So I noticed something recently among SOME Believers/Christians.

There seems to be some kinda ‘carefulness’ or ‘codedness’ if you like, to our Christianity.

Yes, I am a Christian, I love the Lord but I don’t go about being all up in people’s face with my faith.

Almost like being ‘careful’ with my Christianity and love for Jesus so that people are not ‘threatened’ or offended by it.

Almost like we are NOT TOO PROUD of it so let’s just be doing this our faith business ‘small small’.

Oh Chi’m!!!

My hubby is a Lawyer and brother man, even though he don’t fully practice, is the FIRST to introduce himself as a Lawyer EVERYWHERE!!! And I am pretty sure that goes for most ‘learneds’ that you know.

Or let’s talk about Doctors. How many Doctors do you see hiding their title because they don’t want you threatened by it, especially IN THE LINE OF DUTY???

Let’s now look at our ‘counterparts’, the MUSLIMS. It is even funny thinking about it. A muslim who tells you,

‘…Yesooo I am a MUSLIM but I really don’t want to be all up in anyone’s face with my religion so I hide under the bed lol…’

An average muslim will INTERRUPT ANYTHING to go attend to his religious duty. And I do mean ANYTHING!!! He would pray ANYWHERE that prayer time meets him, and if it will cause traffic in Asokoro, that’s your business.

Twas my sister who was gisting me of a friend who had a muslim gateman and when it is time for his 5-a-day prayer, dude won’t answer you when you dey gate ooo. Yes, he LITERALLY punched us all in the face with his religion. I have a muslim who did some work for me in my ‘Rehoboth’. It don’t matter how much you call him ooo, he will tell you ‘Sorry sister, I went to pray’.

Can we talk about the gays for a minute? Do you see how PROUD they all are, especially where they are allowed ‘freedom’? I mean they are tres vocal and err’thing.

But my average Christian can’t even BOLDLY say she is going to church for midweek service, rehearsals or heavens forbid, the BIG E!!! Evangelism. We have to ‘code’ it.

Oh I am sufficiently annoyed!!! Why are we like this?!!!

What’s NOT to scream about our faith from EVERY ROOF TOP?

This GOOD NEWS, why do we treat it like it is some kinda ‘disease’ we don’t want others infected with?

I mean, if we are heaven bound and loving the journey, why aren’t we carrying placards yet?

Placards, phylacteries, the whole works. Anything to be walking billboards of our Faith, and PROUDLY SO!!!

My boo Priscilla Shirer tells this story in her video STEWARDING THE PRESENCE OF GOD…
She was invited to minister somewhere and just before she was called up, the host whispers delicately to her and the koko of her convo was that they are a ‘pre-sica church’ so when bae gets up the stage, she should not be so direct, or if you like, ‘in your face’ but rather she should gently and gradually introduce Jesus to the congregation as they have quite a large mix of different peoples there and they don’t really know that what they need is Jesus so sister girl has to be careful with how she goes throwing Jesus in their faces…

‘…and I thought to myself, ‘you invited the wrong person cos CHRIST JESUS, that’s all I know.’ So I walked up the stage as delicately as I could and when I got up, the FIRST thing I said was YAWL KNOW YOU NEED JESUS RIGHT???…’

Because pre-sica, sica, post-sica, WE ARE ALL IN NEED OF THE SAVING GRACE OF JESUS so all this RUBBISH of ‘do your Christianity small small’ can’t even begin to cut it.

Btw, I don’t know what pre-sica means and I am not even sure I spelt it well but this is how it was pronounced. Anybody know the real spelling?

Oh my mama Joyce Meyer ended one of her broadcasts last week with a line that entered me.

Her face was sooooo sincere when she said

‘…we should show the world JESUS. Because soooooo many people need Him…’

Sooooo many people need Him.
Sooooo many people need our Jesus, but they don’t even know that that’s what they need. It is unfair that we don’t wanna flaunt Him. What do we think the Bible means when it says LET YOUR LIGHT SOOOOOOO SHINE???

We have to be careful about what the Bible calls ‘the wiles/tricks of the devil’. Because I believe that this spirit that wants us to dim our light some is the anti-Christ spirit.


That’s how it starts.

Oh you have absolutely zilch issues flaunting your faith in church, unit meetings, special programs, Bible studies and the likes but the devil gently whispers in your ears to ‘tone down your faith small’ especially in secular gatherings. You don’t wanna be seen as ‘too spiri koko’. Before long, nobody is truly sure where you stand, or not. In no time, you find yourself compromising because, well the lines weren’t all that distinct anyways because you were being ‘too careful’

Flaunting our faith even keeps us in check and accountable. Because then you know you gotta BEHAVE yourself if not… But when you are ‘hiding’ your Christian identity, you will soon compromise because nothing is cucu at stake.

