Hey Dawleens,

First of all MASSIVE SHOUT OUTS to all my FAB family. You guys majorly rock.Like MAJORLY


I wanna say that you read and spread word because I write well, but I know that beyond the gift of writing for which I am FLAT ON MY FACE grateful, I enjoy some form of Grace and loving from y’all.

I feel like we are ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY…


I feel the loving. I am overwhelmed by it all. Blog stats be soaring, followers be increasing, Emails, tweets, RTs, BBMs and calls be coming (I am amazed when my friends call after they read a post. I am like WHAAAAAA!!!??? looool)

From the deepest and the loveliest part of my heart, I say THANK YOU SO MUCH…You guys rock and Olumo rock aint got nothing on you…hehhehehe

I appreciate every loving. It gets humbling… *sniff sniff*

I will be taking a break from blogging for a while.


No worries. Aal z well in Land E’. Life just be happening.


Plus I would like to take some time to publicize some of my old timeless Posts. Posts like

Spicin up your quiet time, confession is work but confession works, in the same place, stay malleable

Mentoring at that level, Girlfriends in God, never walk alone, where I stand, I will sit, riding solo, 100 questions, the birthday gratitude series last year

I am a hustler, books r us,  ladies say the darndest things, as e dey hot Part 1 and Part 2

And so many more… Phew, I don write ooo. Even I need REFRESHER courses on my Posts. Ditto You reading and those not yet on board…

Now we need to get word out…

I don’t want them restricted to ARCHIVES only. God’s word is new every morning right? Likewise I want my blog content, both Old and new, to be fresh every day.

Last week, thanks to Tweetcaster for Android which allows me to schedule tweets and post later, I did a lot of tweeting and stuff on older posts and it worked (free tip for Bloggers and intending bloggers). I even got a cool message from WordPress for Android telling me that my blog traffic was soaring that week.


Trust me WordPress is super cool. They just have this way of making one feel special. WP for Android that is…Dunno if they do same for web version or BB…

So rather than writing and writing new stuff, I have decided to spread more word about what I have written before.


Even Brother John thinks this is a GREAT decision…

“…My dear Friends, I am not writing anything new here, but the Old which you have heard and known from the Beginning…” 1 John 2;7

Of course, I would need your help. If you are on Twitter and are not already following me, please follow me @eziahaa (I will follow back if you want. Just holler.) I would be tweeting many of my posts and I would just need you to RT for me. You could also tweet some posts that have blessed you. Same on Facebook Eziaha Omoteniola Ajaero. Ditto BBM and Whatsapp.

Let’s spread word…


Recall that I was sweet enough to share Cool fab blogs to visit just in case I stop blogging and you guys have been enjoying them abi? Ehen, this will be your way of thanking me, though cheques won’t be declined too. Allow me to add two more cool blogs…



TLS is an older Blogger. He has the most amazing secular fiction stories. I recommend Tricia’s nightmare, Finding Hubby, Baba Risi’s Court, and Rekiya’s tale in that order. BURNT is an ongoing series there which is amazing (but sad) but the ones I mentioned are series that he has completed. Tunde leye’s books are also available ‘on the Okada’

IBILIV is a hot new smokin’ fiction blog owned by my Sapphire. She finally came around to fiction blogging and I have been her very own WordPresspedia (in her words). She has started a series on DARKNESS HAS BECOME ME. You wanna rush over and show some love… And subscribe and follow and comment too. She even said she would do a piece inspired by me soon. Heheehhehe. Then we would make a soap outta it like Tinsel. And I would play the delectable Funlola Aofiyebi loool.

If you know other cool Christian or fiction blogs, holler at E’ biko…

I will be away for One week. October 1 tops, I would be back to regular blogging.

Banking on you to join me on this Publicity spree… Looool. Thank you again


Miss me…..

Group bear hugsssss


and luscious kisses…




I though this picture was the truest most hilarious truth ever

ShiƦlεy                                                        (1)

Hahahaahahahahaahahah. What in the world is that second year student spitting please?

Kai… Students sha… SMH


I am still on Okadabooks ooo. That app is like AH-MAY-FAB-TASTIC-ZING

In all shades, colors and hues…

Different and PLENTY free books on an incredible wide range of topics.


Yum yum… I feel like a kid in a FREE candy and ice cream store. And they keep adding more books…

If you have downloaded, don’t be stingy… Share the knowledge. I see a lot of you downloaded it. Okey Ofili should pay me loooool.

