Hello lovelies…
Yeah I know. I am inconsistent with this blogging thing while y’all say consistent at reading. Like my darling Pastor said to me last week, please update your blog jor. If you have nothing to say or you are busy with exams, the just snap yourself and upload it and say ‘I am still here’ hehehe… Ironically I always ALWAYS have something to say. Blogging is so exciting ooo. Different ishes just come up… And because I always wanna picture blog y’all through, I just get tired before I start. Long and short, blame’s on me and me alone. Becoming regular is my new month resolution. Meanwhile, HAPPY AUGUST… May you dream big and live in them… Y’all and me too. So lemme put up that picture that Pastor M said I should put up. I should not after all disobey my pastor so here we go… hehehe

New look, yeah… Lemme tell that story later of how I chopped off my long hair to the chagrin of my friends who trip for the hair, and went on baby dreads. Speaking of baby, there is my baby nephew. All of 6months and looking increasingly fabulous as he grows older. Fabulousity,like aku, di na nwata.
Did I mention that he is the calmest sweetest baby ever… hardly cries, always smiling, sleps through the night most times, easy to placate, etc… Such a bundle of joy. I remember when we had him. Plenty drama surrounding his CS birth weighing all of 5.3, but the biggest testimony was that he came after 13 years of marriage… and three girls. Imagine, his sisters were 12, 10 and 8 when he came. Ife ndi Igbo n’acho na nwa nwoke di egwu *rme*… NOPE I am NOT interpreting :p *speak to the fingers d’uh*
By now, you should know that I have not even gotten to what I wanna blog about yeah? At all ooo. But I will get to it already. Please note that I do NOT apologize for anything that follows… like the title says, it is indeed WHERE I STAND… And what I stand for. No apologies… Deal? Lezzdodis…

I am an unashamed LOVER OF GOD… I take him VERY SERIOUSLY… If you are on my BBM you suppose don know that one by now… I love GOD… And I love Him more, the more I get to know HIM. How someone can be full of love for this mere mortal who does not get it right all the time beats me… My love for Him is a response to his INCREDIBLE, UNINHIBITED, UNCONDITIONAL love for me… Blows my mind everyday. Don’t be jealous boo, HE loves you too, He loves us all… His love capacity is something else. INCREDIBLE MUCH!!! With all our billion sins, he loves us still. If your sin is so GRIEVIOUS, His love is so GRACIOUS. You CANNOT out-sin his Grace… How can you not love and boast of a God this good??? Living right is something I do because He loves me so much I am responding to his love. I fall occasionally, I get back up and JUMP RIGHT INTO HIS LOVING ARMS… Don’t let me start preaching hun, I’ll leave that for my Pastors’ hehehe.
Speaking of Pastors, I also LOVE MY PASTORS… Oh brother!!! I LOVE MY PASTORS… If you are on my BBM too, this would not be new to you. This morning, I put up this picture on bbm and had up as status ‘that’s my Pastor I love my Pastor’ with all the smileys that go with it including the ‘IN LOVE’ and music smiley.