Now I am not saying you should generally become a nuisance and make everybody feel they are on a one-way ticket to hell fire while you are the only one heaven bound. I am saying Dear Believer, by all means, let this light SHINE and rep your faith and rock your Christian label very proudly   !!!

Some two months ago, I went to see a friend’s hubby at work one evening. He was not in the office and wasn’t reachable and so a conversation ensued on where he could be.

I think he may have closed and gone to church for midweek service

No, he goes on Tuesdays not Mondays…

I was thrilled. Btw dude is a big time big boy banker ooo working in Head office and I just loved how his colleagues knew his church days.

Can we say the same about you in your own ‘world’? Or you are just sitting on the fence, safely.

A dear friend of mine was visiting Abuja and then she was going to pay me a surprise visit Wednesday evening and she made her way to my church. Like she told my Pastor, who would later tell me, ‘I KNEW I would see her in church when I come…’

I thought that was a very good testimony. (Btw Rosey, I miss you. Holler!!!)

Please let your light shine dear Christian lady. Guy.

Shine it in your street, office and school.

Shine it via your Twitter handle, and on Instagram.

Shine it via your blog.

Shine it oh-so-proudly on Facebook.

BBM, Whatsapp? Those too.

Because you are ALWAYS in the line of duty!!!


Because, they may NOT know, but what this world really needs, is JESUS.

Let’s stop hiding him and by all means, let us STOP LEAVING HIM OUT!!!


How can Chelsea sack my football boo thang Jose Mourinho???
I am no longer a BLUES!!!
#thesepipuaintloyal #shameonyouChelsea

And he better NOT go to United. My heart can’t take it. Just go to La liga.

But Mou needs Jesus too haha

I am tumbling flipping excited at my final post for the year.
When your quantity is QUALITY!!!
Tz my THANK YOU FOR 2015 post. It will be LONG!!!Brace yourselves. 30th or 31st.
Jeez!!! The year is dripping AMAZING!!! Yawl were amazing. And my God? CRAZY faithful!!!

I was reading the ones I did in 2013 and I knew I had to do for 2015 too

When did I become the blogger who doesn’t respond to comments? Ah I repent!!! Will respond to all pending this week!!! Grace Lord!!!
Blame this deliciously delightful Darling

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  1. Haha. If someone says “Oh, Ife you take this Jesus thing too seriously.” Amma reply: “Oh he took me pretty seriously when he died for me.” If we don’t stand for something, we WILL fall for anything. Look, I feel you on this. I’ll try to be brief in this comment, but leme share this. One of my colleagues added me on FB and he clearly is anti-religion or anti-Christian if you may. I noticed that after he joined my FB, I started to thread carefully because for some reason, I didn’t want to “offend” anyone. See wahala o. Meanwhile, I usually am the somewhat vocal type about Jesus, but I started becoming conscious. But then again, if this guy could be so vocal against religion, and some others about their sexuality, why can’t I stand for my convictions? Of course my core/methodology is to preach love, because that’s just who I am. But to not stand for something? Nah uh. The bible says for us to let our light shine and for people to see our good deeds, so that they may bring glory to God in heaven. We gotta be proud of the privilege to be called children of God and act accordingly. This was an amazing post!

    1. Ah my oga!!! My hands are up ???? lol. Thanks dear. I think d best of us have fallen into this trap before. We just start treading softly because we fear man and his labels. Thank God we have been delivered jare

  2. My favorite line “And If anyone asks you WHY YOU CARRY THIS CHRISTIANITY FOR YOUR HEAD TOO MUCH, by all means SHINE IT FIERCELY in their faces too” Yes oo #TeamGoPublicforJesus! God bless you Eziaha for this challenge..compliments of the season

  3. Flaunting our Faith keeps Us in check and accountable. We shouldnt be ashamed of whi we are as Christians, we should go all out for God. People should know and be able to say,” This babe/guy is like this, she can/cant do this”.
    Thank you Ma. Wonderful post, needed @ dis time of d year…:-*

  4. “And they’ll know we are Christians by our Love”
    John 13:34-35 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

  5. God bless you E…You are such an amazing writer. Whether i like it or not your messages leave me a better person and i thank God for ever coming across your blog. This post is a good reminder to us Christians to let our light SHINE…Our lives are the books some people will ever read.
    Compliments of the season…

  6. Thanks E. Nothing more to add. This post was everything!!! This PC thing will not have the best of me. When Christ who is our life appears…” Shikena. That’s all it is. Christ should be my life!!!

  7. Wow really love your sense of style. Yes we should boast of His love for us and not ours for Him. couldn’t help but put a smile on my face when reading this. you’ve got an awesome blog.
    Have a nice weekend.
    much love, George

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