Hey sisters, who’s excited about PRAYERS???

So, how would you like to attend a party I get the privilege of hosting every Friday with some of my JESUS girls over ZOOM?

We actually started this June 15 and today, Friday Sept 14 is our FOURTEENTH MEETING and it gets better everytime.

Ok, let me explain, Thanks to my AMAZING Pastor M, I discovered the APP I have needed ALL MY LIFE…


This awesome App allows you to host online VIDEO meetings with up to 25 people for 40 straight minutes. So, you SEE everyone and HEAR everyone too, so it feels like you are IN A LIVE MEETING with them.

Been praying with a couple of my sisters at midnight BUT I wanna open it up to more people.

So, if you need a group of Jesus girls with whom to pray, to sharpen your prayer life, and to make you MORE FIREBRAND, then holler let’s PARTY EVERY FRIDAY MIDNIGHT yawl!!!

Its technically Saturday since we start at midnight but I prefer to call it Friday abeg.

I am SO EXCITED that technology is helping our Christianity. The same way I JUST discovered ECHO, which is story for another day,


Ok so this is how we would run at our ZOOM Party. I share prayer points for like 30mins or less or more then you pray for your own self for another 30mins. The idea is to help you pray longer and more fervently cos praying with your sisters will strengthen you too. FIRE mehn!!!

Some days though, I’ll share NO PRAYER POINTS we just pray your own prayers for the 1 hour straight. Like today I’m publishing this…

Then now, we will add something to it. Every Friday, 1.5hours before we pray, we have a Bible study session (Jane I’m looking at you with evil eyes). Could be a book/article/sermon/scripture review which I will give earlier in the week. Just any spiritual resource and topic that will further grow and stretch our faith. This one will start in October and will run every other Friday. So it means 2 Friday’s a month, 10.30pm to midnight we have a study session, where everyone has to participate then we go into prayers. Then the remaining 2 fridays, we just do the midnight 1hour prayers. But the Zoom prayers are already on so you just join us.

Free Zoom takes only 25 so send an email to eziaha@eziaha.com plus your whatsapp let’s talk prayers baby. First come first serve ooo…

How utterly amazing!!!

Ok so download ZOOM, sign up and then all i’ll do is send the link at the right time, so just follow it and you will find yourself in the PARTY. I don’t think it consumes a lot of data too cos you only need about 60mb for an hour of the video conference. Not too much for prayers yeah? Plus a lot of providers give FREE browsing from midnight and weekends, so yay!!!

Interested? Email eziaha@eziaha.com with your whatsapp number

No long story to qualify you cos we ALL qualify for prayers, will just pick the first 25.

But please be sure you are GOOD and READY to pray. I’ve spelt out the commitments so if you truly can’t keep up with BOTH, don’t apply. Plus sisters I beg you, this is not a mentoring session. This is not a ‘mama you didn’t check up on me’ group. I’m not going to be your Pastor or Mentor or Mama. I have a whole mentoring academy which does that. I’ll be Eziaha who will handle the flow only. Of course, your prayer points and challenges and more can be shared if you have so we agree with you, but I’m not doing the BUT YOU DIDNT CALL ME TO CHECK ON ME or EVERYDAY EXCUSES thing. Me too I need someone to call me to check on me, to mentor me, to baby me, so let’s all make JESUS that someone please. Not E’.

Just clarifying the purpose here.

We are here to be sisters praying and chasing God together and EVERYONE MUST BE ACTIVE. Not later you will say how midnight doesn’t work for you. If it doesn’t, that’s fine of course. You can pray anytime and anywhere and with anyone and still reach heaven and get answers but the purpose of this group has been clearly stated.

If defaulted, I’ll delete you. In love.

I’m pretty very principled and strict about groups and participation…

Reason I’m doing this is we all draw strength from one another so if you keep being unavailable, how do we draw strength from YOU???? Worse still, what if everyone is like you and doesn’t turn up every time?

Ehen I’ve said it ooo. And I mean it. So holler eziaha@eziaha.com with your whatsapp number if you are READY to PARTY!!!!



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  1. you foresaw the change of physical gathering to web gathering and here we are all trying to key into it

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