In fact, once I got this BC which I sent to a few friends that asked a few questions about me. One of the answers one of my besties said to the question ‘My favorite words are ?’ was ‘I love my pastors’ hehehe. How and why she added ‘Oga o’ beats me still… Oga ooo *rme*
So right after I put it, I got this message from a darling friend of mine… well I cannot take a screen shot because I do not wanna share his identity, but let me transcribe here. That should do… Ok, convo went something like this. Meanwhile please if my talk with you features here, no vex. It just helps my point hehehe… Pray, forgive in advance… So the convo…
Him; *phew* You and this your Pastor sef.
Me; *huge smile and eyelashes* They are my gifts from God and I treat my gifts right.
Him; *huge smile* Just be careful Eziaha. As much as we want to treat them right, we should be careful not to idolize them. They are but vessels *smile*
Me; Very careful of that sweetie. I appreciate them to heavens but God is my Lovingest. They just make me fall deeper and deeper in love with God
Him; *thumbs up and smile* ofcos… Don’t we all have different methods.
That was the end of the discussion for me. I had made my point clear. i knew where the discusion was gonna lead to and i do not engage in long story jare. Oh by the way did I add that this dude has all sortsa Football stars especially from Barca, always on his DP with all sorts of affectionate words both in english, Italian and Spanish. I did not ever mention anything about idolizing ooo hehehe.
Before I go further on that, I also had an interesting conversation with another darling friend of mine earlier that day… Let me share same. I had put up this status that read something like… ‘with me, Success is the norm, failure is the surprise exception. As I touch anything, it prospers…’ and promptly a friend pings me and says ‘Je’a gbo’ro jor’ which translates to something like ‘make we hear word jor’. So I respond, send a laughter and say ‘u better gboro what I am saying’. What followed from her made me hella excited… ‘A ti gbo! I swear down, I have memorized some of your updates…’ And I sent her a dancey smiley and said ‘prayers are getting answered’ and she says ‘indeed’… hehehe. End of story. I pray people are blessed by my updates and memorizing some have to be some kinda a sign yeah? I’m believing that. Interestingly, this my darling friend just moved into a new crib and has not let us ‘gboro’ since then. Every status has something to do with the new place with pictures of different corners of the house for good measure. hehehe
Remarkably, that morning, I was about to change my status from something scriptural to another something scriptural of course and then I told myself, ‘Nne, is this preaching not too much?’ Oh but I still changed it ooo. I can’t help myself. I love GOD. I am loaded with the Word of God. My bible says ‘Let the Word of God dwell in you RICHLY’ Operative word; RICHLY. So when I wanna speak, that is all that comes out. I am too loaded with the words of my Father, God. It flows easily. Trust me, I do not even make an effort. I read my bible, or a book, or listen to a message and when I get a Rhema word, I am just so excited I wanna share it on all social media platforms. So these conversations with both of them was just God confirming to me that I had to do this blog post walahi…
The Word is sweet. I can not and fit not keep it to myself. BBM is one of my gospel tools. And I am proud to say that quite a lot of people know that I am someone they can ping when they have an issue, they wanna seek counsel from me, tell me to pray with them… I am all about my father’s business biko, keep off!!! Do not even try to stop me. You share whatever is important to you. It could be sports, music, Nigerian artistes, animals, Messi, etc. Mine is GOD… GOD AND GOD ALONE… He shacks me… gets me high every time…

I recall once on twitter, someone always had this silly comeback to every gospel I tweeted. So one day, I put up something like ‘ I find the book of Romans infinitely interesting’ and the silly dude says something so silly I cant even remember. I blocked him… that was it. End of story!!! People cannot make me apologize for this Gospel that NOTHING else compares to… Are you kidding me right now???? People that smoke, drink, club and womanize do all that in public. And they brag about it. They tweet it. They BBM same. They even broadcast it at will, spamming me… Do you see all the crap, nay NONSENSE that trends at NUMBER ONE on twitter? But do I try to make them apologize for their chosen path? NO!!! Fine, when the Holy spirit pushes me. I will share my gospel to you at the right time but I do not and WILL NOT try to make you feel bad for same. So why can’t and shouldn’t I publicize this Gospel that I have? Why people wanna make us apologize for not having sex before marriage or chosing not to club, take alcohol or dance to d’banj beats me and is infact now is annoying me. A darling friend even mentioned to me on twitter on my birthday which fell on a Friday that I should better go to a club and not dull myself that night. I beg your pardon… DULL!!! Dulling myself would be CLUBBING… taaa gbalaga…
Now speaking of my Pastors, I love them especially because they draw me closer to God and my bible. If you had Pastors like mine, dem go dey shack you walahi… if you attend Churches like mine, you would wanna literarily live in the HOUSE of GOD like the Psalmist says, all the days of your life… The kinda revelation they share of God and His word push me back to my bible and make me wanna discover God’s word for myself. After all there is no Concordance or Bible for Pastors only. They sell God to me wella… And as they do, I go back and gain a deeper knowledge of God through a personal study… Hallelujah!!! Now I NEVER forget that they are mortals and may even make some mistakes occasionally. Sometimes, their temperament colours their message. What do I do? Very good question. I, like the Berean Christians in Acts 17 vs 11, go back and ‘search the scriptures daily to find out whether these things (that paul and Silas had said to them) were true’. I chose the Word of GoD where I find something contrary. I ask questions where I am confused or unsure. Some things I flatly DO NOT agree with because I think Personality is speaking… My anchor is the Word. Infact my Pastor Bunmi gets plenty plenty questions from me especially when I hear a message from other men of God I do not have access to. I just go to Dr Bunmi to clarify and He is so darling about explaining. But do I jump to Social media sites to say how they have said one rubbish or the other? Lemme digress at this point and discus Bishop Oyedepo. All the jobless critics that make a job of criticizing him SMH… Biko get a real day job. Haven’t y’all noticed that the MOG just keeps getting bigger and bigger with more criticisms, doing more and more incredible exploits for God. I do not attend Winners. I may not be the biggest fan of his style oh but I respect him, as i respect many other men and women impacting the world positively, Pastors or not… All this noise people make about men of God is at best STUPID… why are you freaking judging and very wrongly too? Suddenly you have become God abi… #hissmuch.

