Hey darlings…

Finally we get to kick this off..


Can you feel my excitement?

Was having so much fun at Tannie’s place and I almost forgot I had to come home and get this Blog post done. I remembered it when Tannie mentioned that she too had to fill in her own Journal before she slept.

I wanna believe that you know what this is all about. If you do not, please read this post on the 30 DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE https://eziaha.com/2013/07/30/the-30day-gratitude-challenge/

Thanksgiving is our dialect… Eph 5;4B The Message Translation

Ok so what am I grateful for today?


  1. I am so grateful for the opportunity to take a really LONG prayer walk today. It had been eons I did that. I was work free today and I had a real fabulous time walking (exercising), speaking in tongues, and listening to the message preached by my darling Pastor yesterday at midweek service on JUST DO IT. I so enjoyed that fellowship time with my Sugar Daddy this morning. I even got people to snap me…   IMG-20130801-00376 IMG-20130801-00368
  2. I am absolutely grateful that I could minister to a darling friend of mine today despite the fact that both of us are somewhat in the same shoes. She sent me a message saying she needed some ‘picking up therapy’ and I called her and we had this long talk after which she felt good again. Screen_20130801_143314Now the tricky part is that this morning, after my walk, I was a bit sad about some recent events very related to what my friend was also experiencing. Talked to le boo about it and he did his bit to pick me up. And before I even got over the whole ‘feel bad business’ here was my friend calling me for a pick me up. Looool. That was just God’s very humorous way of saying ‘my darling please pack up your pity party and minister to another darling of mine’ I laughed. Inspite of myself. Of course, I too felt a lot better after ministering too.
  3. I am grateful for the opportuinity I had to clean up my bathroom today. I was away last weekend and didn’t clean it. Usually, we have someone who does that but I just really wanted to do it today myself and I had a fantastic time listening to a message IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS by my PK and cleaning happily.20130801_130524 I am also grateful that I did not slip oo cos I had a few near slips. Looool. Infact, the koko gratitude is even that I have a bathroom that I can call mine. And I do know why I am grateful for that…
  4. I am absolutely grateful for my friend Tani and our budding friendship. She has fed me consistently this past few days with meals that involve chicken and has kept her house open to me, though she always threatens me with her LIONS called dogs… Tani has been real amazing. I have always believed in human angels especially because I have amazing friends and Tani has reinforced that belief. I met her off this blog and she has been a real sweetheart especially this period. I keep thinking of how to repay this chic. I know I will darling. I know I really will. And I wil sweep you off your feet you will dump your boo and beg me to marry you Looool. We saw this amazing movie together TEMPTATION by Tyler Perry Tyler-Perry-Temptation-poster-3and my, it was a touching sad but true movie. You can grab a copy. I recommend it. And I am also grateful for Tani’s wifi. I wait to get to her house and then start downloading all downloadables since my own data is exhaustible and hers is not. A good neighbor and friend is one who does not put a password to their wifi (or shares the password with you). THANK YOU TANI. You rock…
  5. I am sooooooo grateful for the absolutely amazing and FAB pictures Chinma sent to me from her birthday party a few weeks back. I love pictures I am sure you know and you know why I am so grateful. I will just share them with you guys…

DSC_0073 (1)



Simply FAB yeah?

That would be all for now. Like I said, join in and deliberately find things to be grateful for. Even then seemingly small things ooo. Don’t take any for granted. Thanksgiving and gratitude ought to be your dialect… SPEAK IT…

Take a look at my girl Kaego’s first post on GRATITUDE too which is up… http://giantsparkle.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/day-1-gratefulmuch/ I enjoyed reading it. I am sure you will too… I especially love the fact that she is grateful she missed Lagos traffic today. If you live in Lag, you will know why she is grateful ooo…  And Lizzie’s own too http://elisabethezekiel.blogspot.com/2013/08/gratitude-journal-entriesday-1.html We were in the same hostel in my under grad days and I absolutely understand when she says she is grateful for NEPA… hehehehe. We used to have major NEPA challenges. Don’t worry Love, ASUU will let your graduate soon… AMEN…

Happy August FAB’ers



16 Responses

  1. Beautiful post… I think I want to steal Tani…or maybe just her wifi…looool
    Looking forward to tomorrow already… 😀
    I’m beginning to think we need a girls’ night out…maybe at the end of august? what say you??

    Yours Gratitudinally,

  2. I am all for anything GIRLS mehn… I say YEAH… We will work on it jare.
    And yes oo steal Tani but leave the wifi eh…
    No try yasef ooo
    And yes I sure am looking forward to it too hehehe

  3. loool @ giant sparkle…… I cover myself and my wifi with the blood of Jesus.. Most Importantly today I am thankful for a God that feels what I go thru.. I cannot describe how he just comforts me when I am at my lowest ebb.
    I am also thankful for our budding friendship Eziaha… I know u are an angel no doubt! What I have learnt from U hen, Heaven alone can quantify. And for calling my “darlings” lions u will pay… Lemme gaan fill my journal…..

    1. Looool…
      Amen but you see, I’m under the cover of the blood too… 😀
      Now, where can i find that wifi?? Hehehe!!

      So thankful for that too dear. And the fact that He keeps opening doors…

    2. Hahahahahaha. Tani don involve blood of jesus sha.
      Ordinary wifi
      Pls swallow your wifi or better still give ur lions to swallow.
      How will I pay biko? Don’t release those lions on me ooo. I haven’t fulfilled purpose yet neither do I wanna be a part of your statistics oooooo.
      Again my darling I’m grateful for you. Fill your journal ooo or no movie tomorrow. ..

      1. looooool! And I will really swallow my wi-fi…..journal filled! @giantsparkle well I’m very generous, I”ll take out the password from my wifi so u can share in it…

  4. Lol@Your s Gratitudinally.
    Uplifting Gratitude posts tonight.
    I think I want to steal Tannie too seeing as my post isn’t yet up because of poor internet service.
    Guess what?I’m. Thankful. Still!
    I am never disadvantaged….All things work together for me.

    1. Tannie we need the blood of God too ooo… ha ahn?
      Lizzy pele dear. It must come up…
      Yes ooo. We are never disadvantaged biko

  5. Lovely post and a special one too#winks#
    …! I didn’t know #AttitudeO’Gratitude# was this simple o! When I saw all your write up preceeding this,I thought it would be one complex thing. Abeg I’m grateful o….!#where’smyjournal….#

    1. Oh it’s very simple love. Biko grab your journal fast. I can help you find reasons to be very grateful heheheh.

    1. Nne is it this night you are taking that walk? Looool.
      Oh prayer walks are amazing ooo
      Looking forward to an opportunity to have it again soon

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