Hey people.

Ok so I’m currèntly sat here and making my hair. Just a simple cornrow cos the twist outs I had for the shower are now like dada and I’m not quite ready for my hair for new baby. Haha. You know that’s a thing abi ? You gast do your hair (a durable do too) before baby comes so you have one less thing to worry about and also look presentable for guests. I’m going with box braids or artificial locs. But until then, the cornrows will suffice.


So how did my day go?

To be sincere, didn’t start amazing. Woke up way too early after sleeping way too late. Third trimester exhaustion is REAL for me so I have to sleep AT LEAST 6 uninterrupted hours if I’m not going to deal with head aches all day. Today i slept for like 4 hours and I didn’t have headaches, just exhaustion that made me highly irritable, but I managed not to take it out on anyone.


Anyways, woke, prayed, gym at 7 to 8, came home and we had family devotion, snatched say 20mins shut eye (had to bribe KingDaveed with Barney so he could let me), then organized my home front.

MIL came visiting today and she came kinda late which delayed my appointment with my Nutritionist  (who is also a Diabetic expert ). Did some baby cloths sorting while I waited for her.


Anyways, made it for the appointment at past12 and he spent like 2 hours sharing prenatal diet nutrition with me trimster by trimester. I obviously have studied and learned a lot but I don’t take any new opp to increase knowledge for granted. I also needed help with diet for gestational diabetes and he schooled me too. He was so gracious. I left feeling like i just got a PhD. He said not many people go for knowledge like me and so he was soooo happy to impart.


In between all, I’m in negitation with a Multi National that needs me to train their staff monthly for 5 to 6months in two locations. I’m still trying to work that out cos I can’t obviously do anything this month and most likely next month. Now i need to outsource but supervise. So help me God. Will sort out this weekend, but I recall asking myself why my life is SO FULL and I reminded myself that I prayed for this, now i need a new level of wisdom and anointing. Rev will be hearing from me soon.


Flew to the atm in the market from there and an incident happened. So i went straight to the security and asked them to catapult me right to the front of the LONNNG atm queue cos of my pregnant state. Dude looked at me, laughed and said that they do that only when people are over 6months pregnant with massive bellies. That me it looked like i had big tummy cos I wasn’t exercising.


I didn’t know whether to be flattered or angry but frankly I was tipping more toward anger so I just calmly repeated and he obliged and I did my thing and walked away after thanking those on the queue and the security of course lol. Contemplated correcting and even educating him but no time.


Flew into the market for some curtains and bedsheets for my nursery which is turning out so beautifully,  and flew home.

Hubby was coming for the weekend so I had to prepare the home. Dude came in almost behind me and he was so WOWED at our kids’ room. He said he was moving in there. Lol. Will do a final preggo shoot in there when done.


After updating gists with each other,I ate and slept off. Was so exhausted. Woke when the Chick doing my hair came and I’m going right back to bed after this. Actually woke with tummy and very uncomfortable feeling all over my mid section. Still so uncomfy so I’m just going back to bed.


And just in time this chick is done with my hair…

Wanna see a pic?

No time to even take fine pix or filter biko

Hubs is helping himself with dinner and will sort KingDaveed too cos I am EXHAUSTED. Lack of sleep in T3 is no joke. Just told him I would taste his Noodles and he said NO haha.

And guess what, tomorrow, I begin officially SavedFit&Pregnant with the first set of ladies. I should share my fears in starting it with you guys, and I AM SO GLAD Christine Caine set me right with something she said TO ME. I will share…

Good night yawl…

Praying I wake with this discomfort gone, and yawl don’t be thinking start of labour biko.

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