Today I celebrate Ebele Kenn Ogeleka…

Not just as a F.A.B. Testifier, which she is….
Not just because it is her birthday, which it is today, or her third wedding anniversary, which it also is today…

I celebrate you Ebele, the water walker because you have inspired me  endlessly just as you carry out your wifey duties in your home…
I once wrote about Ebele here


That is because Ebele truly understands that especially for the woman, marriage is an assignment and not just a reward…
Every time I spend with Ebele always gives my life a lift especially as a married woman seeking ways to keep spicing up my marriage…

She is totally sold out to HELPING her husband birth his dreams…

You guys remember ‘Sound of heaven’ album launch/concert by MK I kept publicizing on my blog?

The program was a huge success because of God first and Ebele next. She poured blood and water into it…
At the concert, which got many of us SLAIN in the spirit btw, MK and Ebele got two car gifts…. One from his pastor and my pastor, PK and wifey. A jeep ooo. Then the second from his boss, Sammie okposo. He used to play backup for him…
OK catch up here on all…


I mean when a man says of his wife
‘marry a woman who not only births your children but can give birth to your destiny…’ 
you know that such a man married well indeed….

They are blessed with an adorable girl, Kendra…

When I read her post,I was not surprised. I knew MK and his dreams will feature plenty… I also know WW is not a small dreamer… I loved it.

FAB’ers, with the song ‘Sound of heaven’ from MK’s title album playing on repeat, I present to y’all my adopted Big sis, Ebele ‘Water Walker’ kenn Ogeleka…


OK, so its 2.31am and I can’t sleep then #31voices comes to my mind.

I’ll be a year older today (31st) so my plans are rolling through my mind for this year.

you see, I hit the ground running this year with the Word God spoke over our house DCC (yeah we roll like that). I have to….Abi do u think I am content with my testimonies from last year? I won’t carry last neither would I remain where I was last year. I am going to MOVE FORWARD. Besides God blew me away last year and I am so itchy for our relationship this year because He is soooo going to love me intensely this year and you can’t love someone and not reveal yourself to that someone.
so this year, I plan to fall in love all over again with Jesus. Making a conscious effort this time. Talk to Him less and listen to Him more. I plan to read and apply my life’s manual more.

I am going to give everything I have and am to support and build my husbands ministry; my ministry as well. this year we will have 2 music concerts. 1 by MK and 1 by the preserved generation (this is me building up my ministry).

*when Ebele says EVERYTHING she means EVERYTHING… Preserved generation btw is DCC’s children church…*

I will blow my husbands mind away with the kind of peace, joy and love he will find in our home. watch out for his next album y’all….because he WILL hear GOD.

I have always wanted to start something for children so last year when my daughter was having breakfast and she said “she wants water” my husband caught a Word and decided to start something to care for the girl child. it will become a reality this year. like I said I have hit the ground running this year. Fearlessly too. When God says something or gives an instruction, if you do not  benefit from it, that’s completely your fault so no slacking. I have learnt that a lot of destinies are tied to simple instructions if you can just obey them.

*did you catch something from the kinda home MK is leading here… Gosh!!!***

This is also that year that I get more education especially since I will do a lot of work with children. I have to live ready.

This year I will consciously spend time fellowshipping with the 3 musketeers. Long overdue. God bless you darlings.

Hmmmmmm…this is also that year where I will live healthy. I will lose all the fat, hit and maintain my target weight. I have the time to do it in Jesus name. (someone please hold me accountable).

*****hahahahahaha. Oya who is holding her accountable people? *****

PS. For all of you who are waiting for Kendra’s brother…this is the year I conceive him.

*she said conceive ooo, not birth looool*

Yes…this is the year.

