Ok for those of you who don’t know, I am currently serving. In one of those top notch elite schools in Lekki.

Summer break let today and so work resumed for me. Actually work resumed last week for the teachers but we Corpers didn’t show till this week.


I had been kinda ZERO in my feelings about resumption, NOT because I don’t like my job (The heck I do) but I just zeroed everything school because I wanted to have a proper holiday abeg.

I work in different capacities… I am in charge of the Alumni body (almost all of them are abroad) acting as liaison between them and the school. I also work sometimes as a Front desk (the Alumni desk is in the reception so…) and then I cover for some subjects sometimes (Sociology, Government, English and Literature).

20130902_092505 (we usually dress UP especially for Front desk but I really was not psycehd for work this week hence my flats and simple look)

Overall, the work is fun. Most of the teachers like me and I am seen as the Principal’s baby because I ride with her daily. The Corpers I work with are cool too.

Now our main front desk is on mat. leave and I guess I would have to now be fulltime here (I expect them to get a proper replacement though because front desk needs a full time staff).


This morning, waking up was the HARDEST part. Ugh… Too sad. I whined and whinged. But hey, I had to drag my butts up, pray and shower as early as 5am. Ugh!!! I decided against going with my ride today as I knew I would be not-too-cheery company and my Princy likes to chat. So I took the BRT because I wanted to sleep all the way…

I slept past my stop but thankfully, where the BRT finally stopped me was also a favorable place. Whoop!!! Got to Phase 1 at a few minutes past 7.

I had pschyed myself to smile and give plenty handshakes, E’ hugs (female) and side hugs (males) today to the staff amidst all the ‘You look good, How was your summer? Etc’. Then I was prepared for the students drama too… with tales of where and where they went to and of course the groaning of those who didn’t travel.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the new students and new parents who had come to see their sweetie settle down (especially the JSS1). Oh my!!! The joy and pride of having your kid in secondary school is so beautiful. The first parent asked me to please direct her baby as to where to go to. I promptly handed her to a prefect and got into the reception. Oh brother!!! The exchange of pleasantries started. My teeth was permanently like this… I stood up severally to hug people. For some, I jumped up to hug them. One IT staff who is such a sweetheart I couldn’t even shake cos he is Muslim. But he was all smiles because his wifey had out to bed last week. He practically was carrying his baby’s picture on his head…

Such joy…

I had to suggest he take a paternity leave. Cos I felt his head was too in the clouds to work. But no dice for him jor…

I settled in to get some paper work done with his company while the assembly was going on… I really don’t like joining them for that and thankfully I don’t have to. But I hear all they say from the reception. Today’s assembly was particularly winding…

Parents keep coming in and out to pay fees and stuff, teachers keep coming to ask or one thing or the other, sometimes bribing me loool (One just said I should consider my lunch for the week taken care of if I help him do stuff…), My director of studies who is Indian and doesn’t tolerate slacking of any sorts already asked me if I rang the bell (the bell is just beside my desk) even before he did all the pleasantries with me. Loooool. Regaling me with his Indian vaycay. His wife too came around for a quick hug…


Assembly over… Barrage of children out with all the ‘Good morning ma, Good morning Miss E’, etc’

I need to get work done. Today, DAY ONE, is a tres busy day… I am swamped already…


For one, see those papers there. They are CVs for last month. And they won’t sort themselves out by themselves…

Then I have to do a headcount of the students to get a rough estimate for the caterer. Kai, I will just target when they are in class so that the hugs and greetings will be less…

Good to be back. I LOVE MY JOB!!!



This evening my #AttitudeO’Gratitude finale will be up. Watch this space…

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  1. So in the midst of being busy u still have time to do a post and take pictures? Better get to work. Cheers to a beautiful term ahead!

    1. I was typing as assembly was going on jor
      I literally stopped the post (I wasn’t done) and published immediately after assembly
      Thanks love
      I still wanna sleep though

  2. Dowen looks good on u, bt I thought they had accommodation for corpers and staffs, or is this notion wrong?

    1. Thanks dear
      Depends on if you are a hostel staff
      I was Admin/Frontdesk
      Plus I lived right in Lagos. No hostel needed

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