For some reason, my mood suddenly nose dived by Saturday evening.


First it was my strength that had been declining and then my mood, and finally my spirit. Aaarrrggggh.

Anybody ever been there?


Now make no mistakes, I have done very well relating with most people all through this period ooo. You really would not know because the one thing we Sanguines do effortlessly is BE HAPPY. Lol.


No it ain’t pretending. You have to be sanguine to understand this…

I mean, I wasn’t the normal bubbly E’ but I didn’t become melancholic. Nah. At all. I mean, I stopped picking calls of unfamiliar numbers because frankly I was just weak. I recall a friend asking me why I could not talk on the phone then when she knew I was at home chilling. Thankfully, she ran outta credit before her harassment heightened.

Anyhoos, deal is by Tuesday, by the time I got in from work, I was just DRAINED that I actually thought I was about to fall sick.

sick girl

I remember getting up from a sitting or lying position in a hurry and totally dizzying out for a couple of seconds. Wednesday I chilled off a bit with stuff I had to do and slowed down or totally removed stuff that could wait. I recall cooking and then going upstairs to get something and then sleeping off. Thankfully, momma dearest was in the kitchen and so we didn’t have a burnt down house. Lol.

So this morning, I started taking stock. How did this happen?

***Dang, some really rude woman just walked into my office. I just don’t get why people are rude. I mean, seriously? If not that she was well dressed, I would have actually thought she was mad cos she was talking like a really mad woman and shouting me out/down. Lol. But the customer is always right, yeah? plus who knows who anoyed her out there. Make she no come use her own spoil my own. I jsut kept apologizing to her. Thankfully, I meet more than enough sweetness in the line of duty than ‘old Mrs. Cranky’ so it is fine. Talk less of my most amazing Colleagues. Ah! One just did something super thoughtful for me this morning. Too sweet*

Ok where were we…?

How did my body suddenly start all this BLUE drama?

This morning on my way to work, I felt the very familiar but unwelcome sign of Aunty Flo. Ugh. I brought out my S. Planner and wham!!! The regular as clockwork Ms. Flo had earned her right to knock. Ugh.


PMS is a terrible thing walahi. Kinda explained all my weakness.

Oh but I have not been good to this body I admit.

*covering my face*

People that know me know that I am a VERY BAD EATER.

Screen_20131024_111424 (Jibs you are just too troublesome walahi)

I mean, I can survive on biscuits and nutric-C for days and then Indomie and egg for weeks. I use the TREM DAILY DEVOTIONAL which is totally awesome by the way. Recall I mentioned here that my first Pentecostal church was TREM which ultimately led me to Pastor Bimbo and TFOLC. So this month of October is their fasting month in TREM and I was led to join them in the fast and daily prayers too as often as possible as the church is a stone throw from my house. Now deal is after fasting (till 6pm), most times I forget to have a regular meal so for the most of October, I had been eating biscuits, plantain chips, fruits, sweets, cornflakes, more biscuits, etc.


So this was my body reacting to all that.

On Wednesday, I could not even drag myself to go to church. I didn’t even clear up the kitchen before I slept. I just SLEPT. For the most part of this week I have had to break my fast at 12 because my head would just be spinning in this very incredible way. I had to sit through rather than stand during the daily prayers in TREM when I made it. In addition to all this was the fact that I had to run the house still because we don’t have a house help anymore. And most nights, I would still sleep LATE and then wake early. Kai.

_3_3_3 Olubmy _3 _3_3 ({})(3)

Long and short, the Body had had enough… And it was telling me in different ways, from light headedness, to tetchiness, to PMS to major irritation, to withdrawal (Sorry Aku m hehehe),etc.

Dear Body, I am very sorry. Time to give you some TLC.


You know the Bible actually commands us to care for our bodies?

Ist Cor. 6 : 19-20 : Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, 20 for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

I mean, the least you can do with the Body that God has given you is to care for it, No?

I do of course agree that there is a sexual connotation to all this but hey, I also know that a sick spent uncared for body cannot serve God.

For instance, I missed church on Wednesday, I didn’t last for second service on Sunday, I woke up Wednesday morning and I could NOT pray, i couldn’t even open my mouth. I just flipped to my audio bible and played Psalms back to back and listened to Sinach’s songs. God bless Sinach btw. She is totally awesome walahi. And bless those who thought up this audio bible thing. Cool.

_3_3_3 Olubmy _3 _3_3 ({})(1) (My Audio bible to the rescue)

Trust me people, God needs you physically tapping to serve Him ooo. You need a spirit to worship Him of course but if the Body no gree, mehn, na long tin ooo.

True true, Body no be firewood ooo.

So, lesson learnt the hard way. Let the ‘Body loving’ begin…

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Lotta Lotta Loves

E’…Powered by God


I wrote and scheduled this post on Thursday morning October 24. It should go live on Saturday Oct 26. By then, I should be bristling again. Amen.

10 Responses

  1. @ least u dint collapse,tank God!u must v lost great weight by now!dat I envy!cos I want to drop 5kg ie frm 64-59kg!so help me God! Love my body so I need to take care of it

    1. Nne eh… Kai. Thank God for God ooo.
      When you are lounging in that village how wont you be fat. *tongue out*

  2. This post is so real!!!!i’ve had cause to relate in recent times on a smaller scale though.
    Pele dear..i’m thankful for this body reality check…shows how important the body is…I particularly love the quotes,images,audio Bible aid and the incidence of divine protection from major fire accidents….Good thing you got the memo and are decidedly acting on it…
    I pray you enjoy inexplicable strength….


  3. i relate 100percent to what you just said. thanks girl for making people know and feel they are not alone in this life challenges.

  4. Eh,pele E.
    26th’s passed now so I hope/am sure you are bristling again?
    thanks 4dis o,we indeed forget dat our bodies can brkdown if we don’t take care of it and no body,then no way to serve God well o,or do the things we shud.
    Once again,doh,I know u r better now.*smiles*

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