Let’s start this with some drama
Had a 7am flight. Got to the airport 20mins to 7… Counter ‘closed’. Babe be forming hard chic. So what’s a sister to do than to beg nicely. Paying again?!?! Hell no!!! So I beg. Babe no gree ooo. ‘There is nothing I can do madam…’ They had already been given numbers and she was only attending to those with numbers. Still begged but babe no gree. And I had a boat booked for 10am so a reschedule would have messed up my itinerary. So what’s a FAB sis to do…? Quick under my breath prayer, I turn on the water works. I start pretend-crying. People were now begging on my behalf. She was still forming hard chic but was now looking like a wicked witch from the skies. Later she looks at me and gives me a number… And immediately, I see one of my ex-bosses at Dowen College and I’m all E’ chatty again. Loooool. I am sure she was like which kain girl be dis… Hehehe. I have excess luggage of 4k (don’t ask) and then dude pities the ‘crying lady’ and hands me 3k back. I tip the luggage guy for all my LOAD and long story short, I am in a shuttle bus to get me to the jetty and typing this post.
Hallelujah!!! Chukwu daalu
So that’s my cool Val story. Before I for spend my first falentine day as a Mrs. with airport attendant.
Hiss. Loool.
Btw, the one day I’m late, they are on time and forming official. Yet they know how to reschedule flights anyhow…
Thank God for me ooo…

Ok so I passed out yesterday.


But my NYSC year deserves more than a phrase here. It deserves a full blog post. I’m still working on it.
Thanks err’one for the love. I didn’t even know people congratulate people like this ooo. God bless y’all.

So I woke to cheery news on http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/02/14/happy-valentine/ that I won a box o’ cupcakes from Pastor Darling M.


Awww. Ask and ye shall receive. That’s all I did. Pastor M ees my falantine… Yay. Ok read the Dilemma post to get more gist on the cupcakes and why I won it.
This LOVE palava http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/02/11/this-love-palaver/?relatedposts_exclude=2012

In the spirit of Valentine, much as I love cakes and I love my nieces who would love me more if I sent ’em the cup-cakes (seeing as I have kissed Lagos goodbye), I have decided to pass it on to my super-cake-sweet FABers who lives in Lagos or has someone who can pick it up for them in Lagos.
No competition. Just drop the 14th comment. And that has to be your first comment ooo. If for some reason the 14th can’t get it, then I’ll choose the next qualified after the 14th. Works?
Btw, Booski Valerie Tani Sapphire are disqualified!!! And I won’t give an explanation :p

Still in the spirit of giveaways, DCC sure got you covered this Val’s weekend. I actually envy y’all in Lagos. But still, I will share the goodness…
Hello Teens…
Sorry this is coming late but if you still can, 12noon today is a Valentine groove for teens. All sorts of cool people will be there.


Peek banner for details…

Hello Singles…
Yay us!!! Oh!!! I am no longer single. But if I was in Lagos, I for attend this one ooo. Me I like Single people tinz sha. Hehehe.


Unmasked!!! Sometimes na mask dey cover your face so come and be unmasked. Ok I’m joking ooo. Tz a fun fun fun fun fun hangout for singles. And who knows, you just might meet someone. There will be lotsa gifts too. Banner for details please.

Then on Sunday morning in all our 4services not just on the Island, PK my dearest Pastor will be speaking on LOVE ME or LEAVE ME… Awwwww.


See what I’m missing ooo. Choi!!! Deets in the flyer…

Hello Doubles…
Date night!!!


Dating is not only for Singles jor. Couples have the right to date. While the Teens and Singles events are both free, this is just 10k per couple. I have absolutely zero doubt this would rock. Then the gifts?

*photo session by a professional photographer

*free makeover

*blackberry phone

*suits for men

* 50% off comedy goes to church VIP tickets

*one night stay at a luxurious hotel

*free drycleaning

*free house rental agency

*wine and cupcakes

….and lots more

Is this cool or what? So married folks reading, what better way to Sun-val your partner this Sunday evening. Come and revv up your love in a spiritually fun and healthy atmosphere. Tz open to non-DCC members of course. All programs actually.

Now can anyone guess what I would love to win? Let’s see how well you know E’…

Boat is abourro move…


Let’s see if I can publish this before it moves finally.
Happy Val’s day again y’all.


And to my Valentine of life for life who believes Val’s day should be changed to Couple’s day, (looool),


thank you for making everyday with you A VALENTINE… Love you today, as always. Muah.

