Oh wow!!!

When we roll, we roll like a BOSS!!!


Yes that is what MY FAB BLOG won!!!

The rules for accepting these awards are to state seven things about yourself and then pass the awards on by nominating 15 other blogs. Let them know they’ve been nominated!

Please allow me to break the rules and celebrate in the way I wanna, please… pretty puh-leeze with a strawberry on top…

I will share seven things about myself… And then a few more. I love to talk about myself, shoot me… LOL…

I would also  comment on each award and why I think my blog deserves it. Blogs I really love and follow and would have nominated  have all been nominated so I would not nominate any… Cool? Plus I had won a LIEBSTER award and I had done all that before as the rules are basically the same…


Major shout out to my girl and fellow blogger Femmetotale for the nomination. You rock Sugee… Muah

So here are the seven NEW things. I am sure you all know the I love God, I love my boo,  love Rev, I am extroverted, I am a sanguine, I love Tu face, I have many besties, I love indomie, I hate rats, etc. I have done a lot of that on my blog in previous posts

100 questions about me

My very own LIEBSTER

Eziaha, the REAL me


And many other posts on www.eziaha.wordpress.com

So today, I decided to share stuff you probably don’t know. Don’t get too excited though, they are NOT the bad stuff. I don’t have bad bad things about myself to share. I am as good as they come… :p

So here you go

***********7 things about me*****************

  1. I hate poems… I mean, I do NOT like them. No matter how you write them. The ones I hate the most are the romantic ones… ewww. I have received a couple especially on my birthdays from my online family mostly. I don’t think I even read em… That said though, at the comedy goes to church event hosted at my church, a lady did a POEM on Lagos which I liked… Maybe cos she made it read like a comedy that’s why… that said though, interestingly, I do really love hymns mehn!!! But poems, ewwwww… Please a birthday is coming, don’t write me no poems 🙂
  2. I have a strong tendency to skip HEADINGS… Say I was reading a book, I hardly know or see the title of the chapters. I just skip right to content. Happened a lot in school too. I would just skip to the note or the text and not acknowledge the sub-headings or titles… I mean this is a major thing ooo. Cos sometimes, I cannot match the right answers to the questions eve when I know it… I hope this is clear. Let me explain using blogs. I love some blogs say right now I am feeling my Jamaican friend and her blog www.godcrazzzy.wordpress.com so I am on her mailing list, Once I get a new post notification, I hardly read the post title. I just jump straight to the post. So if she ever says ‘Oh you read MIRACLES POST?’ I usually do not know because I jump right to content. Terrible habit. Please don’t be like me. It is the impatient sanguine in E’

*covering my face*

Happens with my bible too. All those nice titles like ‘Jesus walks on water’ or ‘the feeding of the 5000’ I skip ooo and jump right to the koko. I am working on myself tho…

3. In the market, I know how to bargain eh… It is crazy. I know a lot of you do too but where we differ is that sometimes, most times after bargaining, I pay the ridiculously low amount and if you look really ‘bad’ to me, I feel so much pity that I have cheated you and give you an extra or especially to your child if you have any. That is my ‘pity heart’ at work. I always do a quick profit and margin check and I am like, ‘na wa ooo’ people are really suffering ooo. When will this hustle ever make you make enough to stop hustling? That’s why I prefer to turn off the hustle and turn on THE BLESSING!!! Ok that’s my market pity story looool

4. I bite my nails. Finger and toenails. When I was younger, I used to bring my big toe up to my mouth and bite it. Till today, I still drag the sides of my toes and nails just to drag out any little flesh that sticks out. Sometimes, blood even comes out… I mean who does that… E’ I know, I am ashamed for me too but frankly, I don’t see that stopping soon. I even pull out my artificial nails just to bite my nails. SAD!!! TERRIBLE!!! My nails are so short and ugly because I would NOT let it grow even a nano inch!!! My sister used to be my partner but today she has stopped and she has long nice nails. I admire her nails but I can’t seem to stop biting mine!!! *wails*

5. I am presently on a diet. For the millionth time this year. This June though, I mean it. I have to fit into a certain dress I have used as my target!!! And that by JUNE 29…


WHAT???!!! *******insertBIGGESTsurprisefaceever*************

You did not know June 29 is my birthday… And you are reading my blog!!! Na wa ooo… Just incase you ask, top on my list is an iPad 3 and this car…


Thank you.

Ok so, I also registered in a gym. First time since I graduated. I used to gym a lot in school. Funny thing is one of my besties is losing so much weight while me I am adding so much hehehe. And yesterday she went on and on about how hot and curvy I am…Please ooo, I want to go back to my size in Uni.

6. I do not like it when people say ‘Happy Birthday’ or HBD only on people’s birthdays. Why are you that BORING please!!! What’s that???!!! Cant you be a bit more thotful… At least say something good about that person, to the person and to the rest of us seeing it. You know that birthdays are some of the only times we have to put some people up or even say something to them. Why NOT let that day count. Please no one should send me those one liners or put that up on my birthday!!! Make an effort to put up something creative or you don’t bother!!! Tz afterall not by force. It is not so hard to do too. Birthdays are important jare. Make the effort for that celebrant

7. The last thing I do almost every night is to read my blog while listening to either of my Pastors. Especially the older stuff I have written. I wanna be sure of what it is I have written and then check out the comments, site stats, etc. So as much as I write, I read too. I can tell you where I wrote what most times because I am keeping tabs mehn… I wanna be sure that my writing is getting even better. E’ is hard to impress when it come to writing so if I can impress E’, then I am on course.


