So I ‘ran into’ this amazing list from a sister in the Lord, sister Perfecta Best, about the sorta man she wants to marry… I won’t keep it any longer from you.
Dear Pastor,
Please pray for me. These are the qualities I want in a man.
He should have
– the results of Oyedepo
– the prosperity of Kenneth Copeland
– the humility of Adeboye
– be as funny as Jesse Duplantis
– the passion for souls like Reinhard Bonke
– the church of yongi Cho
– the prayer life of Olukoya
– the wisdom of Mike Murdock
– carry out miracles like Benny Hinn
– the faith of kenneth Hagin
– preach hope like TD Jakes
– the worship life of Don Moen
– sing like Kirk Franklin
– have the university of oral roberts
– the respect of benson idahosa
– the voice of billy graham
– and the holiness of kumuyi…
My small, simple and humble list by Sister Perfecta Best…

Only you!!!
Now you wonder why some single ladies (and men) will d̶i̶e̶ stay single.
Like Jakes would say, your standards should be high but not unreasonable baby…
This is unreasonable!!! Totally. Qualities of a hundred Generals in one man!!! That’s un-possible na.
Btw, does Kirk sing?
I personally won’t mind Murdock’s (and Munroe’s) wisdom and of course , Bro Hagin’s faith. I mean, that’s heaven right there!!!
Now, I dunno if this list is real or fictitious.
I’ll update the post when I figure that out from my Pastor PK that I LOVE.

This weekend holds plenty testimonies for me. I’m so excited about it.
A life with Christ is an unending buffet. ‘Sempe fidelis’… An ever faithful God…
I hope you have a relationship with Him too.
If not, you are missing out on LIFE itself. What you are living now CAN NEVER be life.
Special shout out to my friend and sister Tope who endured with me while shopping yesterday. I practically dragged her round the market looking for the perfect shades of sample stuff.
And another special one to Dumebi who has been really there on bb and running things on the other end of town for me.
I love you girls, plenty.
And finally congrats Kemi on your exam success.
I knew you would pass, despite all your griping.
Almost there, lab coat to ward coat and then next, doctor in the bag!!!
And special VIP shout out to my praying sisters. Ay, Oz, and TM. We make an amazing team. I’m so blessed by you guys and how unwavering you have been. Our testimonies abound, amen!!!
Today, our incubation training in partnership with Microsoft begins. Some select batch A13 corps members.
Tz on social entrepreneurship. A career path I’m charting.
You know if anyone makes a VIP list, E’ gotta be there yeah?
I’m hella excited at all the many opps open to me. My life is nothing less than a fairy tale, and of course, an unending buffet.
I love my life.


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  1. Whoever wrote dt list will not only b single here on earth, bt even in heaven. She wld hv humbly said ‘ I want a man carved out like Jesus…born in a manager, has a carpentry shop as his sole-inheritance, has friends who r fishermen at Niger bridge, can fast for forty days bcos there is no food nd wil die a criminal’s death bcos of his love for humanity’ …then we wil know she means business. :d I love u too, Darling E!

  2. It’s interesting to knw her list is titled ‘What I WANT in a man’ and I bet God’s title would probably be ‘What You NEED in a man’……..she should quit d pranks and get real….I av a feeling that her plan was to unnerve d Pastor and make him laugh a little. LOL. Amen to ur prayers and Yes, it has indeed been fulfilling. Luv u darln.

    1. I doubt she was joking ooo
      That’s if the list is real sef. The point is some ladies are just unreasonable jare. Thanks baby… For dropping by.
      Love u big

  3. Heheheheh,dat list is not enough o,I need to add more to the list,hmmmm,thinkin, very handsome like Rev Albert,can string oyinbo like pastor chris okotie,has a winning smile like pastor Joel osteen,comes from lineage of roosevelt or old money sha ,any one,
    #die single

    1. I’m telling you…
      Esp the old money ish
      Can’t stop laughing jare
      Yesoooo fine like my pastor. Fine, worded and anointed!!! A complete TEN!!!
      Muah girl

    2. I’m telling you…
      Esp the old money ish
      Can’t stop laughing jare
      Yesoooo fine like my pastor. Fine, worded and anointed!!! A complete TEN!!!
      Muah girl

  4. She can have a man like the one on her list as long as she has the anointing and the faith of Katherine Khulman, the heart and compassion with prayer life of Marilyn Hickey the calling like Joyce Meyer. The holiness of Sereta Jakes, Taffi Dollar, the meekness of mummy G.O. Adeboye, can sing like CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams and Mary Mary. And can preach like late pastor Bimbo Odukoya.

  5. Most people don’t live in the real world. What type of list is that? So, she thinks those people she listed don’t have their own faults? What she should be looking for is someone who will cherish her and their marriage. Someone who will through thick and thin will stay with her.

  6. hmmm…as this sister is praying for a man with all these qualities I hope she herself is worth it ( not sure I worded that correctly). A lot of ladies want picture perfect men while they themselves lack the same qualities.

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