Tani is one of my 2013 discoveries. I mean she is one of those angels who just keep flapping their wings at several timely times so you never forget them. While it is registered that she is a bully and terrorist (babes keeps threatening to feed me to her lion-dog), you can’t take ‘oh-so-amazing’ away from her. If there is one lady I would love to stick around for a really long time in E’s life, it would be her.
For day 5, ladies and gentlemen,  I present to you my darling friend Tani…

The last days in 2013 for me were the stormiest(if there is a word like that) but then trust God to come through as always.
In the last days of 2013 God made it very clear to me that in 2014 he will leave me speechless, you know this kind of gists you hear and your mouth refuses to close, that is what He is set to do in my life. After i heard this I had to add more to my 2014 plans.

in no particular order:

1.To be actively involved in ministry
– I plan to join a department in church this year and be very committed at that. Enough of bench warming and occasional volunteering. Time to get involved in the fathers biz.

*I didn’t even know babe wasn’t a full time worker in church ooo and I have been following you to laugh even on sundays. Nne I certainly hope you have already joined a unit ooo… I will be haranguing you on this one*

2. Spend more time in bible study and equipping my self with the word of God generally.: I plan to listen to a minimum of 365 messages this year and read a minimum of 15 books.
*the year is like 15 days old already. I hope you have started. Thankfully E’ has plenty to give you especially as we prepare to hand you over to my brother. We can’t afford to send you ill prepared now can we?*
3. Spend more time in the place of prayer: I am looking to meet and even find serious prayer partners (biko holla if interested)
***I got this email from tani in the middle of my ill health last week. This third point must have restored me temporarily. I love LOVE prayer partners whether virtual or real time. So I will say let’s get like 3 FAB’ers to join Tani and you guys can get to praying. Just holler at me and I will do the hook up and share some pointers I have learnt from making virtual prayer groups work***

4.Witness! I am ashamed to say that I have never led a soul to Christ. this has to change this year.
*** very wise decision. She who wins souls is wise… Babe I will just say keep living a Christ ambassadorial life proudly especially at work. Then get committed to a unit in church. It would surprise you how winning souls would come easy to you as you just live for and show Him off…*

5.Get MARRIED!!!In my head I am doing cartwheels knowing fully well that I am getting married to the best of them all.
*** aha!!! I can’t wait too. If for nothing, for all the meals I will be eating when I visit you whether you invite me or not… Tani is a fantastic cook and a half…*
6. Get confirmed and promoted at work.. this is kind of unrealistic but then I am counting on my SUGAR DADDY for with Him nothing is impossible
*** How is this unrealistic? Biko hold your self eh and let’s see just how our Sugar daddy will do His thing… Congratulations in advance. We go wash am wella. I will just be needing a gadget which I will tell you when you get this testimony***
7.Build a concrete mentor/mentee relationship
***Can someone please help me tell Tani to explain this further. Then I will do an update***

8.Attend the love life conference and YES take pictures with Joyce Meyer. I am sure by the time we are taking this picture Eziaha will be busy taking pictures round the dome(tongue out)
***Alika!!! Where will you see her? I advice you to just stick to me ooo cos I have my super powers***

9. Own my car. Jeep I mean!
***I picture Tani’s mouth as she says JEEP!!! Amen to that. Then you can return and leave mom’s car for her :p ***

10. I am also trusting God that this year my boo will get an A* in his appraisal
***I published this late. Dude got the A* already so Tani is already Testifying. Hehehe. So now this is me tapping into this for one of my blog readers who has her appraisal coming up real soon. Nne you too will testify…***
11.  I want to give more. I currently tithe more than a tenth of my earnings but I am trusting God for the grace to do much more. Infact I want to classify as a sower this year
*** great wise move too. All I wanna say is contained in Mark 10:29-30***

12. Babies! For all my friends, family, colleagues who are looking to God for the fruit of the womb.
13.Finally I want to visit DUBAI and the Maldives as a married woman!
*** that Maldives eh… person gast visit that place ooo. So amen for you***

P.S If you are interested at being a part of 2 and 3 pls holla!
Till I come your way in December to testify keep moving FORWARD.

Didn’t you just enjoy reading Tani…
I sure did. And yes babe, we will be back here to testify,  amen.

Hey guys,  sorry I am midnight publishing. Had a tres tiring day so I slept off early. I even was to have a sleepover at my bff’s but sleep carried me. And God knows we needed this time together and had been looking forward to it. I am so sorry babes…

Thank you guys for all the entries you have sent in. Don’t worry, you will soon see yours here… Hehehe. I am just picking as the spirit leads… Yes you can still send if interested…
Then it would be super cool for the featured FAB’ers should please respond to thier comments personally. I don’t like comments going ignored here on my blog so please… Thanks.

Stay FAB darlings and keep Testifying

Going Forward… Still Testifying

I put this pix so Tani can feel bad. She has been BEGGING me to teach her how to tie the knot wrapper but I no gree. Maybe a FAB’er will be nice enough to but not E’ *tongue out*
That’s E’ feeling proudly igbo. Didn’t have power for gele abeg. Plus I had just taken dreads off and did the police-cap styled kinky with corn-rows. No way I was hiding that under a gele.
I just realised I hadn’t done a regular post this year. Imagine. Well I have one I am mentally working on… ‘It has stopped being funny’ or ‘We should no longer be laughing’. Not quite sure which title would fly but it would bless us I promise.

Just sorted out a WhatsApp number where I would kick off virtual meetings prior to the live meetings with the FAB community like I mentioned in my post on 2014 plans. Would detail us later. I am super excited about the plans my Sugar daddy has for this blog. Whoop!!! And I especially love how He is opening my eyes to how technology can help. Thank God especially for Google play. It has the best apps ever…

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    1. Have you sent me a complete one yet? I doubt ooo. You know they were in parts so please send me again this time just one mail. Thanks b

  1. I’m so in tune with being more in the place of prayer *hinting* and I’m sooo into winning at least one soul. May God give us the grace to accomplish more in His name.

  2. Tani,way to go dear,m interested in 2and 3 o!so Eziaha beta start finding the way to send me links to download them!(Sha remember I no dey use android)
    Tani let’s talk abt 3

  3. I see there are lots of Joyce Meyer fans on FAB.. E’ should we just all meet at her ladies conference this year??? That would be so great.

    Tani.. may God exceed your expectations. It is a lovely read.

  4. Phew! Can’t bliv I’ve missd so much on this blog. Love ur plans Tani and I’m absolutely interested in ur no 2 n 3. Abs! Sweet daddy has been teaching me so much on prayers and I’ve been itching to try them wif someone. Pls holla @ opalanaewaoluwa@ymail.com.
    Mama Ezi happy new year. Lemme get a fone fast so I can harrass u wella( its one of my plans for this year *grins*). Love you

  5. So am guessing the prayer group is only open to people in Lagos? you Ladies are making me miss being in Lagos…but I understand.

    E am so looking forward to that whatsup group…I cannot wait!

  6. Tani, great plans: awesome testimonies await you.
    Please am very much interested in 2&3. Hope this isn’t coming too late?
    Thanks E’

  7. Hi Tannie, we are rocking the same boat. I have ten out of this post written down in my diary. I am very much interested in 2 and 3, and YES I can teach you how to tie the knot wrapper. E’, thanks for inspiring me in so many ways…***hugs***

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