NB: Typed this on Sunday but just posting today… Incase anything confuses especially per my starting line haha…


Happy Sunday, Darlings.

This morning before church, I rushed off to see my bestie’s baby. Dr Valerie is a mummy to a super deliciously beautiful baby girl. Less than a year ago, we was mourning but look at God!!!

If anybody had told us we would be rejoicing today, we for no believe am. This God is CRAZY FAITHFUL!!! She actually came into Lagos to have the baby and I had to go see them. Thank You Jesus!!!

Speaking of God’s faithfulness and babies, let me share something that happened with my baby shower. Ok so God told me to call it POWWOW and this time, it was a 3 in 1 celebration…

Belated birthday. Baby shower and Gender Reveal.

Some of my guests

I wanted a FEW friends in so my guest list was 20. Meant I didn’t invite or even tell a TON of people. Dumebi, who was gonna host and anchor kept saying there would be more than 20 but I knew I was keeping it small.. Every time I prayed about it, I would feel in my spirit that God wanted to do something NOT JUST IN MY LIFE, but in the lives of my friends who attended so I was to be led in my guest list. We had about 25 people confirm and I knew that some would cancel so no matter what, we would have about 20 last last.

Looooove this Chick

Now there were some people I KNEW God wanted to be there so I had them in. there were some I had on because I knew if I didn’t, they would be offended so in they went. There were some others, I admit, (especially with hindsight vision) I added to my list in the flesh. I thought they were gonna be ‘cool’ guests and add some fun to the event. In fact, looking back, I still recall how I felt in my spirit as some names went on.

Anyways, I still always prayed about the day and still had the same feeling about it.. God was set to do something.

D-day came and a few people cancelled on that day, and some didn’t even call to cancel, they just didn’t show up. Then there were some that LITERALLY didn’t have to be there BUT they came. One came really early, dropped her gift and left, another came and left a bit early after she dropped her gift and then two came RIGHT AT THE END of the party, but they still came. Another friend had to travel out of town but not only did she send her apologies, she also sent her gift.


Now as God would have it, Dumebi didn’t host it like a party, instead she made it seem like a powwow indeed. She didn’t even have games and stuff, unlike my bridal shower where we played games on end. One of what she did was make people talk about me and at some point, this testimony came from Tani that I had somehow encouraged her through with someone else’s breakthrough at the time. I didn’t even recall and then it hit me, that person was Dumebi so I spoke up immediately and they both shared their testimonies in full. Then Nike who is in faith for that too was like ah you guys come lay hands on me ooo, and they did, laughing and Nike was like I am not joking ooo. It may have been an ordinary moment but God was opening my eyes to something so my spirit was very sensitive. As they all prayed for me, I kept having a strong sense of God right there, but it didn’t all come together that day. we sha ate, played, networked, opened the gifts, did gender guess and reveal (Most people guessed girl) and we took a gazillion pix. It was a GO DUTCH party meaning everyone brought what we ate. Only thing I spent cash on was pictures. My guests were so generous as we really had a LOT to eat and a lot of gifts for the baby (had told them to keep it gender neutral, plus they had a baby gift registry to choose from). We were about 15 in all and I really totally had fun.

The next morning, I woke and was arranging my gifts and all. I opened the carton of diapers I got to be sure of the size and I was pleased to know it was perfect. Then I kept staring at that one piece which felt like a monument. Then wham, it all came together.

Long and Short, God took me through the list of everyone that came and those who cancelled. Everyone who made it were trusting God for one of two things

Marriage and The fruit of the womb.

Everyone who cancelled didn’t fall into same category.

In fact it was only one chick who came that wasn’t in either of the two categories. Everyone else was.

Wow!!! Now even the Chick who couldn’t stay cos she was sick but only came to drop her gift and left immediately is in faith for a baby. The last two who came at almost 6pm are in faith for their men of God.

The one who travelled but still made sure to send her gift is in faith for her hubby too.

And then God told me the people who came WERE THE PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO COME so He messed up my Guest list to suit His purpose. In fact the lady who dropped her gift and left said she KNEW she had to be there because in her spirit, she knew there was something PROPHETIC about that party. And this is someone I didn’t share anything with ooo. I already told you guys that my son is God’s Prophet yeah? So she was ON POINT!!! As God brought it all together for me, I was WEAK. God then told me to write everyone’s name on that ONE DIAPER and save it till this boy turns one. Pray over it daily and often according to their needs and see what He would have done in the lives of my friends when I celebrate His first birthday. Phew!!! That Diaper was indeed a MEMORIAL!!!

Bunmi can sha look finer than people in pix lol

I rang Rev, as I always do and told Him. This is the SECOND PROFOUND REVELATION coming to me from this pregnancy and Rev just told me to, like Mary, treasure all these things in my heart so as they start happening, I know. He told me to be sure to stay journaling them.


Isnt this God so amazing?

I have the Diaper up on the wall and I pray for my friends often. I truly am amazed by God and can’t wait to see what manner of child this boy will be, and all the miracles He is birthing though him.

I just love how God will ruin your plans to make His happen. I am actually THANKFUL to serve a God that has the POWER to absolute RUIN my plans for His Purpose and will to be done. So when people disappoint us, lets trust Him enough that He knows what he is doing in, with and through us.

My baby shower was testimony enough for me.

Ok see yawl tomorrow.





I am totally fine now, thanks so much to everyone who checked on me on the blog and personally. Turns out that it was something I ate, AKARA that I bought by the roadside that morning on my way from seeing Vee. I have decided to stick to my kitchen from now on. Haha.

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  1. Wow is this prophet Elijah or Elisha ?lol
    But meyn this baby is not playing o, he cannot wait to show the might of God in this generation. Awesome
    I pray for God’s strength even as you go through this last phase of pregnancy. May God grant you a true Hebrew woman’s delivery.
    Take care de

  2. More grace ma.
    one thing I like more about you is the grace you carry. you put more effort and can go the extra miles to carry out your plans. your consistency is wow. No room for excuses

    Thank you ma

  3. WOW!!! Now I know why everything stopped me from coming that day. Uber app wasn’t working on my phone so I deleted and installed taxify. On that day, taxify decided to mess me up. Baby J and I waited in our whites until it was too late to leave the house with another option. I believe all things work together for our good. Congratulations again Eziaha… God bless your bundle of Joy. He is blessed and will be a blessing to his world! I’m learning a lot from you. Your spirituality is on another level…

    1. Awwwww so sorry about that
      Yup all things work together for good, although I would also at least send my apologies to my host though irrespective of the story, especially if i gave my word
      Kisses to your baby love

  4. I’m learning a lot from you. God definitely brought you at the right time. God bless all that you do.

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