Christmas…A thousand times better

Lemme tell y’all this beautiful story… OK maybe not beautiful but story all the same. Oh BTW I took this mgbeke looking picture this morning just before church. Walahi adonbilivit. Me? The certified queen of poses. Tz well ooo. So now that you are done laughing, here is my story. Like y’all know, I just […]

Cupcakes for Valentine…

Let’s start this with some drama Had a 7am flight. Got to the airport 20mins to 7… Counter ‘closed’. Babe be forming hard chic. So what’s a sister to do than to beg nicely. Paying again?!?! Hell no!!! So I beg. Babe no gree ooo. ‘There is nothing I can do madam…’ They had already […]

E's.Mail…Pre-marital Counselling

Airport lounges are a great place to blog… I have done quite some blogging every time I wait… I actually thought I would spend some time reading this book while I await my flight, but I decided I would read the book in-flight since all electronic gadgets would have to be off then… I am […]