Life… It should NEVER be allowed to go backwards.

Sadly, that became the case for me as regards my expenses and budgeting.

As a student, ah I was VERY money conscious. Ijebu if you like but I will just call it PRUDENT. I had a money diary and I could mostly account for every dime. At the start of the month, I would bring out my tithe and an offering for the month. I would also budget for other stuff too. I never had a casual approach to money. Everything was budgeted. Shout out to my Ibadan church Triumphant assembly Shabach centre and my darling Pastor, Dr. Bunmi Kolawole.


He instilled that money diary spirit in most of us and he lived it too. GREAT MAN jor…

Now, as a graduate and a Corper, mehn, life happened. The prudent me became somewhat casual. I mean, if I was being casual about random stuff, it would have been cool but even for money that was going to church I had casualized. So somedays, a church day would come and I would not have money so I will promise to give double next time and then forget and oh my!!! Biko my Sugar Daddy definitely didn’t deserve that. It was not altogether bad I admit but by my standards, I had fallen.

So what did I do?

I went on PlayStore and searched for Money management apps. Downloaded like 4 but AMBER MONEY had EXACTLY what I was looking for.


The AMBER money app is FABULOUS. It has an expenses segment where you detail your expenses into categories and it just arranges it for you. It even gives you a pie chart representation too in daily, weekly or monthly formats.


Then ‘income’ section where you enter all the money you receive and then when you click balance, it just gives you your balance based on all your income and expenses entry.

It also has a notification button where you can enter pending transactions and then once you indicate that you have done that, it auto adds it to expenses and deducts from income so your balance is correct.


If you miss a day, you can go back and fill it in and it readjusts every other thing auto… I actually just realized that some of the Pro features just started working on their own for my free version which makes it even cooler


Oh how I love that app. And all the many categories you can add. You can even add pictures and more notes too. Too cool.

Now, I am back to tracking my finances again. Now I know what percentage I am spending weekly on food, transportation, God and church related stuff, leisure etc. and I can make sure that God gets the BIGGEST part of my finances.

I am having a ball. Infact, I purposely set a notification for my offerings and tithe pre-paid so I never forget it or make a mistake in computing.

Ah, I love AMBER MONEY sha. It also makes me conscious of what I am spending on. Because I know that that pie chart is there to guilt trip me, I usually forget about that 72 road sharwama some nights and just drink garri looool. Seriously, I just love that feeling of being very in charge of my finances and making sure that the One that provided is getting a good percentage of it all.

there are other money apps of course, just that AMBER money just looked like it for me. It was not complicated at all.

I just thought to share with y’all. Keeping track of your finances or should I say financial stewardship is one test we all MUST pass to be promoted to controlling even more money and the best time to start is now when you can still count all your money…



Ok people, gotta go. Major shout to all ye amazing readers of mine. I am feeling all the loving and harassments too. Muah.

To my bff FOREVER and EVER Sapphire aka Mrs Ogunmekan,


Thank you specially too hun. I mean, you are totally totally amazing. I mean with all your trouble and stuff, I ABS LOVE YOU. You know we are stuck for life yeah, and by God, I love being stuck with you my Twinnie


Btw, did you actually tell me yesterday night to ‘SUCK IT UP’ Meanie… Mschewww.

that’s all dolls.

Oh yes, feel free to enjoy this Post An embarrassing flight moment. It is an OLD post of mine and it still made me laugh.

Have a FAB week ahead dawleens

E’… Powered by God


I just discovered another game like Temple run. SUBWAY SURFERS. Someone mentioned it to me yesterday.


Totally hilarious. I love how the Guy catches the surfer and how the surfer protests especially. Too funny.


The surfer is soooo mischievious and the game is just hilarious. Still learning it but loving it plenty. You can try it out too.

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  1. Lol me love this post oo..Very timely i must say,especially as I have been slippin in my money management…buh meyn u really inspired me with your devotion to tithes and offering, that’s something I personally need to work on..May God help me sha.oh yh,hopefully soon and very soon, we will sart counting in billions and that in dollars/pounds too..btw nice pics u got there as always *winks*..xo

  2. i am so happy to help. Please do ooo. Tithe is even non-negotiable. As for offerings, please set the money aside for the month so that even if you run outta money, your offerings go still dey kampe. Works for me. thanks hunnie.

  3. Dis post cudnt have come at a better time mehn!!! Straight to playstore I go !!!!! Amber money!!!!! Thanks E. By the way, u are a ‘lastma’ o. Subway surf since wen? *eyes rolling* *tongue out* lol. Love ya

    1. Looool after rolling ur eyes and sticking your tongue out… you now Love me. please go.
      Don’t mind me oo. I am not so much of a game freak. *Now starching my LASTMA uniform*
      At least I know someone who doesn’t know too and that is TANITOLUWA AGUNBIADE
      Enjoy AMBER MONEY hun

  4. Dear E’,lovely sweet interesting post,not trying to burst this diva’s head tho *winks*……pls remember u also have bb fans….can’t find amber money *sad smiley* Any other special app? I so want *big grin*

    1. Hahaha
      My darling truth be told eh bb is limited and limiting. I dunno what to even say to help. Check bb world sha. Maybe something go dey. Thanks sugar

  5. Truth is when I read this post and d one on okada books, I was jus sad 😐 . Well my android doesn av an os dat supports playstore (i’ve had it since 2011 and I cant make up my mind what to buy today its and xperia TX tomorrow its xperia Z then next week a lumia) and u know wt androids, manual upgrade means crashing ur mobile. So I had nothing to say. But u know how u (yes u E) write what you want for your birthday, I did like ten days ago (i’m not even sure which of my note pads d list is in) and lets jus say I also wrote a wrist watch too. So last week, was telling myself il buy me a wristwatch cos I was really tired of wearing d three I had (which by d way are really classy, jus needed change). But guess what? I got an early birthday gift. It was a jewelry set that had a wristwatch wt a matching bracelet(i love love love bracelets. Yes. That much). So E, i’m believing God for the other items on my list.
    Atleast FAITH doesn cost me money; only time spent studying d word of God and exercising it. You’ve been writing good though. Welli done madame

    1. Hey
      I want me a watch too. I have just one loool. And I have worn it forever loool. But I love it jare.
      Thankful for you love
      And true that on faith ooo. I tap in
      Good to have you back hun

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