Hey yawl!!!

Ok I had a Post planned out (that line of Equal Frequency) but I feel like this one will fly better. Plus people, that Post does NOT want to get ‘done’. I am almost tired but my mama din’ raise no quitters!!!

Until it gets done, I think this Post will have to fly. Btw, anybody wanna help me start writing? Loooool. #Kidding

Happy November yawl!!!

So many people ask me about such personal details of how I live –Spiritual, Physical, mental and gbogbo e… Why did I even do this Slip stream post?

I figured I should just open up my November Diary to yawl in the Spirit of Slipstreaming haha. I really can’t reach and reply all emails so…

Plus I think I have a perfect November planned out so lezzdodis.


DISCLAIMER: Be inspired BUT don’t copy me. I am GRACED for my own life. You are GRACED for yours. So stay in your own GRACE SPACE even as you lean into my SLIPSTREAM!!! Amen?

Starting from the books I plan to read

So I am on a 4-books-per-month shizzle. Reading is no longer a past time for me. It is an activity I INTENTIONALLY work into my day.


I need to run faster, and avoid some kinda hurdles so I am thankful I can lean into the wisdom God gives through the people He gives a message and they deliver it in books. I totally agree with this quote below…

Yes please!!! Thank YOU
Yes please!!! Thank YOU

Last month I rolled with

  1. The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu (and I am now on a money detox DIET. The GREEN CLEANSE kind. *insert tears*                                                                                       20161021_134403.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                  This is not the month to ask E’ for NOTHING!!!). I just owe Arese a hug!!! The book is BRILLIANT plus it has some clean romance mehn!!! Loveet
  2. The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer. Phew!!! img_20161030_130928285.jpgThis Book was Joyce’s ‘personal gift’ to me through Pastor M from LoveLife 2016. I almost ATE the book. I could NOT highlight ANYTHING and that is a different level HIGHER than when you keep highlighting. I just wanted to eat it. One advice though, BUY IT!!! Or STEAL IT anywhere you see it. And no, you can’t borrow mine cos I don’t borrow books. Lol.
  3. Unstoppable by Christine Caine and let’s just say THANK GOD FOR CHRIS!!! Phew!!!
  4. Without Rival by Lisa Bevere. The writing gift Lisa has is from the inner inner inner sanctuary where God Himself resides!!!

Ok so this Month is

  1. Intentional Parenting. Yay. I got it on LifeWay, an e-copy. No it can’t be sharedintentional-parenting
  2. Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. Funtizzle (Funto lol) and I are reading this Book together because Lioness arising SHOULD and MUST be read with a fellow Lioness. We sha started Chapter 1 sometime last month and I fell deeper in love with Lisa (If that is possible sef)20161101_115005.jpg
  3. Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. This is a woman Leadership book and I truly can’t wait. Sheryl is COO of Facebook!!! Choi!
  4. Who is holding your Ladder? holdingThis one was recommended by my Pastor M and I have not even found it. Saw it on gidimall and it is God that said I should choose POD cos those humans now told me 5 working DAYS later it was NOT available. But yawl know I will find it abi? Or I will get the e-copy

So that is it for books. These books speak to my current season and I can’t wait to be done with all.

Now as per Bible study. Since Joyce Meyer introduced me to Ephesians with her Bible Study plan,

Sadly, i think they have taken it down
Sadly, i think they have taken it down

I fell deep in love that I started it all over again. Ephesians is so delicious. Makes me feel like a mature believer cos it is a deep sontin haha

This November, say Hello to the wisdom contained in the BOOK OF PROVERBS


I love how Max Lucado says that it turns on the light in dark corners of our lives. While Psalms is the book for Sunday, Proverbs is the Book for Monday because it teaches me a lot on how to relate with people. I loveet. Can I just share something I wrote in my journal today?

Got if from Max’s commentary.

Wisdom comes ONLY from the Word of God so if I am going to be wise, I have to spend more time IN THE WORD than on TV because out there, worldly wisdom is rife and confusing…

I already feel like Solomon only after Chapter 1. Can’t wait to introduce myself to myself after Chapter 31. I will probably rapture haha.

So yes we read books, but we also read THE BIBLE!!!

