efe.
    And so we come to the end of my comment. You rock E. Have a fabulous birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday E’……yeah I’m at d end now. Congrats on ur job, congrats on d bundle of Joy u carry….may ur life never be celebrated midway. Continue to do ABBA proud till d end of (earth) time. lots of love.

  12. mmmmmmmm,happy birthday to a lovely mentor..your testimony sends chills down my spine.Welcome to a new season filled with God’s goodies…love ya ma’am.

  13. Congrats..Your testimony inspires me.Wish you the best in your new work and walk with Christ..Happy Birthday to you.Bonne anniversaire à toi et Madame Efe.God bless you.
    P.S: I love your blog

  14. God is indeed the Boss and the Actor!
    I’m joy-full for you!
    I’m glad for you!
    And I’m thankful for your life- Tiz a testimony indeed!

  15. Happy Bday Eziaha dear, dis is just d beginning of many beautiful n fab testimonies in ur life…. & Congrats on ya babies *hugs n pecks*… Hv a wonderful day n more favorfilled yrs ahead!!! M so tapping into ur testimonies too!

  16. Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I can ever meet. And for the runners, Tannie and Valerie, I don’t run, I fly. Ema binu. Its not my fault o. Lol.

  17. Happy birthday my sweet loving mentor. You keep living the christ life in the most fabulous way ever. Many more years MAMA . Congratulations on the babbbby and Job. Am right behind you on that one. Muah!!!

  18. I was so moved by this testimony that I couldn’t help tearing up! God sure knows how to make a grand entrance with his blessings. This testimony has strengthened my faith with triple reinforcement as I await mine too! Thank you for sharing E’, EVERYTHING has changed indeed!

  19. Wow! Talk about a God of wonders and special effects 🙂 I rejoice with you Love. Like Isaiah 8:18 puts it you and the children that the lord has given you are for signs and wonders.

  20. oh yeah !!! We having Lil E’ soon!! Whoop whoop. Amazing testimony there. God is just awesome.

  21. Ah! Eziaha of life. This is def one of your longest posts av read and d most inspiring too. Congrats dear. I have a similar testimony in d works. Can’t wait to share it. Congrats again dear and happy birthday.

  22. Snr…. Eziaha!!!!!!! Fggc owerri- Meeting u again made me realize u r one of d reasons God sent me to dat great citadel of learning. Dis is d 1st time am eva commenting. Tears kept rolling, I cldnt hold dem back. Wat a 1daful God we serve. I stood up and kept singing praises to God on your behalf. “Though it may tarry,wait for it Eziaha cos at d appointed time, d vision must surely come to pass” (Hab 2;3) . Dat was for u Snr Eziaha!!! Reading thru ur testimony awakened my spirit more. I was so down d past few days being d only one with a 1st class honors in nursing studies from Tesside uni, u.k (Malaysia campus), everyone kept looking up to me like wats next. I had my plans and knew He had sealed dem when I kept getting revelations from God. Started working towards dem cos I was so sure. Hmmmmmmm but d devil came to confuse me few days ago, I saw tears flowing, everything seemed so slow, I hrd words like it’s almost a yr u grad wit d so called 1st class, Ur classmates have found dere tracks. I quickly called my mum and gbam dat woman blew d best words out and today jst b4 my midnyt prayers I decided to read ur latest post and here I am jumping in awe of His Divine love. Funny enuf I have similar trademarks like u hahahahahaHa!!!! I tap into dis resounding testimony cos it blew me off d bed. God bless ur heart mama E!!! Hapi bday to u and Efe. Congrats on our bundle of joy. God will perfect all dat concerns u. It’s supposed to be an email considering d length. LOL!!!! Didn’t knw I will pour dis much ooooo chaiiii. *covers face* forgive me oooo nne m.

    1. Hahahahahs
      I got the email too
      I enjoyed reading every line
      It was even short lol
      You will surely testify boo
      Thank you Jesus for your mom

      Stay in faith and in the word
      You must testify and we will soooo ntoi the devil

  23. Ezi, indeed this our God is a boss!
    Double congrats!

    So so encouraged, thanks babe, u inspire me in so many ways…

  24. Congratulations doesn’t seem enough sugar but just so you know, I am inspired and thankful that you shared this story… God bless u loads and happy birthday, may this year be your best year yet. Congrats love, congrats.

