Variety is indeed the spice of life…
This guest today is one of my blog-imonies. I haven’t met her yet but she’s been all variants of sweet.
Makes amazing comments and even sends me more amazing long mails like I love’em…
Ladies and gentlemen, E’ presents the very delectable Ify and the unique flavour she brings to Attitude O’ Gratitude tonight…

Ring, Ring….

>’Welcome to Gratitude world, Ify speaking, how may I help?’

>’Right, you’d like to buy an attitude of gratitude Sir?’

>’You have called the right place. Here at Gratitude World, we serve to sell and sell to serve…
>Serving God is all about Gratitude. We have an attitude of gratitude in our service to God.
>In serving, we sell our lifestyle, our attitude to others. It is like having the adverts up boldly in billboards, making a statement: ‘hey I’m grateful to God and serving Him, are you?’
>We can never serve God in spirit and in truth without impacting the world: selling Christ Jesus, crucified and most importantly,  risen to those around us…’

>’So Sir, is it okay for you to continue with your call or may I call you right back from our dedicated call-back line?’

>’That’s fine, I’d share my personal story of gratitude at this point and give you an insight as to why I’m so grateful and why our Team leaders at Gratitude world: Eziaha, Giantsparkle, Lizzie and Menoword have such a resplendent, giantsparkly, walking on water fabulous lifestyle of gratitude’

>1) Growing Up Family: so grateful to God for my family I was born into, truly God’s gift (the meaning of my maiden surname). All my brothers and sisters with their spouses and my lovely nieces + nephews, my mother inclusive are alive, healthy and doing well. I’m also grateful for growing up in a spiritually rich and vibrant christian catholic home plus keeping the faith all these years as a family.

>2) Education: now this covers all the schools I attended and qualifications gained. Only God knows how sooo grateful I am for the 2’1 gained in B.SC and the distinction in my MBA dissertation. I am especially grateful for being prayerfully selected to my great surprise as the vice president of NFCS(Nigerian Federation of Catholic students) during my undergraduate days. I was only 20 years old and was Mummy NFCS to my large NFCS family… What a priviledge to serve God…

>3) My career: over 10 years in the corporate world and I’ve worked for only the best in Nigeria and the United Kingdom (as God has only the best for His own) in banking, telecommunications, oil and gas. I am grateful, Heavenly Father, the lifter of my head and the Guiding Lamp of my career path, always showing me the time to leave one workplace for another and opening doors no CEO can shut; my perfect Gentleman GOD, I bow Papa!!!

>4) My marriage: chai, Baba God, Almighty undivided Trinity, my perfect report, the impossible possibility maker, the sovereign All-knowing God. Where do I start: from the first meeting with my husband, only God made it possible 5 years ago. Celebrating four years now of holy matrimony and 3 beautiful children (my 3rd is just a few weeks), plus all the open doors and opportunities, I can only echo PM’s message of, marry well o, with an addition of serve and sell God well o, with an attitude of gratitude.

>Finally, gratitude pays, so here at Gratitude World, we can only pray that you serve, sell and SWAG(Someone With Attitude Gratitude) wella!!! And Ify assures you a lifetime guarantee of impossible possibilities, our God is ABLE!

‘Ok Sir, thank you for buying in so quickly and signing your commitment prayer online to your purchase agreement. Its Goodbye now and thank you for choosing Gratitude World…’

The END.

Didn’t Ify just thrill you?
I’ll save further comments for the ‘comments section’
I love how she included stuff from the three bloggers who are in this#attitideo’gratitude business…
Giantsparkle,  resplendent Lizzie and walking on water Menoword.
Check out the series od gratitude posts on thier blogs.
And www

Tomorrow I’ll have another fab guest blogger.
Keep a date. And if you wanna feature, holler at me.
Oh I know you are just dying to see a picture of Ify
Here you go…

She is just gorgeous.
Thanks darling….
Muah FAB’ers

25 Responses

  1. Ify is sure gorgeous and I just love her post. I like the call-in concept. Indeed there is so much to be grateful for in life. I am joining her to thank God for her many blessings and I’m sure keying Attitude O’ Gratitude into my own life! Cheers!!!

    1. Awwhh, thank you Onyinye for your comment. Blessings truly go to those with grateful hearts. As you have joined me in thanking God, I join you in faith to key in all the attitude o’gratitude benefits into your own life too. God bless you darling.+

  2. Wow…..i think she’s got the E’flava … Your gratitude series has spiced up and inspired my gratitude life..God bless..pls E dearieee,can i have your E-mail address….

  3. Wow..all i can say is this..YOUR ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE gives YOU ALTITUDE in Life..Reading your gratitude series has truely inspired me towards realising God’s faithfulness…Thank you for sharing your Life with us..Its just as if we are a family(oooh yeah)..God bless you darling E..pls what’s your email i.d?