Ok one other area of my life I am upping my game is in my giving. So I spoke to a dear friend on something yesterday and he mentioned in crazy detail his giving life. I almost passed out. God is just so amazing and frankly, if I LOVE Him, I will give Him MY BEST!!! Something that truly costs me som’in!!! So I will be sure to cut off all the unnecessary spending so that I can have more to give to God. Funny I have heard Chris say something like that before. That she is constantly cutting off so that her tithes and offerings are substantial enough to present to our Father. I think that is wise. So what this means for me personally is that even if I have a set amount I give every Service, if I make some sacrifices during the week, I can have more to present to God. That’s so cool mehn!!! I mean like yesterday, I REALLLLLY wanted cashew nut and a tin costs 1300 but I figured I could add that to my offering instead so I let the cashew nut craving pass. Whoop!!! I felt really proud

Oh and speaking of church, this is the Month I join a unit again. I was talking to my Pastor B (He was my DCC Pastor in Da ‘Buj) and I was legit crying that I just felt so bad I wasn’t serving in church and all that.


Lol. I actually only started going to DCC again ooo. Just in September sef. I had been on and off but one day I sat down and told myself that all my excuses were no longer valid, and frankly I felt empty anywhere else. It is an almost 2-hour journey to get to church on Sundays (if I do mainland) but I don’t mind.

The koko now became unit to join. I can’t do those evening unit meetings and frankly I felt like a thief coming to church and not serving. Like you do NOT even need to beg me to join a unit. I can start a unit sef. I am that committed but… baby, distance, and life.

Anyways, recently I got an idea so I will be working in the Social Media team (specifically blog and YouTube) helping put videos and message transcripts of our services out there. Whoop!!! DCC has the Word and I think we should be EVERYWHERE online. So whoop whoop, watch out!!! You won’t be so jealous again of not being a part of us. Haha.

Then as per food plans, I generally eat healthy. For my son though, I have stopped biscuits and cheese balls as school snacks and I do smoothies and fruits ONLY. Remember I am a Stay-at-home mama so I can kinda handle that easily. I actually take Lunch and afternoon snacks myself to his school in the middle of the day. That also gives me a schedule breaker, because I can work till midnight if you leave me. So that is per food.

Working out is like my bread and tea but these days, I am more into kickboxing because I think every Christian needs to be.


I mean, you can just imagine that you are kicking devil butts and it can pump up intensity. Haha. Then I am also leaning into Fitness Coach, Billy Blanks, cos my Squad members keep intimidating me with him. So I will say bye to Jillian Michaels for now and Hello to Billy Blanks.

Tip: It is advisable to continue to switch up your workout routine so you don’t get bored, AND cos your body can get used to one and it becomes less effective. So cheers to variety… LOADS of it!!!

And since we have entered weight loss, per CoachE’ plans, I am doing a HUGE photo shoot soon and yawl don’t wanna know how I feel about that. I told the Chick that since God led her to offer her services for the CoachE’ and even Eziaha brand, I am milking it for ALL it is worth and she was like OF COURSE, LAY IT ALL ON ME!!!


Haha. I love Jesus.  He knows what we need and brings it to us. I soooo cried the day Pastor M called me and told me. Cos I had even booked a shoot for the next day and she was like No need, someone is going to do for you FOR FREE!!! She was the one who did these pictures of David at 1 here


and she will also be shooting my son and then we can change the Devotional cover…


And since I am working on 2 more devotionals, she is shooting the cover for them. And I get my gurl Ada to style me (houseofdorakay)

screenshot_2016-10-27-15-55-37-1.png screenshot_2016-10-27-15-58-08-1.png

And then my very many CoachE’ shots. Like, God is so amazing!!!

Sooooo amazingly AMAZING!!!!

Like we were planning the shoot and she was bringing ideas, writing down mine, etc. I felt soooo special. Like lirru me???

Like God is just AWESOME!!! So Makeup artist, stylist, Assistant and a baaaaad photographer for my shoot IN VARIOUS LOCATIONS? Yes please!!!

You can tell I am over-the-top? And the words are not even enough to show how I feel!!! Like God is just super AMAZING!!!

I think I am a STAR sha? Abi??

Ok so per CoachE’, yup the shoot, and then my Disciplined-in-December class.

I technically am not promoting a November Class cos most of my Christmas-In-October Squaddies extended so November is just fine. Of course, I am also working on the customized CHRISTIAN workout or regular tees for my December crew.


This is so exciting. I will have ‘More Jesus, Less Food,’ My Body – #TempleNotTrash and 3 more I think!!! And I will add the Scriptures it came from. Will give more details in a different blog for my December Squad.

Then Jesus in heaven knows I have to COMPLETE my Health and Fitness Course and take the exams this month. So I was CONTACTED to be on a certain program and because I was not certified, I didn’t hear from them again. It was funny sha.

I have slacked sha but now I have a plan, which I will share in the next paragraph.