Speaking of love, our LOVE STORY is featured on the G.I.R.L’s blog. You may wanna click and enjoy.
Let’s talk about love:The Fabulous Couple.
I especially loved the comment that said ‘…if you take this couple and put them in water, the water would freeze. That’s how super-cool they are…’
I don’t even know her but thanks girl… :* 

Dazall. Thought the post would go live before now. Started writing at 10ish. Apologies to the teens whose program don almost finish. Long trip. Sleep has my number.

Love wisely. Love daily.
Happy Valentine, Smoochy hugs, Luscious kisses
Going Forward…Still Testifying

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  1. Kai,hw did u know I wanted to b d 14th person to comment!choi witch!!!wld v. Chilled for the 13th comment and wham!onto cupcakes o!anyways sha,tnk God,the airport lady has jus tasted som E’drama for free!

  2. Congrats on your POP dearie.Yummy cupcakes!Anyway,I’m not even in Lagos sef,so no need waiting for the 13th/14th comment!!Thanks again for sharing with us on The G.I.R.L’s blog God bless you real good!Funny,your favourite comment was made by a guy oooo.Lol

  3. I am beefing you for this disqualification o! anyways, happy valentine boo, oya sleep small and wake up to shower my brother with all kinds of eternal valentine love. i know my girl will not carry last *wink*

  4. Photo session by a professional photographer is what you would like †☺ win. Shebi m correct?. I wish I was based in lag cos of DCC. Congrats on ya pop α̲̅πϑ happy vals day.

  5. Mama E’ I never knew ♈υ̲̣̥ were such a drama queen. Wit all your fine girl, U̶̲̥̅̊ go D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ cry for airport. Haba ♈υ̲̣̥ fall my hand sha. Laffnº°out:):D=))°ºwitº°so:):D=))much °ºswaggº:) No b small fin o. But thank God it worked. ┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ waiting patiently for ♈̷̴̩☺ΰя Valentine jist because I know ♈υ̲̣̥ will spoil Akum ₩ɪ̣̝̇†̥ soO:):D=)) much love. I need to learn my next year Val tips now. I have a worthy mentor. Marriage is really good. ♈υ̲̣̥ have blossomed to a sweet lovely woman. God bless your husband.

  6. I knew it!! I saw someone that looks like ur hubby in winners *****. Does he sing in d choir? And the boat u were catching is it to *****? First time here oo
    p.s i just passed out on thursday too. congrats on ur passing out btw.

  7. Beautiful post E’… You are a drama queen but na U fit the airline staff wey dey form official. Countless times they cancel/delay flights with no compensation and mess up one’s itinerary… And u were there before 7 ooo, not that plane had left, mtcheew!

    Love wisely, love daily…true that!
    Lemme rush and read the GIRLS blog on your love story; supercool yeah? Me likey..

    Love you all, valentine or not. May the LOvE of God the Father, the Son and the
    Sweet Holy Spirit dwell and abide in us all, now and forever more amen.

  8. kk, am not disqualified buh am not gunning for the cup cakes either! Congrats on ur pop, mummy E’ and ama be away from d mentoring grp 4 a yle, bb stolen! *sobs* bh ama be back soon and i’ll catch up on all d gist!

  9. Since I am looking for the 14th comment, lemme lump my answers…
    Thanks glo darling. And I am so sorry about your missing phone. Better cometh, amen.
    Ify I just taya. Well before 7 sef and she was still giving out boarding passes. Thanks my darling. Amen.
    Ezar my dumdum darling. Love you still. Hiss or not :p
    Ifuekosa, hope you don’t mind that I edited ur comment, for his own privacy. Thanks for visiting hun. Yes it was him. Will do you a mail. Congrats too. Wish we met earlier oooo.
    Mercy sweets thanks. Gist? Everyday na Val’s ooo. So no special gist. But maybe in subsequent posts I’ll talk about how it went down.
    White you are so correct. Yay!!! Thanks hun. Whenever u are in lag, pls visit us.
    Tannie, pls shift. Ditto Eniola. Yes ooo, I didn’t carry last ooo.
    Nehema hun(Yolanda right?) Thanks.
    Oluwaseun, twas our pleasure darling. Oh a guy? Wow. Awesome even more. Bless him. Thanks.
    Vee darling, long throat is not fab ooo. I’m one step ahead :p. And yes, silly airport babe.

    1. Awwwwwwwww
      And my winner is my girl Bella. Sharp babe.
      Lucky for you, you know just how to easily pick it up.
      Will ring you and send details
      Congrats my love
      Send me a picture when you get it so I will publish here

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