Awww! The ‘writing’ part of me has been dormant a long while. And it hurts cos usually my brain is always buzzing. Which prolly explains why my bbm status changes like fuel price used to in d past. I just love to write but my previous blog, aside from me getting too busy (or not managing time well) expired. The subscription that is! And that webpage was a birthday pressie and I didn’t even maximise use of it. But hey it expired and I had to renew but the tin is iv tried all d tricks in d book to renew but it won’t. I’ve even asked d dude to help me out, tell me how to subscribe and all but dude has changed continents and is prolly so busy. Anyways long and short my www.eziaha.com is off for now so until I figure it out, let’s use ds free wordpress cos I must write ooo.
The best part of this is that I can conveniently blog from my blackberry. WordPress for blackberry makes it all so easy. So I should be regular. Tho I’m still getting a hang of this. Eg how to attach stuff and all.
So this is me saying
“Welcome again to my world”. This time I’m hoping it would be super regular.
Be kind to one another.
Fab Black Sis

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  1. Lol

    I wonder what you think Eziaha when you read these entries from 10 years ago?
    It has inspired me to be consistent.
    Stay blessed.

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