I am saddened as I write this. DEEPLY. So I won’t put up any pictures with this post. The Dana Air crash just happened. And as plane crashes go, most likely you would know someone. Maybe not directly but you would find a link to someone. And even if you do not, the fact that plenty ‘Fellow Nigerians’ lost their lives, should be enough to sadden you. I’m sure you are sufficiently sad too. Probably have thrown a few curses around, especially to our favorite ‘bad dog’ GEJ. You have also shed a few tears. Maybe you have bawled your eyes out. You may have even gone on your knees to say a prayer or two. Or you have joined the bandwagon to get on different social media sites to tweet, RT, post, drop a note, etc. The point is, different reactions, same situation, DEATH.
The aim of this blog post is to teach us how NOT to mourn. I will be using Twitter and BBM as a case study. I am more familiar with them and I saw some blunders on both that made me go WHAT!!!! Permit me to start with “other stories’ and end with GEJ.
Let us start with the most annoying… BROADCAST WITH YOUR BRAINS. Trust me, when most people send BCs, they are not doing it out of love, ‘news you could use’, etc. Most just want to be among the first to BC and let others know or think that they too are abreast of the news. If only you would pause and think, you would realize that you DO NOT NEED to send that BC. All those CALL NEMA, REBROADCAST TILL IT REACHES THE MINISTER, bla bla bla are USELESS most of the time. Please note, I said MOST OF THE TIME. Granted, respite may come from your BCs but the odds of that happening are about one to a zillion. You sef check am, how many of those BC styled PROTEST/ACTIVIST messages have achieved A LOT. And like a friend of mine said, if you can’t respect me, at least respect YOURSELF and don’t send me BCs. It is a NUISANCE that is worthy of deleting the Sender when you get like 50 BCs on the same matter. I got about 15million BCs on the flight Manifest!!! Kai!!! Why do I have internet connection now? Or even LIB?
And just in case you have ever wondered why BBM increased the amount of words for your PMs, wonder no more. I will tell you for free. They expect you to put up anything you want to broadcast as your BBM PM instead. Simple!!! And if the gist is long, then put up a link that would take me to a webpage instead. If that info is really important, trust me, I would find it somewhere online. It is even more pissing when someone just BCs some WRONG stuff and then sends another BC that now says I am sorry that was a mistake and is not true. So many false Broadcasts went out about the plane crash fallout. Haba!!! Weren’t we sad enough already without anyone sending out even sadder info?
And while still on your PM, it is in bad taste, very very bad taste to put up names and pictures of supposed dead people unless you are very very sure, absolutely. People just did plenty plenty follow follow. They would see someone up on someone’s DP and then put the same picture of someone that they do not know ooo, and be saying stuff like awwww*insert sad or crying face*even this fine family/girl/guy. Haba!!! And suddenly you start seeing same people put up stuff like ‘sorry she is not dead’. #Godiswatchingyouguysooo. At some point that night, I was beginning to think that there was a monetary award reserved for BBM peeps that knew the highest number of dead persons. Twas just so confusing on my BBM that Sunday night when you would see a DP on one BBM contact saying RIP and another on someone else’s BBM saying ‘she is not dead ooo I just spoke to her”. I was so confused I turned everything off, prayed and went to sleep. Now what to do? Good. If you were unsure how to mourn on BBM, then you should have put up any of those pictures that had the candle and Nigeria, or a blank black picture and put #dana-153 RIP simple. Or even a teary or a praying smiley or something. You don’t have to put up personal pictures. Except of course in really rare cases. And don’t be in a hurry to send BCs out. Pause and think… Do I really have to send this? Will this change anything? And most importantly, ‘is this news CONFIRMED TRUE?’ I recall once listening to the Top Dog at Brila FM and he said that they at Brila are not so interested in BREAKING NEWS as much as breaking the RIGHT news. So they would rather carry a story later than rush to air sensational stories only to have to retract later and apologize. May we all obey the same simple principles?
The worst DPs were those of gory body parts from the site. GOSH!!! What did you hope to achieve by putting up severed or dismembered body sites? Haba!!! And people even took pride in changing pictures every minute. When did we become that insensitive? If you had to put up a picture, why not the less explicit ones? The ones that showed the plane parts or the black smoke? No we had to further sadden everyone up. You do realize that some TV stations in the past have gotten heavy fines for putting up such gory pictures unabashedly? Seriously guys, how low can we go in a bid to come off as STUPID sorry ‘informed?’
