When stupid starts, you just say I AM OUCHEA!!!

But refuse (shut your mind against, have nothing to do with) trifling (ill-informed, unedifying, stupid) controversies over ignorant questionings, for you know that they foster strife and breed quarrels.
2 Timothy 2:23 AMP

I would love to tke credit for the opening line but I heard it from my mama Joyce Meyer. She was preaching a message on STRIFE and she read that passage in the AMP and I was just WOWed!!!

So many times we have just been plain STUPID, arguing with our spouses, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc about the most RIDICULOUSLY TRIVIAL matters that we have either ruined our witness, lost our peace or flat out lost our salvation.

There are soooooo many times I have done the most STUPIDLY RIDICULOUSLY STUPID things and then when I GET IN THE WORD later and realise the error of my ways, I am just like, BUT EZIAHA SHAAAAAA…

It just brings me to that humbling realisation that without God and HIS WORD, I will be the MOST STUPID PERSON INDULGING IN THE MOST STUPID ARGUMENTS AND DOING THE MOST STUPID THINGS out there.

I am just so thankful for THE WORD!!! Especially that it is easily accessible and I don’t need no Priest going into no secret place or Holy of holies, no medium, no urim or thurim, no prophet or seer etc to just KNOW what the WORD says and be delivered from STUPIDITY!!! I can just pick up the ANTI-STUPID MANUAL, the Bible and soak in widom for everyday life and living.

How much cooler can life get?

I personally don’t like it when people do STUPID things over and over again. It just makes me think

But do they even have a Bible sef?

Are they reading their Bible?

Are they UNDERSTANDING what they are reading?

Do they hear God speak to them as they read/study their Bible?

Do they get that this Bible is actually a LOVE LETTER from God to them?

Which is why I did the post on Joyce Meyer’s Study Bible. I know how EXCITING it is to study a really COOL Bible.

Which is why I did the post on TAKING OVER TOILETS encouraging us all to drop our phones and pick up our Bibles everytime we use the toilet!!! Because even a little of the Word in you can ‘arrange’ stupidity talkless of taking it in on a regular.

Which is why I am doing this… cos I KNOW God’s word can cure STUPIDITY.

I want to give away TWO of the Joyce Meyer Everyday LIFE BIBLE to my Readers who REALLY need it BUT cannot afford it. Especially students.

Forgive my torn one. You get spanking new ones

The rules are pretty simple. Send me a mail on why you need it and a lil about yourself. Long story, short story, anyone is welcome. I will pick two persons as the spirit leads.

Mails to eziaharx@yahoo.com

Open to only those in Nigeria and because I am buying it online, I can request to have it shipped to your location anywhere in Nigeria

I know I will get more than two mails requesting so I have thought up something cool.

I know some of yawl reading this can afford to join the giveaway and sponsor someone with a Bible, or two or ten people.

Christmas is here already ooo. Remember what I said about giving purposefully. Imagine the impact you would be making in someone’s life when you gift them a Bible just because…

Especially someone that you do not even know. I mean, you are like a secret Santa in October.


Lemme know if you can sponsor a Bible please. Same email addy. It is JUST N5500 on Jumia and Laterna but it was 4400 when it was available on Konga. Looks like you guys who bought it finished their copies cos I know quite some persons ordered the Bible after the post. You may also need to pay a delivery charge depending on the shipping address. Just to give you an idea of the cost of one if you wanna sponsor.

I will be giving it out anytime next month because right now, the vendors do not have it but should before the end of next month.

Ok let the mailing begin… From both parties ooo. As I get sponsors, I would pick more winners.

While winning will NOT be on a first come basis, I would close entries by Wednesday, October 21 at noon but sponsors can still mail me even after then.

No time darlings.
Gotta run.

Wrote this post on Saturday last ooo but was too tired to edit and post.
Forgive the lack of pictures haha
Ok just one, from church on Sunday

Jesus Girls!!! Church girls!!!

God loves yawl like crazzzzzy


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