  25. Awww, back here again, read this post at to 3am and commented but my comment nor gree show.*sigh* oh well…
    Congratulations!!! Thanks for gingering ourv faith again…ah! congrats,more,more to come!
    And Happy,mega happy, threedaful happy,fourdaful happy Birthday!!
    What can I say?
    That you will continue to be a blessing to this generation..
    That you will continue to shine in every sphere of life…
    That you will continue to glow…
    That men will fall before you and say “God is with you and He is the only God,there is no other”-Isaiah 45:14(nlt)
    That you family will call you blessed.
    That your husband and kids will sing your praises..
    That your light will disperse all darkness…
    That you will continually glow..glow..and glow in Christ, in joy, in laughter, with testimonies…

    Happy Birthday Mrs Eziaha Olojo(yes I had to use the title you don’t like,lol)
    God bless you bigly! So much so that You won’t be able to contain His blessings, you will look for extra space, extra bank account, bigger house, bigger lands, spread out to other nations, just to contain God’s blessings for your life in Jesus name,amen.

    1. Amen Amen amen
      Nne you are in the spirit with this bigger house ooo
      Thank you boooooooooo

      You are super amazing hun
      Bless you

  26. Truly this is June the month that everything changed.

    Great God doing great things through you E! Happy Birthday

  27. Happy Birthday dear. What a wonderful birthday gift your Blog inspires me,*makes me feel like we are besties in my head.
    This testimony as strengthened my resolve to trust God more. Do Faith more!
    God bless you dearie!

  28. Happy Supa Dupa Birthday again, darling…I’m just in awe of God’s blessings in your life….it definitely POURS! This is such an inspiring piece…it has really uplifted me. ‘Wishing you long life and prosperity. You’ll always be celebrated! Love u mega!
    Also, happy birthday to the minstrel, Efe!

  29. This testimony blessed my soul sooo much!!! I KNOW what you are talking about and have experienced the same diligence and expectancy and results especially in my career. God IS a mind BLOWER. I just kept smiling while reading because I can relate so much. God bless you and continue to give you more extraordinary testimonies in Jesus Name.

    1. Your comment is my breath of fresh air.
      I LOVE that u can relate wella
      Same God SameGod
      Amen to your prayers boo
      God bless you and more testimonies for you too

  30. I tap into your testimony oh! Isn’t God faithful? Chai! Bless God for your life. #singing# Jehovah bu onye oma….

  31. Wow Ezi, your testimony really touched me, God’s word is really sharper than two edged sword. Keep confessing your way through, you shall indeed have what you say. Homologia things!

  32. And how did I miss this?! Congratulations, Eziaha! For some reason you were on my mind these last couple of weeks and now I see why. When God is. like you said, arranging things for his children, He has a way of dropping hints. And you have a bun in the oven??? This is what we call double/triple blessing. Everything na double double o, na double double!! Congrats again! 🙂

  33. WOW!!! ” E” you are a TEN. Ur just an inspirational billboard. Can’t stop shouting and praising God in tears. Ur life and walk with God so inspires me , you are total sold out to him. Am blessed by U Eziaha. WOW!!!! Just read you latest “brainwashed”. Nne’m biko I need a weekly if not daily dose of ur inspiration oya Pls and Pls how do I get in line? And yes am not ashamed to ask for this particular friendship openly oo. This is just the beginning of his Exceeding Blessings and Grace on ur life, you ain’t seen anything yet. Love U plenty……

    1. Hey hun

      How much are you willing to pay for it?
      He he he just kidding

      I could add you to the online group if interested.

      That way we can keep growing together in a faith and fun atmosphere

      Thanks for the love boooo

  34. Wow! Just wow. I remember when I told you I had just got a job and you said you were doing a job while waiting for your main job…you are just a woman of faith and I worship the God who upholds you and sustains you. I bless the day I first read your blog.

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