Hey FAB’ers

Hope the weekend went well ooo because work dey tomorrow. At least for you and not me…


Today was a super intense day for me. From one thing to another. Hardly any breather. Just got in from LDM which btw way SUPER AMAZING and I have to run this and post quick.


DAY 4…

Like you can rightly guess, all I am grateful for today would focus on church hehehe. Ok well, all but one. Ok two…

Let’s roll…

1.  I am thankful for my VERY FABULOUS blog.


This blog brings me INTENSE joy. Between yesterday and today, I can’t count how many times I have read my recent posts. The comments and notifications didn’t stop coming. And I have gotten increased traffic and hits and best of all followers too. You too can follow the blog by subscribing to email alertz. Just tick the box that appears at the comment section and viola, you don’t miss another post. Loving shallas to my newest visitors and followers. Thank you. Monitoring spirits, I see y’all too… I cover myself and my blog with the precious blood of Jesus loool. Something else that really tripped me was… Ok lemme put that in number two… Oh btw, the traffic and hits didn’t come by magic ooo. I intend to do a ‘Tips for Bloggers’ sorta post, because blogging goes beyond just writing. There is a technical aspect too and of course a few other things to drive traffic to the site. I am still learning. When I am done. I will share. Again, WordPress over Blogger/Blogspot ANYDAY…


Blogger is just plain annoying…. Eeish.

2.   So while in my unit today, I met this lady who I hadn’t seen before so in getting acquainted, I told her I loved her hair and then after I said my name, she said ‘…Oh, you have a blog?’ I get that sometimes, increasingly these days, when I introduce myself. It doesn’t tickle me anymore as much as it scares me. It means I have to be doubly accountable to myself and my God. What you see on my blog is what you get basically with E’, but I have to also be more careful. Got me thinking of Celebs. That is how you should live your life as a public figure, as a Model. You begin to think more of the people that look up to you and what it is you stand for. No pressures necessarily of course but be true to what you stand for. Anyhoo, after we chatted some (she always thought I was married), then after service, she showed me something that she did inspired from a post I did. CONFESSION IS WORK BUT CONFESSION WORKS


She showed me her confession which she did herself and I was soooooooooooooo thrilled.


I shared mine with her too which I had on my phone. Kenny darling, it was absolutely nice meeting you. We will see more of each other.

3. I am absolutely absolutely grateful for this very blessed church that I am so blessed to be a part of. Lie no good mehn, DCC ROCKS.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo(3)

Service today was too on point. Ah, the girl that took praise sang this amazing Igbo song… ‘Chioma m eh, Chioma, Chioma m eee, Chioma…’ Ah heaven… The choir was spectacular and they sang my absolutely BEST song Arugbo Ojo…

20130804_100739 (they looked lovely)

Heaven mehn, I enjoyed it. It was sweeter than indomie and egg.

The WORD nko? It was too sweet. It made me want to be ‘more Christian’ like show off God more. The Word was like ice cream… delicious. After listening to it, you just love on God more and more and more. The gospel is GOOD NEWS. Very good news. It sure did sound like good news today. It tasted sweet. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Notin dey for ds life outside God. NOTIN dey ooo. At all… notin dey mehn.

20130804_131450 20130804_131447

Good tins dey Camp Jesus which is why I play FULL TIME for HIM. Chi m di too much biko, gburu aka…

I also met twins like I Love em… Actually triplets two girls and a guy. The guy wasn’t there sha but the girls were adorable


4.  I am grateful for role-models. Models that one can truly learn virtues in life from. Lemme explain. Our music Minister Kennedy (MK) who has this absolutely amazing the-world-is-looking-forward-to concert and Album launch loading, was on Wazobia FM today to publicize the concert.

@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_--

It was when Sammie Okposo joined him on air that I found a real reason to be thankful. MK worked with Sammie for 8years as back-up and Sammie gave a real glowing report on him.


For me, it is important that we have more Role Models that young persons can look up to. Sammie said that when he was there, he was very responsible and diligent. If he had reasons to be absent, he always sent word, no AWOL and he went a step further usually to get someone as a replacement so that his gap is not felt. So now that he is doing his album, Sammie has GIVEN IT ALL to support him. And I do mean ALL. Ah it was glowing all Sammie said.  I love great mentor-mentee relationships. This one gave me hope. Young people need to learn service and mentorship. We still have young people who can inspire more young people to greatness. MK, this story of yours really inspired me and I am thankful for MODELS.