Now to the jokes. Especially on twitter and even some BCs. Haba!!! No matter how you view this matter, IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!! People died!!! Breadwinners gone, almost a whole family gone, a couple gone, a friend, a sister, a fiancé (e), children, babies. Can you even imagine what was going on in their minds in those last minutes when it dawned on them that they would not have made it out of there alive? Think of those who lost their lives because the plane crashed into their houses. Sweetheart, however you view it, IT IS NOT FUNNY. Don’t make a joke out of it. Don’t say next time take EKENE DILI CHUKWU motors, don’t find a reason to laugh please. Imagine if you lost a loved one or loved ones in that crash. I doubt you would be cracking up. Mtschewwwww
And finally, not like I am running outta stuff to say but I have to end this… GEJ. Everybody HATES GEJ. He is the favorite person to blame for every last thing that happens to us including our tasteless food that we cooked. It is easy to blame GEJ yeah? Our fave fall guy. While I can understand that He is after all Mr. President, and so he has to take some heat, the bulk of the heat, YES. We don’t even know the aviation Minister. Personally I haven’t known that fellow since Kema Chikwe was Minister of Aviation. But we all know GEJ and he is easier to CURSE. But we have to agree that the rot in the Aviation industry is way beyond that one man. He can NOT clear it all in a hurry. No one can convince me that the plane crash was not a MAN MADE disaster. So it means that constant checks and stuff and implementing rules may have helped avert the disaster. But can we send a little blame the way of the Aviation Minister? The fact that these days, ANY decision, I mean ANY, the man GEJ makes meets with heavy criticisms. Haba!!! The man aint that DENSE now. Remember that he is even a Doctorate degree holder. I am sure you would ask what that has to do with anything. Basically my point is that if we cannot afford to give constructive criticisms to GEJ makes us seem a little err dense. I mean it makes me wonder if we are even any better. Hiss much. How would they ever take us seriously if we criticize any and every action he takes HARSHLY even when it doesn’t deserve it? What irked me the most were the unnecessarily stupid comments that trailed that picture of him crying at the site of the crash. People had on stuff like ‘he must have been laughing inside’, ‘what does this change?’ ‘He is just crying for the cameras’ ‘he is just pretending to be ‘a President that cares’. Come on people, what does he stand to gain by pretending to be crying? It is only human to cry. Anybody would cry when live at the scene of the crash now. Heck, even those of us that were not there but only saw pictures cried not to talk of personally seeing it. It was normal for him to cry. He would not be happy that people died now. So all the senseless comments just made me wonder what kind of ‘Yoot’ we have today. And while still on senseless comments and bashings, May I touch on the MAULAG incident a bit?
Yeah he renamed a school. Not just any school, a whole UNILAG. As in the very prestigious UNILAG. But go back in history some, aint nothing wrong in renaming a school or even any Institution in Society for that matter. Many have been renamed in honor of Great men. So kini big deal? All the ranting on Twitter was at best laughable. Very few made any sense. Sense in this case being that he did not consult the appropriate people before taking such a decision. Simple. The decision was not the problem, it was the way he went about it. Trust follow follow peeps on twitter and bb making noise about something that has happened and insulting GEJ saying all sorts of stuff including the fact that he is jobless if all he can do is to rename Universities. As if it takes a lifetime to do that. Many didn’t even watch the speech or read the transcript; they just went to social media sites saying trash only to join the bandwagon. The speech had so many other laudable stuff that if implemented would do a whole lot of us good, but no, we have our priorities wrong again focusing only on a trite issue IMHO.
Now let me end with this, I am not a GEJ fan. Didn’t vote for him. Always thought he lacked the charisma and drive every Leader esp. a President of Nigeria should have. In fact it has become more glaring the fact that he does not have all the basics at least that it would take to rule Nigeria. I also personally think he could toss some Special advisers and stuff and replace them with sensible ones. But GEJ is not totally STUPID!!! No he isn’t. Where he errs, please let us criticize constructively. And while at it, GET A LIFE. Outside of GEJ, Twitter, BBM and the ilk.
The end!!!
PS; I have to add this, especially because it is getting more and more rampant. People keep saying we like deceiving ourselves in Nigeria by praying, praying and praying. Especially all those twitter activists’ formers. Sweethearts, you better be glad some of us are praying. Things would have been worse off trust me. I personally think this country needs to experience the MERCIES of God in full supply. Maybe even overdose. So while you guys rant on twitter about how we are always praying, I would say keep ranting and let the ‘Pray-ers’ keep praying. I personally do not see what all the ranting and activism forming has achieved…