Most times, I am wowed at stuff I wrote. A lot of times, my blog reminds me of something I should be doing or not slacking on, just because I have to be accountable to others too. I know you think I am a great writer. I also think so. I know I am my biggest cheerleader. I am really proud of ME… Not too many people captivate with their written words like E’. I am not bragging on myself tho, I am bragging on ‘THE GOD IN ME!!!’ I read some write-ups and they are real boring. Not mine… and not because I wrote them. I just know I have a way with words and I do not take that gift lightly. I do not for any minute trivialize it. It is  A DIAMOND gift to me. Like I always say to myself, my writing gift continually makes a way for me…  It is already…

So reading my blog and the comments and responding as one of the last things I do at night makes me sleep grateful…

And by the way, you should comment. I enjoy reading them and I respond to all. WordPress for Blackberry and Android apps make responding so much easier. So comment now, you would need to drop the ‘I even have a personal message from E’’ line later. Sooner than later sef… I haff talk my own ooo.

That’s all… about me that is. That i wanna say here of course. that can’t be all about me lol

I figured I would add a few more…  As bonus

***ATMs don’t fail with me. Like literally!!! If we are on the queue and the ATM stops when someone goes before me, i still go and usually it works for me/. I just always believe that whenever i need money, the ATM must work. Sometimes, it is indeed scary. Or maybe there is a queue for one ATM while the rest have been certified NOT WORKING, I just go straight to it, insert my card, say my one-liner prayer and wham, my cash is out… LOL. And interestingly, it may not work for the person that goes right after me. Happened again yesterday… LOL I am so blessed yo…

*** I am not very good with offering stuff to people. Say I am having a biscuit, and you are beside me, I rarely offer. I mean, someone has to remind me or maybe the person beside me will yab me first. It is just NOT FUNNY. These days I am making a great effort to offer because it is the polite thing to do. The person most times does not even accept but I have learnt to be courteous… This comes from being a last and really young child. As in the age gap between my sibs and I are so much so I didn’t learn to share with people. There was no need to. Today too, I don’t eat from the same plate with ANYONE!!! I cant stand it mehn… eww. No matter the Love, abeg everybody dish your own in your own plate… Thank you very much.

So let me drop a line about each award…

1. The Awesome Blog Content (ABC) award


Oh my!!! The ABC award has to be the very best and most apt, for me. My blog content is super awesome. I love how my brain works. God is an awesome indeed God ooo. Like I said earlier, I am proud of the SuperStar E’, her FABtastic blog and her awesome blog content

2. The Versatile Blogger award…


Well versatile yeah, but still Christian in its versatility. Then the fact that I blog about almost all that concerns me, that should count as versatile yeah?
3. The Seed of Light award

Oh I love this one to smithereens. I like to see myself as light. And by extension, my blog. Leading and showing people the way to The Way.
4. The Wonderful team membership award


As a member of the Christian bloggers family… Sure!!! Group hug!!!

5. The Super Sweet blogging award

You sef you know. Except of course the truth is not in you in which case you need Jesus…
You know E’s blog is super sweet to diabetes inducing… Hehehhe. My blog faithfuls too are…

6. The One lovely blog award


Do you know ‘one lovely blog’?
Ans: Sure. That has to be www.eziaha.wordpress.com #dazall#

If you want me to nominate you just for the fun and stuff of it, you can holler and I will. It is a cool idea, i think. But i think all my main people’s blogs have been nominated already…

I hope you enjoyed this. Please keep the comments coming. And spread word. Don’t just read and run off ok… if not… **insert I-will-show-you face here** Comment and share. Be a good Christian.

FABulously Yours’


11 Responses

  1. Oya, E please nominate my story-telling blog too. I am just starting this one and i tend to work on it vigorously as time goes on. its still sort of new. I am still new to all these nominations stuff. God bless. Nice work by the way.

  2. I really dont know about ur not being very good offering stuffs to people. cos i’ll almost never forget dat day in school when u brought a whole box of chocolate to class, asked me and my friends to av some. and when we returned ur box, u told us to keep passing it. dat was really sweet. and I hate poems too I jus cant finish reading a piece. well except if there is drama in d recitation then i’ll probably watch to d end. once a toaster sent me a poem and I was crying (covering my face) I was crying becos I was so pissed, dint know how to get him off my back and here he was doing poems(plus d guy is ultra good wt poems- daz his major)

    1. Looooooooooooool
      This cracked me up…
      I did that???????
      I think that was my clone. How did Eziaha do that biko??? Me??? Offered chocolate when I was a huge fan of chocolate back then???
      Are you sure Bomu??????
      No you are NOT sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      As for d poems ewwwwwwwwwww
      Love poem…???? :'( :'( :'( *crying blood* I would have cried too
      I feel your tears darling

      This choc story made me smile so much. I have been thinking. I am convinced I didn’t do that please. Do you have witnesses???
      Lotsa love dear
      holler on redeployment.
      In d meantime, make it count…

  3. I am darn serious. I was touched becos i’ve never known a gal to give up chocolate. u did it. twas u. I do remember very well. what else do u want me to say.?lol. I dont know about witnesses, cos I dont know who else observed ur niceness. plus keep up d good work. I like dat u remind us (i guess its helps keep u on track too) that dis is a christian blog.

    1. It does keep me on track oooooooo
      It so does…
      Ok ooo. If you insist lol
      So there you have it people… I’m nice like dat 🙂
      Thanks Bomu darling

  4. Awww..i think u are really awesome oo..kai ur just one interesting babe, bustling with fabulousity..that said, i think i have some similarities with you which makes me almost go crazzy..firstly i DO NOT like poems, as in i cant stand them, no matter what,they look so bland,lol..secondly, i bite my nails,i have tried so hard to stop but NO, its as though there is honey in it.anyways about the awards, i think u deserve every single award you were nominated for and more sef…u are too much sugar, stay FAB

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