Ok, then per my Devotionals? Another slacking. But this Month, it MUST come out!!! Or at least I should be done writing. My Book Reader App is going so well and should be ready in 2weeks but I want it to coincide with my book releases so… But the Chick working on it sent me a video/demo which I saw today. It is so good. I will share on IG later today. @eziaha

Anyways, my reading and writing slack has ended. Since I am most effective to read and write at night, my plan goes thus

Put my son to sleep at 8pm (dude is so sleep trained). Then talk to hubs AND do my Shaw courses till 9pm. Sleep. Wake at 12midnight. Write till 2am. Quiet time till 4.30/5am. Then I know my body will start shutting down so I will do my kickboxing, pump all the adrenaline in, kick into another gear, then be CoachE’ and harass my Squaddies. My son wakes between 630 and 7am on most days and I drop him off at School at 8am. Come home; arrange the house and all that early morning work. Then catch a 2-3hour sleep, all before noon or 1pm latest. Then enter another level of work till 5pm when i sign out for the day and enter mommy mode.

I am so grateful for my Personal Assistant and Coaching Assistant. Those two ladies are from HEAVEN!!! My life runs well with them, and they make me look like a Super star. My Coaching Assistant is even in a different state

So thankful for this Chick
So thankful for this Chick

and my PA comes in just once a week, so THANK JESUS FOR TECHNOLOGY!!!

Oh btw, I did this Tweet thing on Saturday for WONDIVA and I realized that I could do that weekly to build Twitter presence.


Plus I have so much info to give out so I am happy to share. Will start this Saturday and I should be handling CARBS cos everyone thinks they are the ENEMY. Haha. Twitter handle is @coachesquad

I am still working on my email list though. Sending customized mails and all. If you are on my mailing list, you will realize that I stopped. Somehow we couldn’t send again. Thank God for the Chick who came to me and said God told her to ask me if she could help me with anything. Like how COOL is God? And she happens to be a techy Chick so she will help me with that, and also on my blog. I got soooo stuck trying to navigate the whole new fabulousness and then God sends me a Helper.

Me I am just sticking to God sha. Titilailai!!!

So that is how I intend to get all the work I have to do, done!!!

I can’t believe how much I have slacked on writing these Devotionals and completing the course. Like, tz just annoying to me.

And oh, so I have a day when I am on a real chill. I get to have my me-time, see a movie (well, I am sticking with Desperate housewives this November #DontJudge) and just do something relaxing. I have become a workaholic. Then I also have a day to visit or get someone to visit with me. But these visits are not casual ooo. I will open up to a mentee yup, and then I will also hang out at what Lisa Bevere calls DEEP WELLS in Without Rival.

OPPOSITE being wishing wells
OPPOSITE being wishing wells

A woman (or man) whose wisdom I am going to LEAN ALL DA WAY INTO!!! At least 2 a month. I have DDK this week. Funtizzle and I get to hang with her this Wednesday and I can NOT even wait!!!

So deep wells baby. I have to be intentional about this because I know how precious people’s time can be.

Oh btw you know DDK has a program soon. Upstream!!!


I am not sure HOW YOU ARE PLANNING TO MISS IT!!! Register here

Ok I think there is more (some a bit more personal and FAITH related) but your head is already probably spinning. Loooool. Oh and there are more Propel groups kicking off and I will do a detailed post on ALL so that you can find which is in your location and join in, if you are led by God.

I am convinced I am crazy trust me, and looking at my life just makes me laugh.

Let me end this with the AMAZING WORD God gave me for November especially as I wondered how Eziaha will do all of these!!! Just this short phrase…

Christ IN ME… Colossians 1 v 27

Christ lives in me, and He is my HOPE OF DOING IT ALL so that I can share in His Glory.

I just discovered what that Scripture really means and trust me, I combine that and that FANTASTIC prayer Paul prayed in Ephesians 1 daily. No I won’t post it here. Read it yourself IN AMPLIFIED please. His prayer is right at the last verses!!!

Dang!!! Why does the Bible have to be soooo delicious!!!

Oh and my song for the month is Travis Greene’s YOU MADE A WAY!!! It captures EVERYTHING I wanna say IN WORSHIP and then A LOT of Sinach’s. Too hard to pick any.

Ok, before my excitement takes on computer form and envelops you into another world, let me sign out. Lol my App reader just sent me a mail and said I should consider NOT using my picture on the App for XYZ reasons, and I agree, painfully. Lol. So I emailed her and can anyone hazard a guess on what I am using now?

The letter E’ of course!!! I think that is better. I love my face but I also love my E’ (and a lot of you do too cos you guys ACTUALLY call me E’. Like that is CRAZY!!!) Lol

Oh I forgot, one last thing I am working on for December which will happen every month next year is the intimate POW WOW with E’

One of the drafts!!!
One of the drafts!!!