Can’t wait for SOUND OF HEAVEN 25;08;2013 Sunday 4pm 1k pere…

5.   Oh I am so thankful for LDM today.


The FAQs was off da hook. The questions and answers were on pointest. The whole program went very well.


You know how Pk has a way with the Word now. Like no other… hehehe. I enjoyed the Choir and their song tonight.


And of course it was good to see Tunde and his sister who came in from port Harcourt this morning.


Tunde is the sweetheart that said this glowing stuff about me on my birthday.


It was amazing seeing you hun. As usual. And that story you shared with me, ah ideasssss….. looool.

Ah, I love my church… I love DCC round the moon and back…10billion stars mehn

073b08d6-6dc2-4ac9-b9ce-8f8aa2806b6e (peek the color blocking earrings lol)

Ok people, sleep calleth… Check up on my partners-in-gratitude posts too Lizzy and Giantsparkle

Plenty loving

Have a very FAB week ahead… I insist



Nothing… hehehe

17 Responses

  1. Its uncanny how many DCCs there are oh… David’s Christian center, Daystar Christian center, Durban christian center (in SA i think)… all amazing churches by the way… but then,all different in a good way…

    Love your top, by the way, and the color-blocking earrings…

    The mentor-mentee thing, i think what we basically need is not just more good mentors but also mentors who are ‘ready to serve’. and who believe in their mentees… And we need young people to be ready to learn…and to not throw away their values…

    Great post dearie,
    Always in thanksgiving,

  2. Thanks love for the top and earring love
    Yes we do need willing to mentor Mentors (serve doesn’t sound right)
    but I dare say that when a real mentor mets a serious mentee, he or she will be willing to mentor
    Not a clown who is looking to name drop or ask for money or just loaf
    Too many unserious people out there so I can’t blame the offish mentors
    Nobody has time to waste on clowns biko…
    The art of mentorship and followership is lost on many
    everyone wants to jump the process and be boss
    ha n’ezu ya…?
    Step by step mehn
    ehen abeg we are the only LEGIT DCC ooo. Daystar is known as Daystar not DCC Daystar is an amazing church btw
    No comment on the SA one… Ok one comment #counter….#

    1. Hahaha @ Legit… I hear you oh!!

      Ok, mentoring mentors sounds right…That’s what Fela Durotoye is doing…mentoring mentors. True that we should all learn to stay the course and not jump the process…

      Gnyt dearie.
      Have an even more gratitude-provoking day tomorrow…

  3. Thanks for the post, jacket and earring loving
    We do need more ready to mentor Mentors (serve sounds one kain)
    But I dare say that when a real mentor figure meets a serious ready to learn mentee, he wil bend over backward to help
    Just that most mentees today are clowns, waiting to faf around, beg, name drop, famz etc and learn NOTHING
    Wasting oge mmadu
    I don’t blame the mentors when they sound offish. Most young people today are clowns
    The art of menteeship and followership is lost on most
    Everybody wants to jump straight to Boss man, nobody wants to serve
    Ngwanu, k’anyi nene
    Na beans… Process is key biko
    Thanks nne for commenting

  4. So while I was waiting for u.. u were busy taking pictures, wait till I catch u… oh yes and LDM was awesome… i felt good cos just before PK gave the answers I knew what was coming…

    1. Oh that feeling is priceless. I am teaching you well.
      We should totally open a church
      Bleh bleh to you. Some of us came early to church and took the pictures before.
      Unlike you.

  5. E! U r jus an amazing n inspirational person,Godbless u real good. I was ryt bside u n I totally love d jacket n ur frames.I want*sadface*.d praise n worship was Awesoooooome. Deres jus so mch to b grateful 4. Thank u. Mch. D lord is ur Muscle

  6. Reading 2 posts in one night is a whole lot to digest hun!

    Won’t wait another day!

    Welldone pweety!

    So I want the only one who was looking 4u @ LDM? Hehehehe…

    1. Loooooooooooooool
      Please don’t oooo
      Don’t mind tani… she was just annoyingly hurrying me
      Thanks Water walker
      I hear a sound of heaven already
      Dear Victory dome, can you take the CROWD?

  7. E’ would not allow me rest with her church o. I already have plans for the church I wanna attend in service year, but I think I should try DCC first.
    :-D. E’ won

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