#MoMoBalo 💜💜💜

It started with a couple texts back and forth in the first quarter of 2019. She was inviting me to a recording for DDK for Immerse coaching and I didn’t even know she was Mo. I just knew it was someone from DDK’s team. Somehow, we never did find a convenient date for the recording […]

#LeadershipSeries: On keeping my distraction levels LOW!!!

First, I must apologize for my inconsistency here and especially with the leadership series. 2020 should be better!!! Ok I intend to keep this SHORT because what typically stops me from writing is when I think of all the many things I wanna cram into one blog post (#FirstClassEfikoProbs) No kidding but just below this […]

JesusGirls Dubai trip Sept 202!!! Who is coming?

Hey Ladies… So sometime last month, the Lord laid this on my heart to plan this whole Jesus Girls Dubai trip for September 2020 Phew. I am super PUMPED for it, cos we get a WHOLE year to save up and then make it happen NO-PRESSURE!!! I was in Dubai April 2019 with my kids […]

Milk or Meat? Don’t be ‘that friend’

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. Lol. I had something else to share this week but something happened yesterday that made me change my mind. Was going to actually blog on why you should EXIT every whatsapp Prayer and Word group you are in RIGHT NOW and maybe I will get to it later this […]

Can we FREAK OUT (but) in the LOVE ZONE?

Freak out in the LOVE zone!!! Chilleeee, this phrase did me good when I first heard it. Matter of fact, I already had this post in mind but I was gonna title it CAN YOU DEAL? However, once I heard Dr Caroline Leaf use this phrase in an interview with my Pastor Steven Furtick to […]

#AugustFruitful31.11… I HATE CONFRONTATIONS!!!

Hey yawl Ok straight to the point I am not usually a confrontational person. I actually shy away from it especially with my friends. It is either I grace you, adjust expectations and my investment or just (sadly) drift away. That’s not always right I know, but the crazy thing is somehow I have been […]