    1. Yesooo my sister I feel you totally jare.
      I feel like my family is right here on my blog.
      Hope you didn’t miss the fact that I have a guest blogger on this post? My ify…
      My addy is hope you are sending me a gratitude post oooo
      Whatever jare feel free to send

    1. Amen ooo Menoword… I just love this your quote which I got from your blog, “There are things you cannot be indifferent or undecided about, if you want to walk on water, you need to get out of the boat”. Love and God bless +

  4. Ok Ify I can safely conclude that you like long mails and comments (judging from our history together) so my comment on your post will be long…
    First I abs love the entire ‘call-centre one way conversation style’
    Very unique. Very Ify. Very E’.
    Ify are you sure you haven’t worked in Call centre? I love your mannerisms ooo.
    Hahahaha at Team Leaders. You guys can see that Ify is a real FAB’er…
    Like a really real one…
    She mentioned all my Partners-in-gratitude and stuff from their blogs to show that she’s reading. Coolish love…
    Is Onyinyechukwu your surname? Cos that’s what God’s gift translates to… Awww I’m grateful for your family. I’m always touched when people speak very well of their family of birth. It is my sincerest prayer that my marital home is spoken of this way by my twin girls and boy… Amen.
    20 years as a momsie… Hahaha. I can imagine. I’m sure you wore it well. Distinction in your dissertation? I hail ooo nne. Tapping in fast… 😉
    Wow 10years as a career woman? And you have had a blast across continents? At such a young age too. Nne I am tapping too. Wella. And I am throwing twale to our Oga on your behalf too.
    Oh and I can imagine what a blessed couple you both are. Proof that God’s word works. Regards to the hubby and kisses for each sweet child abeg. God will keep helping you raise them right. Amen.
    Oh and SWAG… You defo deserve a thumbs up for that discovery…. Serving.With.Attitude.Gratitude. Too apt!!!
    I absolutely love gratitude world.
    I’ll feature you again nne. This time on Marital world (or whatever FAB name you deem fit)
    So don’t go too far just yet…
    Thanks plenty for doing this my darling. With all the diaper and kiddies runs you have to do.
    You are quite a ‘good dream’
    Thanks Sugar

    1. Darling E’
      You know how we write na! This is the longest, sweetest, nicest comment + compliment I have received in a lonnnnnng time. Thanks love. And now, you see why they say that 2 heads are better than 1? You coined the SWAG differently than I did, I wrote *someone* whilst you wrote *serving* so the Spirit is moving ohhhh… We’re walking on water now… Lol. I definitely prefer serving. with. attitude gratitude. So, thumbs up girl!
      I will not be able to answer all your questions… But I’d answer the call-centre one. Yes, I worked for Vodafone UK, for a year and it was fantastic work experience, thanks be to God…I will end this comment by thanking you and the other team leaders for committing to this gratitude blog challenge and reminding me that gratitude is what brings happiness, and blessings definitely abound when one is grateful. Amen to all your E’ prayers, our God gives a perfect report.
      Remain blessed darl, *hugs*

  5. Wow wow wow!!!!….my comment has been taken right out of my mouth while typing it in my head….Where do I begin?

    Ify m’am,am I grateful you featured in this journal challenge?..It was all shades of profound,unconventional and enriching…i’m thankful for your life,remarkable mind/heart and the God in you….
    I mega’preciate the mention @team leaders…Thrilling comment and thoughtful too……Thanks for reading….

    I definitely tapped into SWAG…..DEEP MEHN!

    It was my unabashed pleasure to meet you here.Thank God for ‘E and her blog platform
    P.s;Have you ever commented on any of my #gratitudejournal posts?anonymously i.e?

    1. Lizzie dearie, yes I commented anon. Cannot even remember what day it was, though I remember there was something about ASUU but I started my comment with something like: you love to hear from me and I love to comment too but blogger keeps deleting my comments’, and cos the options for commenting didn’t seem to favour me, I used the anon option without my name. But when I commented on Day Banke’s post, I used anon too but put my name.
      Thank you Lizzie for your beautiful comment and truly it is God we praise for all His blessings…
      I remain, serving with attitude gratitude. God bless ++

  6. Nooo ..I asked ‘cos blogger delights in discouraging and exasperating readers and even myself when posting comments…
    I kinda wondered ‘cos I got an anonymous comment awhile back & i’m interested in knowing its author…

  7. @Ify

    Thank you,thank you and thank you again….I’m glad I heeded the nudge to ask you that unusual comment.It had to be God’s spirit working out the answer to an unforgotten question..I appreciate your dropping by.


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