I recently shut down my personal IG page. And it was probably one of the fastest things I did lol. The moment I knew God wanted me to lay that down, I did. I didn’t try to think about it, or argue it out (after all, I literally preach my face off on it daily lol), I just obeyed. And felt absolute PEACE. Remember this Post?

I then rang my accountability partner and told her what God said and what I had done. Of course, Aijay is always in my corner. I forgot to tell my team, especially those who handle my IG page, so imagine their shock when they couldn’t access the page again.

Then the calls and messages started to flow… Everyone was concerned, and most thought I had been hacked. Some thought something had happened to me especially as I had not even come forth with a Birth Announcement yet, and then suddenly, no one can find me on IG. I got an email from someone who said infact she involved her husband in the prayers for me. How sweet. Thankfully it was NOT a decision that came from something bad happening. It was just time to CUT BACK to GO FORWARD.

I am in such a TRANSITION process in my life and I won’t even lie, it is UNCOMFORTABLE. It is exciting yes, but daunting (I should have attended Laju’s DAUNTLESS conference ooo choi). I have seen sides of me that I DO NOT CARE FOR. I like to have it all together but I have seen some FEARS come to light, and then some WEAKNESSES too (on another level now, because obviously I have weaknesses normally). Interestingly, How did Joel Osteen just PREACH on BEING VULNERABLE at the exact moment I needed to hear it?

In fact, yesterday I had to ring Rev and before I started to unpack, I told him not to LAUGH AT ME ooo (and trust Rev to laugh, but in the sweetest of ways), and thank God for the words He spoke to and over me.

Then I am doing DDK’s IMMERSE 30day TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE and the kinda questions that you have to PAINFULLY and TRUTHFULLY answer will sober you even more.

I love it though, because in the TITLE of SJR’S book DON’T SETTLE FOR SAFE, we gotta EMBRACE THE UNCOMFORTABLE to become UNSTOPPABLE…

Oh but I should do you better by even quoting her latest blog post. SJR is just my BFF sha. She gets my entire life!!!

There will come a moment when all that matters to you is that you experience growth, not comfort. When that time comes it will shake your world up. It will cause you to expand into areas of thought that you never thought possible. It will be liberating and isolating. It takes a special kind of person to resist comfort and to press into the unknown. The unknown is scary. It reveals your vulnerabilities and insecurities. The unknown is where you discover the layers of who you were created to be…

If Sarah wasn’t Christian, I would have concluded she was evilly clairvoyant LOL. Too on point.

In order to let the new me emerge, I knew it was time to strip and at the same time add-on. I especially LOVE that I am taking IMMERSE at this time because it truly can ‘…cause you to expand into areas of thought that you never thought possible…’ Part of what we were told during the Introductions and On-Boarding was that we would need to drop some things off our schedule if we were truly going to give IMMERSE our best. I had already dropped IG by then, and then dropped some other things (see my PS for one more).


Btw, consider this my invitation to come on board Immerse as this is the last for the year and you can still join till Friday. We just began this week. Invest 10K in yourself, then SUCK IT UP and put in the work (remember this Post?), and I can assure you, you will be well equipped for 2018 and beyond.

This blog is not a long one. I just wanna encourage any Chick out there who is in an UNCOMFORTABLE transition like me, with these steps outlined

  1. Cut back. Drop whatever needs to be dropped. You need to create enough margin in your life for God to work and then for you to grow into
  2. Find resources for your season. This would mean you need to be in prayers too. For me IMMERSE is it, and then everything SJR these days. For someone else reading this, PROPEL curriculums is yours.                             Go order them all or ONE.
  3. EMBRACE the UNCOMFORTABLE. I don’t know what your UNCOMFORTABLE is but I know mine and I am pressing through them. So hard!!! Which is why you need fewer distractions (See point 1)
  4. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. Gosh, where would we be without connecting to that higher power?
  5. Get off your cute behind and DO!!! Just do whatever you need to do to grow. Forget about who is not doing what, or who is looking at you somehow, just DO!!! SUCK IT UP, GROW SOME BALLS and PUT IN THE HARDWORK

I hope this helps cos I literally was PUSHED to do this right this minute in my Spirit.


I hope we have more Chicks who can say this as a result of this Post…





I also recently just deleted the BabyCentre App from my phone.

I LOVE the community and all the knowledge I glean from my fellow moms, but it is REALLY beginning to distract me. So I let go. It may not look like a big deal to some of yawl but I may have saved myself anything from 2 to 3 hours a day  by doing that. I need to READ MORE!!! So check your phone and see which App needs to GO!!!


This is still on. ANOTHER UNCOMFORTABLE thing I had to do!!!

Get your friends and family on board who need to slay fat. Read this post for details


This is not the best time to seek my friendship lol. Just putting this out there

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  1. This post was for me!!!
    It is a confirmation of something I know but don’t want to accept.
    I feel like weeping.
    God help me.
    Thank you so much momma for this
    You don’t know how ON time it was for me.
    I truly needed this.

  2. It’s almost like God used this post to confirm things to me…. First, I have just felt this need to just cut back. Infact, sometimes, I have contemplated throwing my phone away. *that gives me an idea now sef*

    The second thing is how I have spent half of the day trying to download all the Propel videos…cause I just felt something in my spirit say “this is for now!”

    Third is how uncomfortable I feel right now…. So uncomfortable it hurts.

    I could go on…but…THANKS.

    1. Hugsssssss
      Sending hugs hun and yes to Propel videos baby
      Cant get enough of it ah Bless Chris

      Love you and lol at throw phone away. Biko send it my way haha

  3. I was waiting patiently for this .. I don’t know how to explain how in sync I am with this post and this season you are talking about . Like… Super relatable. Been cutting back too and it’s been hard.. First, it was a month break off IG, then 2 months n counting. Then operation take down twitter. I know If i want more of him, something has got to give. Ohh but how I admire this speed of obedience. So refreshing !!
    My challenge though is the temptations to just forget all this pushing and go back to the way things were. I’ve deleted this IG app twice now . How do you do it Coach E?

    1. I would echo GRACE but I would not say it s always easy. Though for IG, i actually found it easy because God filled up that gap pretty fast so no time mehn

      GRACE to us all. I LOVE this walk with God haha. It just maks you grow so fast
      BTW, Ann I am so proud of how you keep investing in your growth. Well done hunnay

  4. Usually I read every post more than once, but this particular post, i read once and ran away lol. A particular truth it contained was hitting me so hard, I didn’t even want to see it again lol.
    “EMBRACE the UNCOMFORTABLE. I don’t know what your UNCOMFORTABLE is but I know mine and I am pressing through them. So hard!!! Which is why you need fewer distractions.”
    God help me.
    i love that I can always trust God to give me a word through you momma. Thank you for always yielding to Him.
    I love you.

  5. So true E Cutting down and obeying God at any cost,i have truely been challenged by this post.
    I took immerse early in the year and it opened me up to a part of me I didn’t know existed.Well done E.

  6. Hahaha.
    God Is too awesome.
    Had to be grounded by my parents.
    Phone taken away.
    I’ve just been crying I need a social media break but didn’t know how to do it cos too many demands.
    Now I have time
    Time to press in and pray and sort out 2018.
    I saw this blog post in my email earlier this year but I’m glad I’m reading it now.
    Was crying while making lunch because I knew there was a deeper that I wasn’t pressing into.
    God will help us.
    It’s time we tell the truth to ourselves.

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