In case you are lost, details here https://eziaha.com/2013/09/20/espiration-between-wana-adichie-and-okada-books/

But really spread word. The more downloads of the App and the books, the more books would be made available.

I know for example that the FULL version of AMERICANAH would be made available if we hit a certain number of downloads of the part A available on the Okada.

And NOPE, this is NOT a paid for Post. This is E’ making sure that many Nigerians get on the Okada and take their imaginations places…


Apologies to phone users who can not get on the Okada. We should harangue Okey to bring the app to BB at least na… And maybe Nokia hehehehe

26 Responses

  1. I knew all that loving on us fab readers was to prepare us for something…Thank God we love you too ..issorai though, we be big gals and boys.so no tears.
    Just go and come,we dey here ….

    .don’t hold your breath dear.no cheques for you.
    Yaaaay@Eni’s blog……we shall be there

    Please I beg you..stop making it any more worse.that carrot you dangling ain’t fair on us o…hia!@okada books and delightful variety of book choices .*sniffs*

    O ye Android oooo!!!what are you waiting for?Begin to hear me now
    I command you,redirect your steps and come to me ….The Lord has need of you for His daughter…*opens one eye*….preferably a Sony Xperia abeg.


    That chat screenshot though, seriously!…what in the world?communication people communication..That so hard?phew!…and no,not all students do that jor.

    Fabulous images today….i’ve gladly stolen a couple.Thank you dear.

  2. Loooooooooool
    Trust me, it was not planned. Have a lil more faith Sister hehehe.
    You need to get on the Okada ooo.
    Amen to the Sony but Samsung trumps Sony ooo. #JustSaying
    loooool. Not all sha but most. especially Social Science ones. Instead of ‘What’s up’ will be saying ‘What’z xup’!!!! Huh
    Yup be there and show some loving darling…
    you know where all Blog pix stealers go yeah?
    I will get my cheque from you especially. I promise

  3. Lol…OK o..we haff hear..a little faith uh?we can up the ante sef.
    And oh,lol@your allusion to that 1John scripture…no words.

    Iono o…tell me, where do they go?@blog pix stealers.

    You must be in the spirit,I just saw an S4 now and I dont mean to be derogatory or anything, but the owner would make the manufacturers cringe with what he’ll do with that fone…soso I na-akpo egwu Voice of the cross,Chioma Jisos na ndi otu a…smh
    Ma na za ma obu me call… I t was all I could do not to grab the phone and run…*sigh*
    And he said somborry gave him o….This life eh…lol…
    I still love the Sony tho…but samsung won’t be declined on no grounds whatsoever.

    Short of jazz,lemme see you collect that cheque..hehehehe

    1. that is what the Scripture means ooo. I know my bible jor…
      WHAT!!! The sound youjust ehard was my jaw dropping… You really should have snatched the phone and rie oso Abiola…
      That is what i call Phone abuse…
      Irony of life… Looool

  4. thank you darling. blogville will miss you, but your old posts are worth reading, rereading and reredone (my future tense.lol!) let the publicity begin. will have the blogville cheerleaders ready to welcome u back on the 1st. let it not pass 1st O!
    And about playing Funlola nee Awofiyebi, u’ll totally rock.

  5. Dis brb,fab E!ok o,we shall retweet d older ones,includin d nysc ones too!jus keep them comin,
    Meanwhyl pls can u send dat second year bla bla to me,I need to send it to plenty *somone*!

    1. Thanks darling.
      Do you mean the dp?
      You can save from your phone oooo.
      Just let the cursor be on the picture and then click the bb button and save. Simples.
      Lemme know how it goes.

  6. Ha! I just discovered the blog and you’re running away? Or didn’t I read the post right? Must be this heavy bowl of rice and fried fish that must be clouding my sight of some sort *looks at the empty bowl*. Where are you running off to o! School? It’s September! It’s got to be School. Anyways, I need to get back to work…Tuesday? Friday is like decades away!

    1. Loool Ada and her drama…
      Nah not school.
      Just need some time off.
      But I’ll be back real soon.
      In the meantime, feel free to ‘discover’ the fab blog even more.

  7. I just wish I could download novels too from okadabooks but I can’t *sad smiley*……..ready to spread the word,hope am not late? *big grin*

  8. Awwh, Fab E’… Missing you and thanks sooo much for all the fabtastic blog referrals. Mucho gracias…{ Big squeezzzzzzzy hugs} and blessings++

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