Hey yawl…

Let’s keep things shallow this Saturday, shall we?

I recently got introduced to and downloaded the App EXPENSE TRACKER and I had the idea to blog about this topic, sharing all the many Apps on my phone that make me a little more efficient, organized and enjoy technology a little more…

I use an S8+, a birthday gift from hubby, and it has a super large memory space even without memory card, but when I had a limited memory space device, I bought a memory card and would download Apps then manually transfer from phone internal memory to the memory card, where it is an option.

Either ways, I love Apps and all they offer.

So let’s do this… in Alphabetical order. I’m skipping those Apps that come with the phone…

Screen 1

1. Air BnB

Cos if you are planning an international vacation, Air BnB apartments and experiences are the next best alternatives to hotels for your pocket…

2. Baby Centre

Its like my GAMES APP. I actually don’t have any game on my phone so if I’m looking to pass time, I get on babycentre and connect with fellow moms in the UK and US especially. If you are a Preggo or mom of baby or toddler, it is INVALUABLE. Get it.

3. Bible and Bible for Kids

Obviously I use YouVersion. It’s da bomb. The kids one is just amazing for your toddlers. It has interactive videos and puzzles and stuff. So good. The Bible App I especially love cos of the many translations and the ability to organize my bookmarks, notes, study and highlights. Highly recommend.

4. Boomerang.

I hardly use it these days though. But it helps you create short 3secs fun/goofy videos

5. Canva

Helps me create fliers for work. Love it.

6. Cowrywise

Savings App. I have my secondary savings there especially for short term or really specific goals.

7. Daystar Mobile

That’s my church App. Allows you join live services, buy sermons, be up to date with church news and more. Not sure if I can pay tithe there. I think so though… sermons are just 100box

8. Dictionary

For obvious reasons

9. Echo Prayer App.

All you need to do is program it, and phew, it reminds you to pray, keeps track of your prayers and answers, allows you even connect with other friends to pray, etx. Love it

10. Elevation Church

Oh of course. My church and e-fam πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Plus all the free messages you get.

11. Expense tracker

Just downloaded this so I hope it’s all I expect it to be

12. FAB E’Reader

My personal book Reader App. I pray using a few of my devotionals.

13. Facebook.

Obviously lol.

Screen 2

14. FilmoraGo

Helps me edit short videos and stuff. I really love it.

15. Fit

Google fit that is. Helps track my steps especially.

16. Fitbit

Another Fitness App. I wear the tracker, and so the phone App helps me interpret the results better

17. Flo

Tracks my period, ovulation and all. I think every chick needs this App. Whether you are trying for a baby or trying to avoid conception, it helps

18. GoTo Webinar

Helps me connect to Propel Chapter Leaders webinar

19. GTBank

I love banking with GTBank so this App helps for my personal banking including my Domicillary accounts and Dollar mastercard

20. GT World

This works for my corporate banking and GAPS. Not sure why GAPS doesn’t work on the regular GTBank App. Anyways all CoachE’Squad banking happens via GT World App

21. HP print

The App allows me print or scan and email using Wi-Fi technology as it connects with my HP printer at home.

22. Invoice

Helps me create invoices for my clients

23. Invoice Manager

Same as 22. Can’t decide which I prefer.

24. Instagram


25. Kobo books

My fave book reader App, after FAB E’Reader of course. Holds all my e-books. Love love love it.

26. MiFit

Another Fitness tracker. I wear the band so the App helps me interpret the info. Tracks my steps, calories, heart rate, and more

27. Optical Reader

My phone has this awesome feature that allows me extract text from pictures and screen shots. This App helps me do just that. It’s not perfect But it works

28. Paypal

For International transactions and payments.

Screen 3

Gosh I have too many Apps lol

29. Photo grid

Helps me combine pictures. I’m about to delete it once I find another one that works, cos they want to kill me with ads. Recently, you can’t remove some ads until you play it for some seconds, if not the screen doesn’t let you leave. Haba…

30. Piano kids

Downloaded it for KingDaveed. He’s REALLY into music. Though it’s not that effective so I may delete soon. Plus I don’t let him play with this phone. The cost can buy land lol.

31. Piggy Bank

My primary savings App.

Allow me to go a bit deeper into this.

Piggybank has been such a BLESSING in my life. I’ve saved more money than I ever have with it, and I THANK GOD FOR IT. Plus they have given me a bonus only this year of almost or over 50k.