Ehen back to my Pastors jare… I love them absolutely. I covet what knowledge they have, a good kinda covet. Like I tell Pastor Kingsley, I am sooooo jealous. Such knowledge and deep insight of God’s word… My Pastors ROCK!!! My church ROCKS!!! Both Triumphant Assembly which I attend in Ibadan and David’s Christian centre which I attend in Lagos. For good measure, let me do a proper hailing to them by mentioning their names and harassing y’all with their pictures…          Rev Albert and Teju Oduwole

Pastor (Dr) Bunmi Kolawole

Pastor Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo…

Amazing amazing lot. And of course the very GRACE-FULL Rev Victor Adeyemi of Global Harvest Church…

You people are MY GIFTS and I have to treat you right just as some treat their own STAR GIFTS eg Messi right. I love and honour you all. You teach me the Word like God commanded and I honor you too like God commanded. And to the first women I came in contact with and who helped my growth process when I got born again… Pastor Bimbo Odukoya of blessed memory and Joyce Meyer with whom I share soooooo much in common it is almost scary… hehehe. God bless you both DAILY… Now people, tell me how this kinda loving would even amount to the thought of idolizing… chai… ndi uwa… My focus is GOD and like my friend said, ‘they are but Vessels”.
I had to speak out because I can feel that the voice of we Christians still standing for Christ is daily being drowned by those who want us to apologize for propagating the Gospel. No Baby, please don’t let them drown you out… scream, like Blind bartimeus kept screaming when they told him to shut up… In the words of Jahdiel the musician, ‘carry the gospel welly welly, help me carry Jesus higher” He is banking on you. Please don’t even give Him the excuse that you couldn’t OUT-SHOUT them…

Fabulously STANDING…
Fab Black Sis…

PS; While still standing. let me share this with you jare. tz a program coming up in DCC my Lagos church this sunday evening. Yay!!!

Yeah even if you do not have the problem of parents still attend. you never know whom you may have to counsel some day. so come and invite your friends. it is a program for men and women… See ya, catsh ya, laters…

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  1. Great piece. Happy new month Love. And to you all. Christians find it difficult to publicly identify with Jesus these days. I think it’s due to the shallow knowledge a lot have about this God. The more you know Him, the more you Love Him, the more you wanna talk about Him. Afterall, we don’t hide our ‘Lover’ from our friends and even the whole world{those that are not double~dating. Lols}. But let me quickly add, it is nt just about publicly identifying with Jesus in words but in deeds. Let every man that nameth the name of Christ depart 4rm iniquity. Cases of Men of God involved in rape, sexual assaults as well as despicable acts are getting increasing in courts. This is like publicly making a mockery of the faith. As we publicly identify with Him in words, let us publicly identify with Him in deeds living the God-Life. May God help us all. God bless you for this August piece. Loves

  2. I totally agree with your point about people being able to publicise their clubbing, drinking and partying habits without being condemned. Yet, when someone does the same for something serious or religious, they are seen as too preachy or even boring. That is definitely a double standard but it need not bother anyone. You own your bbm/fb/twitter accounts. You can say whatever you like.

