This post will just be pictures.
You gotta love DCC and whoever brought this concept up

I mean, everyone is AKIKITANized…

BBM is bristling with this. Twitter too. You have to be living under a rock beneath the dead sea to have missed it

I love how peeps be asking me ‘what’s going on?” ‘What’s Akikitan?”

We are starting a revolution yo!!! Get on board already.

Still clueless? Here is what I mean.









Blessing’s smile was the Hands down WINNER btw



Even the babies weren’t left out



And the Olori oko himself joined his daughters and wife


And then this one where he is angry on behalf of all the men who won’t be able to join us loool

Omo I decided not to carry last despite not being in Lagos yet so I got out the only two markers in the house and started trying


Feel free to laugh
Everyone I showed laughed.

And gave suggestions but I couldn’t get any of the stuff they suggested.

So I carried it and did this


Was ashamed of myself so I shared with only Lizzie.

As she spoke her big grammer and gave her yabis, I had a flashbulb moment

Photo grid editor to the rescue


Ain’t no last carrying in this matter abeg

Talk about a REVOLUTION!!!

And this ain’t all ooo. Just follow @dcclagos for more

Ladies, except you are not in Nigeria, you really should be at this year’s WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP


Themed AKIKITAN this year. Loosely translates to When Words Fail


As at last count, it seems like a reunion for me.

Plenty of my friends are coming from outside town.


And the ones in Lagos will now have excuse.



Anyways, me I will be there.

Hello!!! It even fell in June, my birth month. As always that is *wink*

I will share last year’s testimony from IMELA here soon and I am just over the top for Akikitan



See guest ministers na...

OK lemme join my FAB ladies for prayers…
Before I am marked absent or late for today


See you at AKIKITAN

And if you need a place to sleep, my place is open.

Already told momsie that a battalion are sleeping over. Just bring your own food sha. Me I won’t cook ooo. Not even noodles. Hehehe

Some people will sleep on the stairs though lol. Would look for a red carpet to put on it

And BTW, don’t drool too much guys, almost all the ladies I put up are so married. So so married!!!




25 Responses

  1. Hehehehe,Ezi maybe u shld jus hold up a plain sheet of paper,take a pix,n photoshop it
    Cos we can stil see that green/pink one at the background.
    This one u invitin everyone to ur house,u ready to cook one large malu(cow)?

    1. Lemme quickly add that you guys should bring your food ooo
      I don’t cook abeg
      Except momsie will help you guys
      And vee limme alone oooo with my picture
      At least I have been AKIKITAN-ized too


  2. AKIKITAN!! I am Akikitanised here already……hehehehehhehe
    Last year When Women Worship was soul lifting!
    Can’t wait for Sunday and to see you my darling Mrs Olojo
    Coming with some girlfriends from TA(Triumphant Assembly) Lagos Church
    See ya soon darl!

  3. Oh, how wonderful E’licious dearie…Everyone’s on the fast moving train to Aki ki tan
    …no stops…fast moving train, get on board now and all the way…to when words fail you…in the presence of CHRIST the King…DCC is Aki ki tanized oooo.

    Beautiful post E’

  4. Me too, I refuse 2 be left out o! Even medilag exams wee not stop me from being A ki kitanized! Ama design sometin too, buh Momma, I believe myn wuld be finer dan urs! 😛 @dcclagos rocks mehn! Lovely concept! Where is Pastor M in all of these tho? Wuld like 2 see her own pic o! Lmao @ Pastor K’s angry face, very funny indeed! All roads leads 2 DCClagos on d 15th of june(medilag exam, abeg park well)! Don’t amazing stuff just happen in june? 😉 #akikitan #proudlyjuneborn!

  5. My bbm peeps are in for it! If dey tot av made noise about A ki ki tan b4, my noise just got louder o! Choi! Me ayaf stolen all d pics here! Perfect DPs till d real day! Sorry 2 all dose who can’t make it! Ama rub it in ya face well well!

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