The features are awesome. I’ve been looking closely into investments now, and I’m favouring Money markets and Treasury bills purchased thorough my bank.

May favour Stanbic MM or ARM over TB sha since I can keep topping up. Now I’ve saved enough to move into that level. Then of course land and Agriculture but I’m still looking into investing in farms, farmers and Agric in general. But I can think of all that cos Piggybank has helped me save and save well with good returns. I thank God for Lolade Nwanze’s tweet that introduced me to it. 1k per day was the idea but mehn, i have over tripled that. Even opened for my kids and so far they have earned some cool interest. I’ll move their funds to a more long term investment tho cos they are not getting it till 18, if Jesus tarries…

Anyways, join Piggy bank. Not a paid Ad abeg.

Was at their office recently for an appointment and I was impressed.

Even if all you wanna do is 5k per month, or 1k per week or 1k per day, it’s a good start. And as it grows, you too will keep taking steps to make it grow even more… plus interest are so so good. Just a little lower than TB and Money market

32. Quickteller

For all my local payments especially flights. You can pay via their website too, and frankly, I take that option more cos the App doesn’t wanna save my bank details so it’s frustrating. May soon delete

33. Quik

Another video editing app. Prefer Filmora though. Maybe cos I haven’t fully understood it.

34. Receipts

Again, to create Receipts for my Clients. It’s Receipts by wave actually…

35. Regran

To repost on Instagram

36. Shaw Academy

For my online course. Totally LOVE AND PREFER the App over the website

37. Snapchat

Photo App.

38. Splendo

For my to-do list. My very best app for productivity. I only wish I could sync it to another device or maybe with another user, maybe my Assistant. That way we can keep up with tasks from anywhere and any device. That would make it most efficient. There are Apps like that but I found them complicated abeg. So splendo works for now.


Cos I actually hate Uber lol.

40. Truecaller

Gosh helps me especially with cold and customer care calls. So I know this is Spectranet or MTN so I don’t have to pick haha. Tells me the name of whoever is calling.

41. Twitter


42. Whatsapp 1 and 2

Obviously. My phone allows me operate two different whatsapp numbers. The second has an orange logo at the base.

43. WordPress

For blogging easily. I prefer it.

Screen 4

44. Yahoo Mail

Works perfectly. Almost one of the first apps I download on new phones cos my yahoo mail is most active…

45. YouTube

My best App to remain connected with all my teachers. Can’t do without this on a phone. I also download offline videos on it to watch later. Also organize my playlists too. Love YouTube too much

46. YouTube kids

I got 2 babies so it helps me streamline content. I figure that even tho it’s kids, it has videos that are for Kids which you don’t want your godly kids watching so you MUST still control. It’s like Disney or Boomerang. All kids but you don’t want your kids watching Vamperina and the likes. I teach my son tho so he knows if mommy says it’s not good, he asks for it to be changed if it comes up.

47. Zenith Bank App

I usually use Zenith Bank to save a percentage of our income for the goodwill and charity we do at CoachE’Squad Ltd. It still has my maiden name though so I only save from there and try not to send out cash from there except to my Gtbank from which I disburse.

48. Zoom Cloud meeting

Ok, I’m not sure how I fared before Pastor M introduced me to Zoom. Helps you hold VERY EFFECTIVE online/cloud meetings. You see and hear everyone. We also use it to hold prayer meetings. It feels like we are in a room together. Infact when I don’t use my earphones, hubby hears us from the bedroom like we are praying in the living room live. Really love zoom and if you have a team, this should help meetings esp if yawl can’t afford live meetings as much as you would like.

Hey that’s it haha.

Oya share with me any apps on your phone that helps you stay efficient and productive.

I actually don’t have any game for real.

I consider YouTube a game lol and also Baby Centre cos both help me relax well.

Ok we are home bound after 400l class this morning. We had a test. I didn’t read ONE THING cos it was based off a book but I had a full yesterday so couldn’t. Got 8/10 yay lol.

Have a team meeting today so I need to go prep for it. I’m exhausted

Happy weekend guys


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  1. Evernote- helps to organize notes and store articles from the internet amongst others.
    Layout- to combine pictures. Hardly use it these days.
    MySword Bible- for Hebrew and Greek word origins.
    Preview- to schedule my Instagram post and create a nice theme.
    Shazam- to figure out the artiste singing and song title of a song I hear.
    Unfold- to create beautiful and professional Instagram videos.

    Thanks for sharing about Piggy bank especially.

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