#31F.A.B.Voices…Tani Testifying

Tani is one of my 2013 discoveries. I mean she is one of those angels who just keep flapping their wings at several timely times so you never forget them. While it is registered that she is a bully and terrorist (babes keeps threatening to feed me to her lion-dog), you can’t take ‘oh-so-amazing’ away […]

Birthday munches… Part 1

Err, The series of posts with this title are going to be strictly show off… So if you don’t like me but read my blog (thats major crazy ooo loool), please don’t read this…. I will show off unashamedly… My birthday was about  month ago and I had fun munching for a memorial some of […]

My AMERICANAH story… Part 1

I was very excited to start reading the copy of Americanah that my friend Tani had brought over to my place. Done and dusted, I had to share my own AMERICANAH story. Americanah is a very political opinionated book which the author Chimamanda Adichie tries to downplay with too much romance and talk about natural […]