    Where I draw the line is on the point about criticising pastors. There is a line between critiquing something and judging or even attacking it. When you are a man of God claiming to be doing God’s work in a country where majority live in abject poverty, yet your “ministry” runs an educational institution that the average man cannot afford to attend or you own luxuries like private jets, there is a problem. Keep in mind that such “average men” are responsible for funding these religious organisations with their consistency in giving whatever little they have.

    The same God we are all supposed to be serving gave us brains and eyes for a reason. We should be able to identify something that smells fishy and speak about it. The same way we can criticise politicians for living in the lap of luxury while their constituents struggle is exactly the same way we can question pastors for living the high life when the living standards of most of their flock never rise. Pastors are not beyond our rational ability to point out when something is wrong.

    1. Funmi love thanks for agrEeing and then sharing ur opinion. I don’t wanna start on this cos not everyone would wanna understand what we both will say at a mature level and then draggy draggy will start and then people will intefere and then take it pee lolssss. So I’ll just let it drop… Thanks for visiting 🙂

      1. LOL at ‘draggy draggy’… I understand… Before your blog turns to Linda Ikeji’s blog, lol. People can’t really disagree without getting personal. I’m not sure why. Opinions are just opinions. They don’t reflect on whether or not I think you’re cool and a great person. I appreciate people like you who confidently express their opinions and stick with it, even when I disagree. I’ll be checking out more of your blog.

        1. Walahi…and my blog is too holy to turn to LIB… Mature reasoning u have darling. I appreciate u right back. And thanks for promising to always check out my blog. Muah…

  3. Nne, this is the second time I”m reading your blog and its interesting. This is just Eziaha! I stand with you……No apologies for loving Christ, He certainly apologise to anyone before dying for me.
    Well done dear!

  4. Girl!!!…you know I stand with you and I have noooooooo apologies! Cos He loves me,with nooooooooo apologies. I’m in this class group on bbm that get to just gist nonsense,especially when a lecture has to do with the anatomy of the human body. I got so fed up with there trash,but because I need to be in the group so I could get the latest info about class and stuff,I had to stay. So I decided to do what I know best….STANDING!I started sharing my devotional with the group#lol#. Well,for now I do it only on sundays….but if they vex me,they would get it everyday#wink#. The other day one of them asked me “where do you get those uplifting messages from”. Wow! That singular statement,made my day!
    As for criticisng or judging pastors,I have this to say-my hand no dey,both in the judging and criticising,I don’t want any form of leprosy o!(You can ask miriam and aaron) The Lord that has called them would deal with them accordingly,I didn’t call them,so I have no right to say any negative “fiim”.
    Continue the good work girl! And as solidiers of the Cross….THIS IS OUR STAND!!!!yaaay!!!

    1. Nne I love u jare. I didn’t call anybody. Let God that called them do d ‘dealing with’ I don’t even want pimples talk less of leprosy. Mba kwa… Smooth baby skin anyday… If only ppl know that God is a self styled unquestionable all knowing God, they wouldn’t say some things… Nne once again plenty lovage muchestttttt

  5. Its good to see people dat are intoxicated by God’s love.I’m so very proud Of Him and just like u,I’m passionate about telling the whole world abt Him……keep up d good work,Show off to d world how much He’s a better lover than anyone else.I wonder how people who claim to love God so much get so shy & ashamed of proclaiming d gospel.EZIAHA keep up d good work dearie!!!Love u.Longest tym.*kisses*

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