Something made me decide to write about this yesterday…

Part of my JD at work is to assist the Lady in charge of the Alumni body. Usually, I end up doing all the behind the scenes work but she is in charge because a Corper can’t be in charge seeing that our days are usually numbered here.

We are planning an Alumni reunion this December and so we have been working closely with the Alumni President in reaching out to the Body who happen to be everywhere in the world.

So yesterday, we had to send an email and then the babe just says

‘Ehen Eziaha, please help me draft a mail, containing this this and that’.


I interrupted what I was doing to draft it and then I heard her attempt to explain to someone what she wanted me to do and that was where wahala started.

She couldn’t put it together in words to explain. It was too funny. She just kept talking rubbish till she just told the Person, ‘please eh, just go and ask Eziaha, that is why I told her to put the thoughts in my head together in writing because I know how good she is with crystallizing and then selling ideas, including writing.’

When I was done, I told her to come see it. It took me like 7mins to put it together and they kept gushing at the final piece. In fact, I told her to read though while I went for a class so imagine all the fussing when I got in. The mail for her was just perfect… a good combo of official and casual.

It hit me.

This thing didn’t even cost me anything to write or explain. It came too easily. Too easy I may have even trivialized it.


There and then, I said a quick THANK YOU JESUS.

Funny how because we can do some things very easily, we just trivialize it. It would amaze you as to how HARD it is for others to do it. There is no trivial or useless gift God gives us. Every gift or talent or skill (to take it a step further) can be a wealth creating avenue…

A man’s gift makes a way for Him and brings him before great men… Proverbs 18;16

Who would have thought Public speaking would ever become a career, yielding millions in Nigeria. Or even cooking fancifully termed CHEF? Heck, Events planning. I am constantly amazed as to how parties that used to be planned by ‘Aunty’ (usually your mom’s sister or dad’s sis) is now a big deal with fancy titles and even fancier figures… Choi!!! Every thing is an event today… Na wah… Or image consultants? People who help you pick out the right dresses for events. Haba!!! Even area boys is a gift/skill ooo.  I am not even kidding… That you can do something easily doesn’t mean everyone else can ooo. Look for those who can’t and who need your services and sell your gift or better still, your skills (polished/honed/trained gifts) for a fee. You may have to do it for free first, you may even be begging people to let you do it for free and before you know it, wham!!! Before you know it, the big bucks be rolling in.

Do you wanna ask Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija?


Or my favorite translation… The Message…

Observe people who are good at their work—
skilled workers are always in demand and admired;
they don’t take a backseat to anyone.


Nuff said…




Here is a picture of Uche’s baby that I mentioned here.


Her naming is tomorrow. I am sure I have been forgiven already if I don’t make it… 🙂


My girl Uche was up and running by the next day… WOW!!! I was super impressed and amazed. Again Congrats hun. I would have said ‘Now you can close shop since you have a boy and girl’ but Frank says we are going to 12 so… GOOD LUCK!!! Hehehehe

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  1. lesson learnt; be thankful for seemingly no-big-deal gifts. ALWAYS….and utilize efffectively,you were given for a reason…..
    Thank God for the post-delivery ease Uche enjoyed…such great a blessing….

    How do you do?

  2. Yes o! How do you do. Meanwhile a talent is a blessing/ability God expects to grow wt and within us. See d lesson of the talents. D guy dat trivialised it got severely punished. We Christians are at an advantage because we know God’s demands.

    1. Yesoooo
      They just need a coach to hone it to a marketable skill…
      Name: wrestling or boxing
      Ask Tyson. Dude started as an area boy

  3. Yeah,we take a lot of our talents for granted.it used to amaze me wen pple say “ah,u r so good with this and that”,I’ll be like “its nothing na”.
    But like u said,that nothing Is a talent that shouldn’t be wasted and should be maximised.wen we do,God will be glorified,big bucks will roll in someday and lives will be touched!
    Tis a win-win for us.

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