Hello FAB’ers
Did you have a restful holiday today?
Ramadan Kareem to my muslim friends. I hear this is not the ram killing one. Na wa ooo. Please why is that???
Ha ahn!!! Please wake me up when tz time for the ram eating one…
Speaking of which, someone posed the question in a Christian group I belong to on whatsapp ‘Is it right to eat the sallah ram when given by a muslim?’
Inukwa nu m okoro biko…
My answer? Please scroll up…
Again? Please when is the ram eating one again?
Today was just a blessed day filled with blessed encounters…
Putting last night’s post up made me sleepless to about 2am and I had to still make REFRESH this morning at 7am. I still don’t know how I got to church today at 7am… I must have sleepwalked. But I’m grateful for

I don’t know how to explain that experience. 5hours of just fellowshipping with the Holy spirit and fellow believers. Chai. Wish I could box the experience up and sell at premium price. Twas too awezzzzommee. The prayer points were something else. Praise? Worship? Atmosphere? Awwwwzome…
A particular bible verse hit home. Talk about logos to rhema
Eph 1:18
Tz that ‘…eyes of your heart be flooded with light…’ That did it for me. I’m squeezing all the testimonies outta this Word ooo. No dulling. I MUST TESTIFY
I also rocked my new bible yo

Tho Onyinye kidnapped it at some point…
She so loved on it. She said she’ll go and buy her own. Hehehe.
2. I am grateful for a certain call that came today from a very senior colleague. I am making some career moves I can’t share here for obvious reasons and constantly amazed as to how much people who I have no reason to be relating with by virtue of age and experience, are drawn to me. I mean, tz humbling. Too much favor mehn… I’m also grateful momma taught me to always leave doors open. You never know when it would need to be walked through. My life is picking up… I am too grateful… Jehovah bu eze…
3. I am grateful for one of my most precious friends and brother… Rev Fr Patrick


Pictures never ever do him enough justice. Don’t worry, we have mourned enough at him NEVER getting married. God takes the best jor…I had a most amazing time with him today after Refresh. Felt doubly refreshed


He is in town for a bit and I had missed him so I went to St Dominic’s Yaba to visit with him. The person that took our pictures didn’t get very nice shots but I’ll just share one to show his height

I’m 5ft 11 mind you…
Fr. P is so amazing. I see why he’s a Priest. And he’s sooooo intelligent. In spiritual and general stuff.  Has the wisdom of elders and he’s young ooo. And his laughter???? Ok Eziaha, na Priest ooo. Be careful. Lol
Thank you my very dear friend. And please dumebi don’t say a word.

4. I’m grateful for Aku m. We truly have had a trying moment this period and all, but I’m glad we stayed true to ourselves and we can talk about any and everything, holding back nothing because our love has so matured.

I had this really real deep talk with Him and it just made me believe even more in perfect love from imperfect beings…
My very BEST friend. My perfect Tango… I love you BIG

5. Ok this would absolutely embarass and surprise her but Sweerie I am so grateful for you…and our enviable, real, true, enriching, amazing, fabulous friendship

I recall where we were this period last year… But our sugar daddy specializes in just blowing our mind. As I danced today, I danced for you too. Double dance for our lover God

I have loved and enjoyed being in your life as much as you have being in mine. And I have learnt from you too and you best believe it.
You have a heart filled with sunshine. You light up my world with this smile and all your wahala too which I love…
You know, dumebi and I were in feddy together. She was in green house with Chinma and I was in Blue. Green house girls were dirty btw… (Say the truth ooo. Don’t just start protesting over nothing here)
We weren’t close in school then. We were classmates (I think) but not close. She came back for Masters in Unibadan when I was still an under graduate… A hi there, a hello here. Till a phone call and an event came that changed the course of our friendship. I can’t tell your story. But one thing we know is that The devil aint got nothing on you baby
My darling. My Booski… Look what our Jehovah has done

Tony is such a blessed favored man. Did I mention good man 🙂
I celebrate you my sweetheart. I am deliriously happy for you my love…
I can’t wait to storm Asaba for you
All for you Sugar
Uche and her bump too… I hope… hehehehe

I am grateful for your jaw dropping testimony…
And you know I love you… BIG!!! That’s why we are besties for life…
5. Oh I mentioned the rat abi…
The rat gum did its work yo!!!
I’m thankful.
I can only pray that my house and room especially is rodent free…
Absolutely tired right now…
I should see the movie ‘Weekend getaway’ It stars Genny and many other Super stars
Dear God, please I’m thanking you in advance for the movie. It is somewhat like ‘Why did I get married?’ I think.
And I’m grateful that I can sleep in tomorrow…
Fill your journal darling… Speak your dialect.
Thanksgiving is OUR dialect…

Don’t forget to drop by and comment at my partners-in-gratitude’s blogs too Giantsparkle
and Lizzie
Plenty Loving…


Sorry for the lack of pictures before… WP was really acting up… Mschewwwwww. Now lemme go and see my movie in peace

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  1. HEY! u said Green house girls were wat again??? if i catsh u ehn… infact we go gbalow u oh…… See d movie, u go give me d gist oh….lol. Dumebi Congratssssssss!

