The best part of blogging has to be meeting amazing people and then have them share their lives with you…
I was wondering who to launch this again with when I encountered Yolanda’s article.
I loved how she started it by talking about failures. I can identify with failure because i have failed before but it ended in praise like y’all know.
I also loved her plans for the year too.
Then i opened her picture and i loveeeeeeeed it… Whoop
For my day 4, please enjoy Yolanda…


I was sharing my dreams and doing what puts Yolanda in a close mood …regretting and mourning about last year’s mistakes and Failure! Gush, failures!!

You see, attaching myself with failures scares me! Last year I fail sooooooo tey, my brain got numb. Graduating with a cummelaude,  Bachelor in theology and development degree to repeating finale year law kicked the strength out of me.

Its also the same card, the devil has been flashing on my face…more like a billboard. Using my failures as an advertisement to keep me from testifying…

****NNE I laugh at devil. You will so win this year the devil will wince in pain***

How many of you have seen the knives that comes out of the hand of a character in x-men, called wolverine.
Each time his enemies approaches, the knives will just appear…well, I want the devil to know am dead serious.  my hands brings out shovels and am going to bury you!

*You go girl!!! That’s the spirit especially cos you got the Lord of hosts on your side…*

Anyways, one of my first plan for the year has to do with my relationship with God. I want to grow. I was meditating on God’s word and I came across Moses conversation with God( Exodus 33:11)…its definitely my dream. Every day of every year of my life on earth, I want it to be better, I want to grow closer to my father. Closer and closer!

*** I recall my first encounter with this scripture. If it was possible, I could have torn it off my bibles and eaten it. It was too sweet. Choi***

Secondly, I want to improve my guitar skills…I have always admired the skills which are displayed by the guys on Jesus culture Band…those guys are good!

***God knows how much I have longed to learn to play the keyboard. Ugh!!! NNE please learn and be my inspiration… ***

Apart from my spiritual life which happens to be my foundations…there are certain things which I want to see…
1. Get my articles published on a very good legal journal…especially on topics which are controversial, such as abortion, child sex etc…its hurts me deep down in the spirit,  when certain laws are implemented which violates the laws of the word of God…apart from ensuring that, the world( seeing past 2014) gets to know what some of us “Think and Believe” about laws on abortion and the list goes on…
2. Since, we are talking about laws, views and opinions…corporate law, is one for the areas of law that fascinates me…getting a place in one of the top legal firms, is another call or mail am waiting to receive. 
***amen amen amen***
3.Am not all about work and boring stuff… I also know how to have fun! This year, I want to travel a little…visit a few african countries, I love my continent and the different beautiful sights in it.
Well, I know india is a different continent altogether but  i  want to go there for a mission trip…

Its going to be testimonies all the way!
Happy new year to you all Fab people!

I am yolanda Emedi…

***************The End**************

Thank you darling. You will surely testify. Amen

Then please where is Sisi blu? Girl i have missed you on this blog. You need to show up already… I miss you darling.
Finally hope you all been showing my Booski love on her blog… www.dumebie.wordpress.com Amazing blog right there. My girl be making me all shades of proud…
Today was my last day at work. I should do a proper post on how that went especially with my bosses but let me add a picture i took with the female Corpers in Dowen. Too bad we didn’t really get to bond and i am already leaving.


Yea yea, we fine girls for DCL… He he he.

Yay!!! Countdown to NYSC Batch A 2013 POP… Whoop!!!
Going Forward… Still Testifying

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  1. Yolanda ,u got my full attention!as in who doesn’t want a better law!we should say No to child abuse,No to gay marriages and what not!I hope they get publishd !we need a generation who is not apathetic about this rapid change of laws and constitution!we know we are in the last days,but we christians are not to fold hands and watch!
    We are to prayerfully say No to all body,soul,and spirit-degrading laws!
    Enuff said

  2. why do we av so similar plans?
    lol at d wolverine illustration. d devil better scamper. I hope u achieve all ur aspirations.

    ‘E last day at work ke? when is pop. d rumours have got it tangled here.

  3. Apologies to all the FAb people for replying to your comments this late…I just don’t know how I missed this (covering my face) thanks Mrs E…
    This is going to be one long comments, please bear with me.
    Mrs E, its really beautiful for you to give us this platform to testify…because, am not seeing this as planning or new year plans ooo and am agreeing with you! Its our voices testifying. Fab voices!

    Tomiwa, we are testifying all the way to 31. 12.2014.
    Imperfectlyperfect 92; I say Amen my sister!

    Valerie, waking up every morning and reading about all sorts of changes from the legislatures does not settle well with me….I don’t understand how gay right should be shoved down our throat when poverty has become a reality and unemployment a national anthem! So, me I will speak or better still. I will write down my mind and they have no choice but to publish the article.
    Phebe, I love the fact that we have similar plans…we can be 2014 plan buddies(big smile). By the way, i will love to read your plans. Please share with me( us). Hope Mrs E, have a slot for you…
    Chicadimples, the Lord is our muscle, back bones, the Lord of Hosts and With a father like that, its testimony all the way.

    Mayreeh I agree with you my sister and am looking forward to the Mission trip myself…

    Mrs E, Guitar lessons has kicked off and we are playing already….

  4. Lol at wolverine knives… thats Hugh Jackman’s character abi or maybe not, dunno! May the good Lord grant your heart desires in Jesus Christ name in accordance with His holy will amen.
    Peace and love+++

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