This article was written on Thursday Feb 28.But i did not publish till today.  This disclaimer should explain a lot. Pele. Now I am in orientation camp having the time of my life *straight face*

Ok, enjoy…

Sorry I’ve been MIA
I’ve been having so much fun junketing the w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ Nation… :p
Anyways lemme share a short one with you…
Btw I’m putting this together in Mokola, Ibadan waiting for Patience/Iya Sunday who gave me an 8.30am appointment to make my hair and ts now 9am and she still hasn’t showed up and I can’t reach her on the phone… MTN you guys really need to get sensible ooo.


I wanna braid my hair and tz common knowledge that the people at Mokola do the very best.
At least in the city of Ibadan. Since I am being delayed and Aku m has been HARASSING me to update my blog, I decided to share this with you guys, with Arugbo Ojo by MK on repeat from my iPod…

I promise you, it will be short and sharp. Did I mention IN YOUR FACE.
Without mincing words I have come to submit to you that the high achievers of tomorrow are the Church boys and girls of today…
Lemme put it in another way.
Substitute “God” for “Church” there cos a Clown will soon say I am playing Church…

‘The high achievers of tomorrow are the GOD boys and girls of today…’
And just so we are clear, I don’t mean those who  just ‘play church’ ooo. I’m talking of the real REAL church guys and girls. People who are committed to Christ and His church. Who don’t just treat His church in a lackadaisical manner, coming and serving only when it is convenient (esp Sunday morning since there is no work mostly)
I am talking of those who are active workers in their church… Serving God with their time, money and resources, convenient or not simply because we know who’s BOSS anyways…
Not those who think the gospel will preach itself without money and so do not sow into His house… The gospel is free. The conduit and channels via which it would reach the world in definitely NOT free.
The ones who can not afford to see a vacancy in God’s house that they can fill and yet give flimsy excuses…
The ones who place God and his church FIRST place and not their bosses and their jobs.
People who hear the word, accept it wholeheartedly, apply the principles and stay on the word till results come in ALL areas of their lives… And then succeed… Excellently too showing the way to unbels/the world…
The ones who help their Pastors after they have been equipped to do the work of ministry and not just assume that the pastor should do it all just because He is afterall the one God called…
I’m talking of those who sincerely uphold their pastors and shepherds in the place of prayer and also with their seed knowing that the pastor needs your prayers too and then some… Not those who don’t miss an opp to badmouth a man of God… Chai
I’m talking of true worshippers, true servers, true lovers, true doers… Those who understand and leverage on covenant…
There is something about people who dwell in the house of God. Especially when you start at a young age and before marriage especially.
The bible says in lamentation 3v27 says It is good for man to bear THE YOKE in his youth.  Start being disciplined from that young age and the church is in the best position to instil that discipline… BEST. All my discipline came from church and then my mom in that order…
Overdose on church and God ooo especially now that you are still young. I attend amazing churches walahi. With amazing Pastors.


Being in TA these past days as Rev TJ was announcing upcoming programs I was just sad cos I’ll miss ’em… Same way I miss dcc lagos when I’m in abuja and miss dcc abuja when I am not in Abuja. Walahi I wish I could be in all 3places at the same time.
My Pastor’s pastor Victor Adeyemi will be in TA lagos on Saturday and I’ll be in ibadan and I’m so pained. That’s how much I love to dwell in his presence cos that’s where my strength to ‘do’ comes from. Both dwelling personally of course, and then with fellow believers…
Trust me, the church provides an amazing leverage that I wish young people of today can leverage upon… Just like I do…

Yesterday after midweek service, I was sharing something God dropped in my spirit to Warrens, a fellow church girl and I was crying.


Cos I have an idea what God will do with our lives just because we are sold out to Him even as young ladies, and i wished we would give our best tomake more young persons CHURCH GIRLS AND BOYS
Ladies and gentlemen, my final submission; one of the greatest things you can do to and for yourself in this life is to be a ‘CHURCH GIRL/GUY … BE WISE!!!
Cos na we go rock tomorrow oooo

Ok lemme put it even better…
Eziaha Ajaero will be among the movers and shakers of the world tomorrow because of my walk with God today. Because I am a church girl today…

Please don’t beef me then ooo. Don’t say I’m extravagant. Don’t say I’m proud. I’m sharing this with you now… Be wise enough to join me now because walahi the future is mine cos I’m connected, heavily connected sef to the right source…
Ofu mkpuru okwu ezuola onye choro amami’ihe
(A word is enough for the wise)
Her Excellence,

Yup the lady to braid my hair has arrived.


And yes I moved on from Arugbo ojo to Mcdowell’s “I give myself away…” That song is my life’s theme song for now… Loves it.


The hair turned out cool too. Was hoping for a cool camp look. But my friends say gold is anything but cool… warreva jare. fimile you guys
You can dl pastor K’s teaching series on ‘covenant’ here.  Really deep stuff. http://goo.gl/F6gqs the teachings will change the way you relate with people and get the best out of all your relationships.
And also dl “Who should I marry?” Here www.goo.gl/cWv64
Holler at Lester Ugo for doing this mehn… Bless you sir.
DLs are better with etisalat of course cos of the unlimited MB
You are welcome 😉
All my blog readers and people who keep giving me amazing suggestions, God bless y’all. Keep it coming and keep commenting too. Plenty lovages…

And yup i did get the message preached by Rev Victor Adeyemi on saturday when i visited TA lagos last sunday…Woooooot.


Enjoyed worshipping with ’em as TA Lagos city church clocked 10… God is faithful jare. And that Sunday, Rev Albert preached…. He killed money in that message. Love you muchos my Rev

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