    1. loooool
      so you don’t believe I can do a post without pictures?
      Well, WP swallowed them. Now they are here sha so refresh and enjoy

  2. chai I have too many green house readers on this blog
    seriously Ngo, weren’t they?
    lie no good ooo. Lie bad…
    The movie sef is forming long tin. They are trying to make it complicated with too many flash backs and forwards. Anyhoo, lemme see how it ends.
    Stellar cast tho
    Yesooo thanks on her behalf…

    1. Babe i still no gree oh….. lol. Though we came last so many times on Tuesdays n Mrs. Iloh flog tire….lol… bt i no gree oh… d thieves own ehn… na anoda tori….lol.

  3. Kaiiiiiiiiiiii. Ezi, u r lucky mtn no gree me read this post last night. First of all, leave my Fr Patrick nd our ‘type’ of love 4rm a distance aloneooooo. Bt truly Nne, pics no do dt dude of God justice. He is sooooooo fynnnnnnn, girlfriend! Bk to gist…Secondly, green house girls r wttttttt? I agree we hd mega stinking ugly lawns…bt dt was just it. We were tush nd smart nd gentle nd kind…nd some were thieves.thirdly…*blushing much* my head is speechless Darling E. Yeah, I remember… 🙂 nd u were a great comfort. D warmest of them all. Tis y I love u so much nd appreciate u daily. Nd yeah, in dis past year, I too hv learnt greatly 4rm u…I do know I’m a better person now…stil room 4 more, yeah? Chei…d beautiful words u hv used to describe sha…I’m walking on Sunshine today. In summary, I just loveeeeeeeee this postooooooo. As usual…love u Lady E!

    1. U seeeeee
      They had thieves too
      Thanks for saying the truth. …
      Ngo, you see
      And yes Fr Patrick is many shades of smoking
      Plenty hugs darling

  4. Nice,me m thankin God for dis CME lecture spannin frm 9am to 5pm,m also thankin God in advance dat m nt goin to sleep off while @ it!noooooo way!my eyes shall be open wide,alert,it shal nt droop! Amen (yawninng loudly)

    1. Hahahahah drama queen
      Hope you still awake oooo
      Chai I don’t envy you
      I’ve been watching movies all day

  5. Chai, Eziaha the babe!
    Methinks that what draws me soooo much to you and your blog is that you are a REAL Lifer*. You say it as it is, drop it like its hot*
    Hmmn, do you even edit your posts or you just write and publish, ha ahn!
    Well, for that I am grateful cos I look forward to your posts and even when I don’t comment, I read + enjoy.
    Ok, I am grateful for Rev.Fr Patrick and ALL priests of the Catholic Church who are representing Jesus Christ well well, and of course all Pastors and Ministers too. Praying sincerely that their anointing like fresh dew will be NEW every morning and that their service to GOD and humanity will be truly living sacrifices of God’s love and faithfulness which they have been created in Christ to do. Amen.
    Many beautiful congratulations to Dumebi and her husband-to-be, indeed the Lord God has done it for you, all praise to His holy name.
    Whoop! The rat has been shamefully gummed or is it killed? I hate rats…
    Have a blessed weekend Lady Fab,

    Peace and love of Christ +

    1. Nne rats eh….
      God forbid them
      They have a really hot place in hell…
      Thanks on dumebi’s behalf
      And thanks for being such an amazing FAB’er

    2. And as for edit
      I do ooo
      But this is me
      I’m an open person
      More open than the average person out there
      Tz just me. Tz not a sin and it works for me so why change
      Plus it attracts people to me. Eg you
      Like most people that know me in real life actually say that I write like I talk…
      And nne I love me

  6. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Dumebi, your life is a miracle. A true embodiment of Christ living within a person. This is just the beginning of the mind-blowing events that will happen for you. I love you and I am proud of you and all that you are.

    As for you Ms. Motor-Mouth Eziaha, you’re not too old for a mange-ing! Green House Unite!!!

    1. And just so you know, green house girls sucked at mange-ing
      Like majorly
      If I remember twas yellow house n red I think that knew how to mange
      So green house girls unite
      And pull several seats…

    2. Cheech…xoxoxo…thank u so much. I do love u too. U hv been a true sister in good times nd bad…I’m blessed. Just leave Eziaha …tripping for Green house in silence…*tongueout*

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