You know, I had even paid for venue and then my schedule got soooo crazy I had to ask for a shift but I had the flyer already. The first one will be the P413 POWWOW with E’ and that is cause Phil 4:13 is the anchor is it. As God speaks, I will put the Scripture for that month, so if the next is Proverbs 31, it will be P31 POW WOW with E’

A POW WOW is a meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues. A meeting for people to discus and share.

So that would be me intimately sharing and helping more Chicks deliver their dreams.

My first POW WOW will be 2nd weekend in December I think but soon, details will be out. I will take in just 20 ladies so it stays intimate. I pray Chicks who really wanna hit the ground running in 2017, but need some hand-holding and guidance sign up. I am so excited about it, especially THE NAME!!!

POW WOW with E’

You see why God sent Pastor M and Kemi to epp my market and brand? Cos He is only just getting started with me.

Ok, 8pages on MSWord later (Font 14), I can now say Byeeeeeee. Lol

But not before I end with the disclaimer I began with…

I am GRACED for my life. You are GRACED for yours too. Operate from your GRACE SPACE and don’t let nobody intimidate you. Be inspired and not intimidate then RUN your own race, eyes on Jesus and from your GRACE SPACE.

I truly pray you pick something from here, in the Spirit of slip-streaming…

And let the Church say AMEN!!!






The Hair, The Jumpsuit, The tee and a cleaning service. 4 growing biz i blog about here


Support Growing Businesses 4.0

Please check them out and see who you wanna patronize


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  1. Love the name!! POW WOW with E. You’re sooooo graced to do all you do, and you push me to do so much more. Totally wish I was in Nigeria and could attend the POW WOW. Your calendar is def packed and it’s exciting to see you do all of this. I’m planning to get the AMPLIFIED bible. You’ve sucked me in. I have the NLT one Heather recommended but I think having both is great, and that way I can have one to study more even at work. I’m so getting those books as well. Def needing to make reading much more intentional!

    Have a great week E!!

    Love love you!


  2. Yes!!!!! to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. Totally loveeet!!! And yay!!! Now you know why Ephesians is one of my favourite books of the Bible. Coincidentally, I started a Proverbs study plan today *WiseOneModeActivated* lol ???
    And whoop whoop!!! Welcome back to DCC Workforce. With E’ on the block, Social Media doesn’t know what is about to happen to them.
    On POW WOW… I would like to sponsor 2 ladies. You can come up with the criteria and do the selection; I’ll just sponsor.

    You know I love you shey? Ok naa; no long talk. ??

    1. Haha. You just enjoying Eph alone before. Beef much.
      Ah great minds on Proverbs.
      Super excited about DCC workforce ooo. God help me

      Yaaaay at Pow WOW. God blessssss you hun. Totally grateful…

      Lol at long talk. I knooooow. Love you sis

  3. Thanks E for being soo inspiring , I actually started a book club and your book is the 1st we are reviewing! Awesome!!!!!

    1. Oh WOW. See why i need to write more book . Thanks love and i pray God tabernacles and teaches yawl in every meeting. Amen. LOVE u Chilo

  4. Amen to your prayer at the end of this post!
    You already said it, you are graced! I thank God for your life.
    I hope I get to attend one of your POW WOW’s soon.
    God bless you!

  5. Yaaaayy!! I love Ephesians. Okay.. Thank you for this post. I am all inspired and revved up. Thanks for reminding us not to copy you as tempting as copying you seems at the moment. Its all about CHRIST. God bless you E’..

  6. You will continue to be an Inspiration and yes, I always lean in read, read again learn and apply to my life also hoping that my life will shine forth the light of God in every environment I find myself. Let me keep loving you from a distance.

  7. God bless you E’. Thank you for leaving rich slipstream for us, is not possible to read this blog without a journal and a pen. so glad I have a teacher like you. I’ve only read the book Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg and it was a nice read. God willing, I will do a Lisa Bevere book this month, have not read any of her books, wish i can even STEAL some from you.

    1. Awwww can’t wait READ the book. Kai. Lol at steal. I cover my books in the blood of Jesus biko.
      Thanks for your sweet words

  8. I always look forward to your blog posts and you never disappoint.

    Grace….if only we fully understood the power of Gods grace in every situation. Awesome.

    POWWOW is sure to be Amazing. 20 ladies won’t know what hit them. They are in for a delightful encounter.

    More power to you babe.

  9. Wow..Your schedule is super packed…but like u said, christ in me,
    This post just left me inspired by your strong drive…I cant say enough of how much an inspiration you are..

    Thanks so much for constantly leaving such slipstreams for us to follow

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