Thank you so much darling Ebele… Why don’t we have a picture together biko…

Happy birthday and Happy wedding anniversary. The wine in your marriage can only get sweeter and sweeter, amen…
Mk’s album SOUND OF HEAVEN is incredible. Every song a blessing. A true worshipper indeed…

Mk is our music minister in DCC. His name is actually Minister Kennedy…

If you haven’t downloaded Arugbo ojo, please follow the link in this post where I wrote about the song…


And if you can, please buy the entire album…

Ebele feel free to tell us where aside DCC the album can be gotten…

And before I go, the cutest, snugglest happy happy birthday to my one n’ only nephew Chimnemelum…

Baby boy is TWO already. Whoop!!! Darling Jesus, we remain grateful for this gift of a son that came after all of 12 years…
And three girls… He he he.
The Prince of my sister’s life and the absolute delight of my bro-in-law’s life.. The heir-apparent of the Muogilim kingdom… Just called to speak to him and dude couldn’t even care less… Ended up speaking to only my sister who had nothing but yabis for me because I called late (this evening)


Neme my darling boo, you are and remain one blessed boy… Muah

Happy F.A.B. weekend FAB’ers….
And Happy new month. Wow, one month gone already…
Jehovah by Eze…

Going Forward…StillTestifying

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  1. Amen Mrs Ebele….
    I think I can hold u accountable on d weight loss issue.. Dont worry I am not a terrorist as Eziaha claims!

  2. i Saw the post that E did on you and at that time, i was freshman faber going through old posts…that post was great!

    Every time i come across strong godly woman such as you, who happens to be pillars behind their husband and family…am greatly encouraged and that is not all 0000!, you make see and believe that, marriage in this present generation is possible, its heavenly and simply MwaaaaaH.

    So being the first to comment ( hope so!) and with that, i also want to be the first on Fab lane to wish you a happy birthday, and a happy wedding anniversary. wishing you all the best in your marriage, you will Live and enjoy every blessing that God has ordained for you and your marriage, the assignment that God has given you….

    1. Lol at freshman Faber…
      Now you are a sophomore…
      We are going to doctorate baby… He he he
      Please be encouraged ooo cos it is very possible. Very very and u will enjoy it too.
      Amen to the beautiful prayers. And you were second 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding Anniversary Water Walker… May your days ahead be all shades of bright and beautiful and May your plans be fruitful in accordance with God’s holy will, amen.
    I love the boldness of your post and how it revolves around your God, your Man and Your children…
    Do have a F.A.B year ahead with loads of peace, joy and happiness.

    Blessed weekend to us Fab’ers ++

      1. E’ darling, a very happy birthday to your handsome delightful nephew Chimnemelum. The light of God will shine on, in and through him in Jesus Christ holy name, amen. May he continue to grow from grace to grace in wisdom, love and strength, amen. And may he always honour and respect his parents + sisters (he must not be spoilt o) , amen….love and kisses baby boy…

        1. Amen amen
          Thanks nne
          And no tempted as we are to spoil him, we won’t.
          We will raise him up in the way of the lord. No adult ‘mummy’s boy’ here. Hehehe

  4. Happy birthday Chimnemelum, you r indeed blessed n highly favoured. The grace of our God will cause u to stand out, and shine in Jesus name.(Amen!) Remain blessed.

  5. Amen to all the prayers. Thanks Fabulous women of God. Godly wisdom and counsel is always available so the honey in our marriages will never run out. Tannie, u r just what I need. God bless you. Eziaha can’t wait to see what God is going to do with and thru your marriage. He will quench your thirst and satisfy you beyond ur imagination. Love u dear sis. Miss u plenty.

    1. This phone should behave now? Why does it ways say Tennis when I am trying to say Tannie? Pls oh! ****E’s note: no worries I will change it all to tannie… damn auto correct and smartphones sometimes lol *****

  6. A Big AMEN to all of your goals. “a woman who not only births your children but can give birth to your destiny”…. Big One!
    You are indeed a great example to ladies/ women…. May God Strengthen & Direct U as you achieve all of these goals. Amen.
    @ E…. ur nephew is soooO cute. Awww!

  7. Wow! The power behind her words. She will testify!

    Bikoooo!!! Is the album available for purchase online?

    Thanks to our darling E! I rocked that Arugbo Ojo song *Off to play it now… Oh God of Abraham, Isaac, David and my family….♫♫♫♫*

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