Merry Christmas darling!!!!!!!!! It is Christmas, woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right up until an hour ago, I was going to say EVERYBODY celebrates Christmas. But now I would say, ALMOST everyone celebrates Christmas. You see, my parents have just returned from a trip to India and they said they didn’t even recall it was Christmas cos no one cared at all about Christmas and hence no celebration of any sorts in that Hindu, cow worshipping country. Which is why they were very eager to hit Naija before Christmas. But in Nigeria though everyone loves and celebrates it, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, atheists, whatever ooo. It is the most popular holiday in the world and it is not just because it comes at the end of the year. It is because of the person who we are celebrating. Christ-mass… mass is celebration so it is just a celebration of Christ. So it really doesn’t sit well on me when I hear people say Happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas. It is NOT just a holiday. It is a celebration of Christ. No Christmas without Christ. He is the reason we have a holiday in the first place. Trust the British and Americans to start and propagate this happy holiday thing to REPLACE the merry Christmas and trust Naija peeps to copy. Yes happy holiday is cool ooo but please abeg add Merry Christmas to it jor…
And while still on Merry Christmas, can we have the CHRIST spelt out in full? X-mas makes lil sense to me. To me ooo. I dunno why but I am just big on keeping the CHRIST in CHRISTMAS… There is tis online station with the hook ‘keeping the Christ in Christmas…’ I so love it… So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays…
Moving on to carols, I really love Christmas carols… and the services too. I really looked forward to attending carol services this year. I must say I didn’t attend as much as I wanted to though. I missed Fountain carol and trust me, Fountain has the very BEST carol service in Nigeria. The choir would have been amazing. Tolu nee Odukoya would have taken a solo or even a duet with her mom-in-law or Tobi her sis… Tolu sings oooo walahi. I haven’t felt any singer do a Christmas song with such grace and spirit. I will go and get the DVD on Thursday I think. Oh but I attended two carols already and I enjoyed them too. Something that really ticks me off about carols however is when I attend a carol and hear NON-CAROL songs. See I love songs ooo, but to hear ‘God is able to do… just what he says he will do…” or an amazing solo taken by a very amazing chorister and yet it is NOT a Christmas song. See do not get it twisted, I love God and songs but… phew please sing carols at Christmas especially because we cannot just start singing JOY TO THE WORLD in March. But we can sing ‘incredible God, INCREDIBLE PRAISE’ at any time of the year so why sing it at a carol ooooooooooo… that ticks me off walahi. I just zone out and start humming ‘Silent night’ instead. I have one more carol to go and I am sooooo looking forward to it… DCC carol service is Christmas morning…
Still on songs, my favorite Christmas song is definitely a line from the third verse in Joy to the world. I love ‘Oh holy night’ especially when people that have amazing voices take it, like Celine Dion… But that verse in Joy to the world gets me every time… the whole verse however…
“No more may sin and sorrow grow
Nor thorns infest the ground,
I mean that is just a deep line right here… The whole essence of Christmas is just the blessings that flow this season. I love that line mehn… that is all I sing… Especially when my parents start all their long talk which makes family devotion sooooooooooo boring… *rolling my eyes so fast they are almost blowing the screen of my laptop away*
So I am sure you guys have a lot of plans for Christmas…
This year I’m not really in the mood to even do anything… seriously, I just wanna sit and plan for the year. Plan my life. I have just been praying and praying I feel like ‘Eziaha, are you alright’ You know so many choices and I need to be sooooo in tune with God’s voice here so I make the BEST choices. But I am going for the praise jam at cool FM on Xmas day and maybe Inspiration family praise jam on the 26th, cinema with a friend who wants to desperately take me out, maybe the beach too. Oh and I have a dear dear friend with whom I have a lunch date. He is in Naija this christmas and I am looking forward to seeing him after so many years. And we have a project we working on. Yippee…. Looking forward to it. By the way, my house is a Mecca of sorts. You see, popsie just came back from this major surgery in India and so people keep trooping in to celebrate with us and walahi I am tired of being called ‘the baby’. I swear if I hear anymore ‘ Oh so that’s your baby, the baby of the house’. I will just PUKE… ewww…..
Tz my last Christmas as a single woman. By 2013 Christmas, I may have forgotten what it feels like to be single. I am sure I would have a fabulous Christmas. I hope you have a Merry one too and remember, it is Jesus’ birthday and not yours’ LOL
And take some time out to do random good acts. Be good and kind to others. Help where you can. Tz the season to give after all… and please by God, take time to plan for the new year too.
Merry Christmas darling and Happy holidays 🙂

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