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Ok straight to the point

I am not usually a confrontational person. I actually shy away from it especially with my friends. It is either I grace you, adjust expectations and my investment or just (sadly) drift away. That’s not always right I know, but the crazy thing is somehow I have been lucky because Ive managed some great and long lasting friendships despite, but recently God has been calling me more into confronting rather than ‘ostriching’ and I am glad today I passed a test.

Ok so let me back up a bit to give some context. One of my friends Bumz (Shredder Gang CEO) did something that upset me so me I just slid away. Queen of petty gang, I entered ignore mode. But Bumz is a whole lot better than me in that area in that she won’t let you be petty. So she came for my life. Bumz will say it as she needs to say it, so I apologized for my pettiness after she explained warrapen, and I resolved within myself to do better with my friendships.

Today, a friend said something in conversation that upset me. I was even typing normally when her message came in, so I deleted any further convo and found a way to end the chat. In my mind, I was done. I wasn’t going to say one more word to her and I would just move on. Then the Holy Spirit started to check me. Ugh. I was so uncomfy in my spirit so I sent a VN and then explained to her the error of her ways lol and her response was incredible. She didn’t even mean it the way I saw it and was quick to apologize for her choice of words.

Simple and short, a friendship was restored.

Then I went to Bumz to share my testimony lol.

Help me Jesus.

I believe the devil wants to rob us of perfectly amazing friends by twisting things or our minds, and since I am vulnerable in that aspect, I am definitely going to be more intentional about fighting back.

Confrontations? Lets do this….

Yay!!! My friend is having her baby tomorrow via a planned section and I AM BEYOND EXCITED. She is in such high spirits and I can’t wait to go see the baby. Yay!!!

Oh and yay, my fitness team and I rehearsed for the Zumba/Aerobics session we have next week and I am so glad the Lord took control and helped us sort ourselves, including me and my bump haha.

Now to pray this baby doesn’t turn up before then, though of course we have a plan B if i cannot make it due to delivery.

Gosh, God is so faithful. Got another news today that gladdened my heart as an LDM wifey and for my friends who know, please stay praying ooo. This miracle must DONE haha

See yawl tomorrow by God’s grace





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  1. Sigh. me me me…I really do not like confrontations. And sadly, I’m not exactly working on mine. I just am not able to 🙁 God help me

    1. Oh you should love
      Nothing is worth our peace so I am fighting to keep peace around me even if i have to confront

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