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  1. Great post! There is nothing wrong with praying sugar, it’s comforting to pour your heart out to God. The problem is praying and expecting God to resolve the problems whilst we do nothing! God will not personally come down to save the drowning man, he’ll send a rescue boat or expert swimmers, dig? In naija’s case, he sent the near miss that occurred last month, a warning to the Dana and the Aviation Ministry that the plane was not airworthy but in the typical Naija manner, we waited for God in his splendour to come down to stop the plane whilst we ‘managed’ it in the meantime! Prayer MUST be coupled with action, the action itself is the how faith will manifest itself.

    As for GEJ… Attitude reflects leadership, Stella Odua was employed at the president’s pleasure, if she fails, the buck has to stop with her Oga.

    Great write up darling, I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Oh damn!!! I get ur whole pray with action. Yup faith without works is dead. But all some ppl can do is PRAY!!! They are in a position to do nothing else… Also some ‘intellectuals’ actually say that we have prayed enough so stop praying. That’s the angle I see stuff from. I can’t stand anyone discount Prayers…
      Of course GEJ should be blamed now. I just think the bashing is getting very senseless. U sef check twitter sometimes.
      And yes, happy happy birthday darling. I have a prayer for you. God bless you hehehehehhe

  2. Had to take a break 4rm my book ro commeny.True, straight to the point, people broadcast what they re not sure of, jst because someone BC’d it to them on BBM. This country needs more than prayers. As for the twitter activists, after running their mouths and embarking om peaceful protest, story still ends in the same way. GEJ needs to do away with his advisers for real, they re bunch of kurukere brains.
    Lovely post.

  3. Oooooooooh girl! thumps up for this! You rock!
    I even saw some comments on FB the other day, some guys were really having fun ridiculing the first lady…. and i’m like, what happened to the biblical injunction to “respect those in authority”?

    Nice one, Eziaha.

  4. Tripple gbam! There are lots of sickos around i tell you. Another character posted a picture of a toy plane and said ‘another plane crash’ like, how truly sick can you be to be making jokes while these people were still burning? Don’t people feel anymore? It can be very annoying. I had to tell someone to remove a dp of a supposed dead guy who is alive and well. The race to broadcast bad news en. And the ones posting pictures of the carnage? i mean, have some respect for the dead! Some people got pictures from old infernos and posted in bbm groups. I had to tell several to please take them down. How they can even look at those pictures without feeling pain is beyond me. And i am not ‘chicken’. Then some idiots said HID Awolowo was dead too smh

  5. To whom much is given,very much is expected,Jonathan is in that position,he promised heaven and earth during his campaign, even though i never believed him and never voted for him,but his actions have been absolutely discouraging,respect is reciprocal.And on the issue of making jokes it just showed how insensitive people can be,i was at the crash site about an hour after it happened,trust me the tragic agony is beyond description,nice write up.

    1. Yes sweetheart he should be blamed some. But did u see the comments that trailed the picture. Chai!!! GEJ is really not as stupid as some think. Wehave to criticise constructively if we are to be taken seriously. If every action is senselessly criticized, then even the constructive ones would be lost in d melange

  6. My dear u said it all may God bless u dont mind them given ppl fake info dt was how som1 put dt jos crises of bokoh n said it was d dana plane crash,we want nija to be good let start from ourselves n stop sayin gej is dis is dt who told dem dt he did not consult anybody b4 renamed unilag abi na dem he go talk to i wonda y d noise is it d name dey want or to get educated after all is d federal property n dey use it anytime dey want may d souls of our love ones rest in peace amen

    1. Amen dear… Lols at federal ppt ooo. Tz true sha. Na FG get Unilag not the Students. Well now that name change has been approved after due process, I guess tz now MAULag baby

  7. Well good and write up there, u deserve d applaud ur getting but hey come on about the gej part I totally disagree. What! Know ur not a student or alumni of unilag dat y 2u its ‘kini big deal’ isn’t there other things he could ve done 4 d country than renaming a school that’s a brand? And 2 revert or change every venture d school has would cost billions of naira. So pls think straight its so much of a big deal my dear. The other part is he wouldn’t be happy pple died but hey if the country wasn’t so deep into corruption we didn’t need 2 see his tears… So darl, there still a lot of things u dnt understand. Grat write up tho and about the bc’s and twitting stuff I agree with u 100%.

    1. Adele, I’m resisting the urge to do a “content analysis” here. I don’t want this to be a draggy draggy so I’ll just say u have ur opinion I have mine. And on a lighter note, are u a MAULag student or Alumni??? :p

  8. let’s just say that a lot of things’re wrong and GEJ seems to be the epitome of our regression. as Harry Truman (the 33rd American President) put it he’s the big boss and the buck stops on his table. i’m not sayin the vitriol goin his way is justified cos Nigerians really love to play the blame game. as for constructive criticism, tis not for the myopic. it takes vision and clarity of mind to see beyond the problem and look for a solutions, hence constructive criticism is scarce in these parts

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