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First off, thank you for all the birthday love!!! Totally appreciate, bump and I.

So let’s jump right into today’s post. Does anyone feel such a STRONG sense of maybe urgency or fervency in the spirit these days? I have been feeling that way in recent times, like truly God is raising an ARMY for Himself in these times. An INVINCIBLE one. So it wasn’t a surprise when during the Hallelujah Challenge, Pastor Nathaniel kept saying that God is raising an army. I loved seeing all the testimonies and being in awe of God but I wasn’t one of those who had those amazing testimonies. Instead I get a new fire burning within me like crazy. That’s a testimony in and of itself and I wanted that fire to stay burning which is why I did this post and called for 5 LADIES with which to keep my fire stoked.

12The fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it. It shall not go out, but the priest shall burn wood on it every morning; and he shall lay out the burnt offering on it, and offer up in smoke the fat portions of the peace offerings on it. 13’Fire shall be kept burning continually on the altar; it is not to go out.… Leviticus 6v12 and 13

I believe that the process of burning wood on it every morning can be likened to having the right people around you helping to keep the fire going. Sure we can fly solo but I also know that the strength we draw from fellowshipping with the right people around us helps keep us going.

And I didn’t even have time to waste so I picked them ladies, and we have already began. I am soooo loving our prayers even though this is just Day 2, and I know it gets even better.

Like the first day we all prayed for me, someone dropped a word that literally threw me up and down. Interestingly. Pastor Taiwo took and ENTIRE MONTH to teach onthis particular scripture at Thursday showers yet it didn’t hit me until this Chick dropped it. I am like Gosh thank YOU for this gathering. Phew…

So why am I doing this post? To encourage us to do same if you can. Grab one or three, or as many people as you can handle and come together online or in the physical, to worship, study and pray together from time to time. Small groups are really amazing and also help keep us accountable.

So let me share in some detail how we run ours, and you can duplicate or tweak as you deem fit…

So we are FIVE in all, Eziaha inclusive and every night at 2am, we come together to pray. Each day we pray for one person, so maybe Eziaha Monday, Chi Tuesday and so on up until Friday where we pray for the last person. So it means I get to share the prayer points AND SCRIPTURES that I am believing for with them, and then we all pray in agreement via Whatsapp. You can pray via any platform you want, including video calls but I haven’t yet seen a private video platform for prayers that works. We interject our prayers with praise and worship too. We repeat this daily, with whoever we are praying for leading the prayers and then on the sixth day, we come together and pray for our own selves. So Eziaha prays for Eziaha, especially if there are stuff that maybe are too personal to share yet or at all. But in that corporate prayer atmosphere, we pray.

Then we also share what we would love to be held accountable on and for, and feedback on it daily. Spiritual disciplines now ooo, eg I want to spend 30minutes on the Word or whatever daily.

From next week, we will have daily Bible studies and all.

So I encourage you to do whatever you can to keep the fire on your altar burning. You can’t be too busy for God. I am super busy myself but I need to make that extra effort, shave off a few hours of sleep, and distractions so I can keep it hot in the spirit. We have to make room for God intentionally because everything else will fight for our time.

Yawl have an amazing week.

Oh and thanks to everyone who indicated interest to be a part of the FIVE Chicks. I couldn’t pick everyone and I also couldn’t reply everyone so I said I would just mention on my blog. I am so sorry that somehow I didn’t pick you, but yay for getting a couple of your friends and creating your own group of FIRE FULL CHICKS.

Oh and please let’s also be very intentional about our friends and friendships too. Don’t feel pressured to keep any going. If a certain friend or friendship is affecting your spiritual life, please drop it or review it.

I read this chapter in Sarah’s book Don’t settle for safe on friendship and I re-adjusted and reviewed the relationships in my life yet again.

I highly recommend it. I didn’t believe all the nerves she was hitting in my life.

Surround yourself with FIRE!!! And I do mean that literally!!! Have friendships and conversations that spark up something deep in you, not all these superficial things…

Ok cheers to an amazing week yawl





Can i just recommend this Victoria Orenze’s song? Oh my gosh!!! Jesus!!!

I can’t stop replaying it. Oh my gosh!!!

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