Thank.Full.E’… Part2

**PLEASE NOTE: Pictures will be attached to this Post before the end of friday. Right now, I am blogging from my bb and I’m too tired and sleepy to do the stress now*** So let’s jump right into Part 2… Btw, incase you didn’t notice the rhyme up there, sigh!!! Thankfully… Thank.full.E’… *rolling my eyes […]

#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 7

Oh… What a glorious day… On a scale of 1 to 10, today gets a 50!!! What an absolutely FAB day!!! By 12noon, I had enough testimonies and stuff to be grateful for… But I had to chill till now… Bad idea… Cos I’m drop dead tired right now but the show must go on… […]

Confession is WORK but CONFESSION WORKS!!!

My darlings, Please allow me to suffuse y’all with plenty apologies. I have been up to a whole lot- trying to keep my NYSC blog smokin’, keeping up with CDS activities, fine-tuning my personal project which requires an intense amount of time spent thinking and researching (God your daughter is in your hands ooo), doing […]

Letter to my fellow Christian Batch A Corp members…

So camp opened today *Please insert eyes rolling here* I’ve been praying all sorts of prayers. That lagos camp will just close for no good reason. I mean… I always wanted to skip camp jare. I actually thought I’ll be preggers so I’ll get a quick legit EXEAT. Well here I am single and definitely […]